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PL Truth SeekerHQ They call me many things: Murderer. Cutthroat. Thief. But you may call me The Master.

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"One person's freedom is another's demise."
―The Master[src]

The Master (died c. 430 BCE) was a slaver and a member of the Eyes of Kosmos branch of the Cult of Kosmos, operating in Attika, Greece, during the 5th century BCE.


When the man known only as 'The Master' joined the Cult of Kosmos, it was as a member of The Silver Vein. Later, he changed that branch for the Eyes, and his replacement in the Vein was Epiktetos.[1]

At some point, the Master made a deal with one of his slaves at the Lavrio Silver Mine, Phaidon: if Phaidon earned enough drachmae, he could buy his own freedom. When Phaidon gave the sum to the Master, however, the Master denied ever making such a deal with him, and kept him on as a slave.[2]

Hermippos, another member of the Eyes of Kosmos, sent a letter to the Master urging him to be patient, telling him to "bite (his) tongue - no one must know who you truly are, or what we are planning."[3]

ACOD A Life's Worth 02

The Master proposing a deal with Kassandra

During the Peloponnesian War, the Spartan misthios Kassandra visited the town of Lavrio and saw the Master abusing Phaidon. She talked with the slave, and decided to talk on his behalf with his master. Unfazed by her reputation and history of killing his brethren, the Master casually revealed his status as a member of the Cult of Kosmos, and suggested that he'd grant Phaidon his freedom if Kassandra agreed to kill a woman the Master wanted dead. He also told her that if he was to die, his slaves would never be free. Regardless, after Kassandra made her choice, she came back and killed him.[2]

Personality and characteristics

The man known as 'The Master' had no such thing as a moral compass, not caring about right and wrong. He did not oversee his quarry or slave trade for financial wealth, instead doing it as a way to gather information for the Cult.[4] The Master was also open about his involvement with the Cult, telling Kassandra of his affiliation despite knowing who she was. Although this openness proved to be his downfall in the end.[2]




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