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The Mad Doctor's Castle was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After collecting 24 trinkets for Peg Leg, Connor received the location of the fourth treasure map piece.


Connor entered the castle through a window.

  • Connor: Joseph Palmer retired to Jamaica – somewhere around this castle. Faulkner said the scroll would likely have ended up in Lord Lewis Hutchinson's private museum. This place has seen much evil.

Connor found the museum.

  • Connor: Hutchinson's personal museum. Kidd's scroll must be here somewhere.

Connor investigated some clues.

  • Connor: The shot must have come from the balcony.

Connor climbed to the balcony.

  • Connor: The killer must have chased his prey, but through where?

Connor investigated more clues.

  • Connor: The mechanism of the mask is broken.

Connor followed the assailant's trail.

The Mad Doctor's Castle 20

Connor recovering the fourth piece of Kidd's map

  • Connor: I do not understand how anyone could live here. Small wonder Hutchinson went mad – this place feels mad.

Connor returned to the main hall, where he analyzed more clues.

  • Connor: There must be some clues around that can help me with this. The other clocks might tell me something.

Connor solved the riddle of the clock and explored the passage behind it. At the end of the passage, he found a skeleton with the remaining map piece.

  • Connor: "Close to a tree kissed by fire."


Connor recovered the fourth piece of the treasure map.


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The Mad Doctor's Castle
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