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The Master Spy was a virtual representation of one of Lydia Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through a glitch in the Helix Navigator.


Lydia went to speak with Winston Churchill in the Tower Bridge regarding the spymaster they were hunting.


  • Churchill: Miss Frye has uncovered the location of the sinister cult of spies plaguing our streets. You know your orders, lads. Follow her lead and let us rid London of this menace!

Lydia traveled to the carpenter's shop that supposedly functioned as the spy's headquarters. While looking around, she heard voices coming from behind a cabinet.

  • Spies: Our people in Westminster have sent word. We should stay alert.
    The explosion went just as planned.
    The tide is turning in our favor.
    These documents could well win us the war.
    Don't lose those papers or it will be your head.
    We've laid the groundwork. Now it's up to them.
    I don't know why they keep secrets from us.
    He never suspected a thing. Not until the blade was in his heart.
    They'll find the bodies sooner or later.
    They're terrified of a few bombs, but soon we'll have hundreds of zeppelins over London.
    Who are the other group? Who do they get their orders from?
    Have you noticed? He has a crazy glint in his eyes, like he's seen the face of God.

Lydia killed the spies, at which point the Master Spy entered the room. She then attacked him, but after exchanging a few blows, the Master Spy used a stun grenade and leapt through the window.

  • Master Spy: My Beloved calls to me. You will not keep me from her!
    You won't keep me from my Beloved!

Lydia gave chase, but the spy's henchmen stood in her way, forcing her to track down her target again. She eventually found him burying a number of personal effects.

  • Master Spy: Burn it, burn it all!
    Leave no trail for our enemies to follow!
    All of it must be destroyed!
    Leave no traces of her divine presence!
    They must never find out about my Beloved!

Lydia assassinated the Master Spy and then returned to Churchill.

  • Churchill: Excellent work. The ring leader is dead, as are his bizarre disciples.
  • Lydia: Is that it, then?
  • Churchill: Well there is still a war on.
  • Lydia: Then we both have our own affairs to return to.
  • Churchill: Know that you have done a great service to your country. Thank you.

Lydia departed, following which Juno intercepted the simulation.

  • Juno: The man Lydia killed was my husband Aita, reborn. Known in your time as a 'Sage'. Thank you for discovering his fate. His pattern will be added to my own. Perhaps you believe, as other Assassins before you, that it is your duty to work against me. But consider this: it was an Assassin who freed me from my prison. I am no longer She Who Lies in Wait. I am the Mother of Wisdom. I am the nexus of flesh and machine. I am Juno. And if the greatest Assassin of your generation can see things my way... then perhaps you can too.


Lydia assassinated the Master Spy.


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