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The Man Beast was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A series of macabre murders is plaguing a small fishing village. Neighbors of a strange old fisherman are sure it's him, and call him a "Man-Beast".


Bayek visited a small fishing village in the Faiyum Oasis. He encountered a fisherman talking to his son.

  • Man: I don't want you playing with him. The Man-Beast lives there! Do you want to be cut in pieces? Now come away!

Bayek approached the fisherman.

  • Bayek: Seni, forgive me, I overheard you just now. You said something about a Man-Beast.
  • Man: The Man-Beast has been taking people from here for months.
  • Bayek: People have gone missing? Have you told the Phylakitai?
  • Man: The Phylakitai are useless. Just last week, three fishermen disappeared. Bits of them floated in a few days later. They did nothing.
    Anyway, we know who it is -- that raving old maniac over there. We're watching him.
  • Bayek: Things are often not what they appear. I should talk to this Man Beast.

Bayek approached the area near the Man-Beast, hearing the villagers talking.

  • Man 1: He might be possessed by Sobek himself.
  • Man 2: He's too crazy to be the Man Beast. He never does anything but pray.
  • Man 1: He is eating the victims of Sobek!
  • Man 2: No-one goes missing on his land. They just show up in the water near his house. We should leave him alone. His poor child.

Bayek found the Man Beast praying in front of a statue of Sobek, a household shrine.

  • The Man Beast: Sobek eats with his mouth... He with the pointed teeth... Sobek eats while he mates... He rends whom he will...

Bayek addressed the Man Beast.

  • Bayek: My friend. Could I speak with you? Do you know anything about the missing people?
  • The Man Beast: I. Am. Not. Your. Friend. Go away from here!
    Sobek eats with his mouth... He with the pointed teeth... Sobek eats while he mates... He rends whom he will...

The Man Beast left the area.

  • Bayek: I will not get anything useful out of him.

Bayek investigated several baskets.

  • Bayek: There is meat in the baskets for feeding the fish. Gods, that could be human.

Bayek investigated a series of broken jars by the shore.

  • Bayek: Anything taken by the current ends up here.

He investigated parts of flesh beside the broken jars.

  • Bayek: Flesh. it is rotting and waterlogged, and hard to identify. It's come here from upstream.

Bayek completed his investigation.

  • Bayek: This place is a damn slaughter yard! But I can't tell if the flesh is human. In all my years as a Medjay, I have never seen anything like this. It is floating here from somewhere further upstream.

Bayek spoke to a boy sitting by the docks.

  • Bayek: Hi. What's your name?
  • Child: This is my toy Sobek. See? He carries his babies in his mouth. Father made it for me.
  • Bayek: That is... a nice toy.
  • Child: Can you tell my friends to come back and play? Sobek didn't eat the people in the river. It's just a game.

Bayek discovered a trail of blood in the water. He followed the trails and discovered more body parts.

  • Bayek: Nek! More body parts! Where are they all coming from?

He followed the trails to a small cave by the waters.

  • Bayek: More blood in the water. It seems to be coming from that cave. By Amun, what is going on?

Bayek dove, swimming into the cave, discovering a passage. Along the way, he encountered more body parts. A while later, he resurfaced in a dimly lit chamber, with a pale crocodile and multiple corpses.

  • Bayek: What is this place? It stinks of death. This must be where all the body parts are coming from.

After killing the crocodile, Bayek investigated the space. There were several mauled corpses.

  • Bayek: Amun! So many corpses, all half eaten. Argh, the stench!

He climbed out of the pit and heard a cry for help.

  • Man: Hello! Who's there? Please! Help me!

Beyond a fence, Bayek found a terrace with several cushions lying around.

  • Bayek: Cushions and luxury. These look like seats for some kind of theater.

He investigated baskets of fruits and jars of wine on a table.

  • Bayek: Good wine, and refreshments. Whoever sat here was well pampered.

Nearby, Bayek discovered a man locked in a cage and freed him.

  • Man: Thank the gods! Hurry, we have to leave before he comes back.
  • Bayek: Who? What is happening here?
  • Man: The Embalmer. He's throwing people to crocodiles. His guests watch as they're ripped apart.
  • Bayek: Be calm. You are safe. Where is he now?
  • Man: Safe? No one is safe here! He kidnapped me at the market where I was selling fish. I'm getting out of here! I never imagined anyone could do something like this!

The man left the place.

  • Bayek: I will find a way to the market. This Embalmer has given his last show.

Before Bayek left the place, he read a papyrus on the sofa.

  • Sobek's Secret Feast!:
    Feeding of the crocodiles. Next new moon. After sunset. See the Embalmer.
  • Bayek: Nek! This embalmer is sick!

He investigated a scroll on a table in a small room.

  • Letter from Sehetep:

    I have been informed of your little show. The sacrilegious use of Sobek's children for entertainment is, you must know, a serious offense. You are also operating on temple grounds, and risk bringing trouble to the temple and tarnishing the name of the cult.
    As abhorrent as your enterprise is to me, we might be able to come to an arrangement that is beneficial to us both. My consort will visit you soon with details of an agreement. I suggest you treat it with the gravity it merits.


He investigated a fruit stand and jars of wine on a table.

  • Bayek: Such extravagance. This Embalmer is making a lot of money.

Bayek exited the chamber through a ladder. He made his way to the market. He found the Embalmer talking to several merchants, escorted by a guard.

  • Embalmer: Friends! I trust you enjoyed the show? Unfortunately, the next show may be delayed. I've only found one... participant. It may take time to find more.
  • Woman 1: I don't know if I should say this, I wouldn't want you to think me odd.
  • Woman 2: You're among friends, dear.
  • Woman 1: Well, have you considered using people from the slums? The Faiyum has no lack of them. They're of no real use.
  • Embalmer: (Make it so!) I'll talk to my associate.

Bayek could also find the embalmer explaining his ideology to a man.

  • Embalmer: I don't want to hear it! Another show is filling up, and we're low on bait. Find me some more!
    The work we do is more important than you realize.
  • Man: What do you mean?
  • Embalmer: When the crocodile disfigured me I wanted to die. I wished I had. As I worked in the temple, I began to understand. I had been marked by the god himself.
    Our little show, it's much more than entertainment. It's a sacrament. An offering. In a way, you're playing the role of a priest. Remember that.
  • Man: That is a wonderful interpretation of things.

The Embalmer sat down to watch the show on the stage.

  • Embalmer: Do people really enjoy this?
    Boring. Unoriginal. Bland.

Bayek attacked the embalmer and his guard.

  • Bayek: Now I embalm you with death.

He killed them.

  • Bayek: A sick man. That's an end to his evil. May the gods deal with those who watched his shows.


Bayek discovered the source behind the murders and assassinated the culprit.


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