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The Long Game was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


After Kassandra advanced to the finals in the pankration Olympics, she met up with Barnabas and Alkibiades. While they were speaking, the latter collapsed, having been poisoned after drinking with his friends, Olympic judges Demophanes and Kallias. Realising that Alkibiades had been poisoned, Kassandra went to find the judges and an antidote to save her friend's life.


Kassandra made haste to the Leonidaion. Upon entering, she was greeted by several corpses of men and women alike.

  • Kassandra: This was definitely poison, and Alkibiades wasn't the only victim.

As she takes a turn, out to a hallway, she saw more bodies.

  • Kassandra: The truce is fragile enough...

She then went to the kitchen on the opposite side, near the entrance on which she came in. She walked to the center towards the preparation table and examines the mixture of food.

  • Kassandra: This food smells strange, but it's not rotten.

Kassandra looked around and saw wine jugs sitting atop a storage chest and immediately deduced their contents.

  • Kassandra: This proves it, poison! It must have been added to the food and wine.

She then entered the empty larder room and read the banquet supply list left in the corner.

  • Kassandra: Hmm, a supply list for the celebration... and the merchant's name.
  • Kassandra: Time to pay this Priam a visit.

In a storage room of the entryway situated between Leonidaion and the stables, Kassandra met the merchant, but she was ambushed by a Cult guard before she could confront him. She killed the ambusher and returned her attention to Priam, cracking her knuckles.

  • Kassandra: Now we're going to have a conversation.

He cowered in fear.

  • Priam: Please, please, I was just doing what I was told.

  • Kassandra: Now you'll do what I tell you.

Kassandra grabbed him by the throat.

  • Priam: Please, I thought we were just trying to make them slow — you know, so they lose. Win a few drachmae...
  • Kassandra: My friend Alkibiades may already be dead, and you're talking about drachmae.
  • Priam: The golden boy? I was there. He didn't have much — if you can get him the antidote, he'll survive.
  • Kassandra: Tell me where it is.

She let go and pushed him back.

  • Priam: They're sure to have it at Fort Koroibos. A man there paid me to do this. Look there.

  • Kassandra: Whoever did this will pay, but I'll take care of you first.

Priam fled in fear.

  • Kassandra: Whoever did this will pay. Go, and don't let me see your face again.
  • Priam: Yes, thank you...

  • Kassandra: Your actions could cost Alkibiades his life. Now you will pay with yours.

Priam fled in fear.

  • Kassandra: I'm not after you, just whoever wanted this done.
  • Priam: I don't know, I never saw him. I just thought he wanted to fix a race, but then I saw what started happening and I knew they'd been poisoned.
  • Kassandra: My friend Alkibiades — I need to save him.
  • Priam: You'll like find the antidote up at Fort Koroibos.

  • Kassandra: Whoever did this will pay, but I'll take care of you first.

Priam fled in fear.

  • Kassandra: Whoever did this will pay. Go, and don't let me see your face again.
  • Priam: Yes, thank you...

Regardless, Kassandra learned where to get the antidote. She stepped out of the Leonidaion and made for the road out of the city.

Upon arriving at Fort Koroibos, Ikaros helped her identify which chamber held the antidote.

  • Kassandra: This must be the antidote.

Kassandra quickly infiltrated the fort, retrieved the antidote from a chest, and rode back to Alkibiades and Barnabas in a clinic area across the road from Leonidaion. Alkibiades rested on one of the beds.

  • Kassandra: Here, I have the antidote.

Barnabas took the antidote and handed it to Alkibiades, who sat up to drink from it. The antidote took effect immediately.

  • Alkibiades: Ugh, more wine please, to wash away the taste.
  • Barnabas: A treatment worthy of Hippokrates!

Alkibiades looked up to Kassandra and smiled wryly.

  • Alkibiades: I can already feel my stamina returning...

Barnabas rubbed the back of his head and cleared his throat. He addressed Kassandra.

  • Barnabas: Didn't you have one last fight in the pankration?

She affirmed his question and turned her gaze to Alkibiades.

  • Kassandra: Let's go.

Alkibiades stood and followed her out.


Kassandra retrieved the antidote from Fort Koroibos and administered it to Alkibiades, saving his life.



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