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The Lizard's Mask was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan in 2018 through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek traveled to Memphis to track down the Masked One known as the Lizard.


Bayek entered the temple to find Pasherenptah. He was greeted by a priest near the entrance.

  • Man: Forgive me, neb (sir), but access to the inner sanctum is restricted at this time.
  • Bayek: I can wait a little.
  • Man: What is your name?
  • Bayek: Bayek of Siwa.
  • Man: Ah, we were told to expect you. You may enter, so long as you do not disturb the rites.

As he went further inside, he overheard Taimhotep, Pasherenptah's wife, arguing with him.

Taimhotep arguing with her husband, Pasherenptah.

  • Taimhotep: You dare accuse me, you coward? You, who spent the past three days cringing behind the doors of our home? It is your spinelessness that dooms us, not my neglect!
  • Pasherenptah: I am blamed for the whole city's troubles, and when I suggest we might share the blame, you deny all—
  • Taimhotep: I deny blame when I am free of it! Ask your little priestlings to see if they have neglected—
  • Pasherenptah: Taimhotep, I visited them before I came to you! I have spoken to all the priests. Each one swears to handling your meals with the utmost care!
  • Taimhotep: And you trust their word over mine? How could you think that I would take the smallest risk with our child? Do you doubt my love for him? For you?
  • Pasherenptah: No! But you are very agitated right now.

The couple walked through the central courtyard.

  • Pasherenptah: Perhaps we forgot some part of the ritual...
  • Taimhotep: I will vomit if I hear more. Have no doubt of this. If our child dies, I die.
  • Pasherenptah: No, my lotus, do not speak like that!
  • Taimhotep: I must go to the Seer's house. Just leave me be.

Taimhotep walked away alone. Pasherenptah reverently approached the Apis bull chained, trashing, bellowing, atop an altar. Bayek approached from the shadows.

  • Bayek: High Priest.
  • Pasherenptah: Uh... ah, Bayek. I'm sorry. I'm, ah...

Pasherenptah turned back towards the bull.

  • Bayek: I have come to seek the Lizard.
  • Pasherenptah: Oh, the Lizard... One more affliction for Memphis.

As Pasherenptah continued, there was a vision of Memphis' streets, and the Lizard over mummies.

  • Pasherenptah: The city withers in the darkness of a curse.
    Disease, pestilence... the poisoned stink of the air.

Bayek and Pasherenptah speaking about the Apis Bull's health.

Pasherenptah approached the bull.

  • Pasherenptah: The Apis Bull sickened nearly unto death.

As he approached the animal, it sniffed at him.

  • Pasherenptah: The gods have abandoned us. The people look to me for guidance, but I am as lost as they.

Pasherenptah reached and grasped at the bull's collar.

  • Bayek: Pash!

The priest took the collar off the animal, and it lurched back. As it settled onto its stomach, its legs giving out, it seemed to lose all strength. Pasherenptah fell to his knees, crying.

  • Pasherenptah: Apis, how have we wronged you?
  • Bayek: Pash...
  • Pasherenptah: The curse touches even my own house. My wife, Taimhotep, has miscarried three times this year. She is with child again, but if... If she loses a fourth...

Pasherenptah wept as he crawled towards Bayek. As Bayek crouched and helped him back to his feet, the Apis Bull also rose.

  • Bayek: I will look into this curse.

With that, Bayek turned to walk out. Pasherenptah called after him.

  • Pasherenptah: My wife's Seer can help. His house is to the southwest.
  • Bayek: If the gods are responsible, I will kneel beside you as they strike us down.

Thankful for the kind words, Pasherenptah placed a hand over his heart. Bayek proceeded through the Temple of Ptah to the house of the Seer. Within, the Seer was performing a ritual around a circle of candlelight. Taimhotep and her maidservant Mara swayed nearby.

  • Seer: Grow, O light; come forth, O light...

Taimhotep groaned and sank to the floor.

  • Taimhotep: My child!

The ritual of the Seer.

Bayek entered as the Seer rose in frustration.

  • Seer: You have come at last!
  • Mara: Who is this man?
  • Seer: He is the Deliverer. Many years I have waited for him.
  • Bayek: What?

Taimhotep rose and grasped hold of Bayek, collapsing in his arms.

  • Taimhotep: Quick, help me dream my child away from death!

Bayek helped Taimhotep back to her feet, with Mara supporting her.

  • Seer: Let us proceed with the ritual.

The Seer, Taimhotep, and the handmaiden resumed their positions around the candlelight. The Seer issued an order to Bayek as he recited a prayer.

  • Seer: Bring me the cauldron. I am the Master of Secret Things, the form of the soul that rests in the heavens. I am servant to the Great God, who gives light exceedingly. I am the Companion of the Flame, in whose mouth the fire is not quenced.

Bayek placed the cauldron on the fire in the center of the room. The Seer added ingredients to the liquid within so that it flared, smoking.

  • Seer: Sothis, reveal yourself here today, and answer me without falsehood.

Bayek bringing to Taimhotep the strange drink.

He scooped some of the liquid into a bowl, passing it to Bayek. Bayek brought it to Taimhotep, raising it to her lips so she could drink.

  • Seer: Let your eyes be opened. Devoid of moisture, come forth from the stream! Sothis, let their eyes be opened!

Taimhotep lowered Bayek's hands from her mouth, then forced him to drink.

  • Taimhotep Let your eyes be opened.

Both Taimhotep and Bayek collapsed. Bayek opened his eyes within a dream of the desert in the middle of a sandstorm. He rose to his feet, seeing the darkened, frozen shapes of the room's occupants as Senu flew overhead.

The Medjay finding himself in an odd desert.

  • Bayek: What is this gods forsaken place? Is someone there?

He moved forward through the storm, passing between rows of tall busts with flaming braziers.

  • Bayek: What is that? Some kind of tomb? I must keep moving or be swallowed by the desert.

As he approached the tomb, the busts revealed themselves to be full humanoid statues. Bayek gained entry to the tomb, out of the storm. The lights changed from flaming braziers to white lanterns. Among them, Bayek saw a massive shape moving.

  • Bayek: That shadow, that is the soul eater!

The entrance to an unknown tomb.

Bayek moved ever downwards, deeper into the tomb.

  • Bayek: O you door-keepers who guard your portals, who swallow souls and who gulp down the corpses of the dead. What a journey I have made, the things I have seen. I am but one of you.

He entered a large chamber, a chasm stretched below. Across the chasm was a stone bridge leading to a set of giant scales. A figure waited on the other side with what appeared to be Bayek's glowing heart in his hands. Bayek looked down at the front of his clothing, now covered in blood. The figure offered the heart up to the scales, and it lifted through the air. The scales suddenly collapsed in an explosion as a giant serpent representing Apep burst through.

  • Bayek: No!

Apep, the soul eater.

Bayek ran and leapt across the partially-collapsed bridge as his glowing heart fell. The serpent lunged for it as it fell into the chasm. Rising back from the depths, a golden vision of Senu sped past the serpent. The eagle dove towards Bayek and, at the last second, became a golden bow that sprung to life in Bayek's hand as he landed onboard a solar barge. A golden arrow appeared floating before him. More soon followed, falling around him in a circle. Bayek stomped his foot, and the arrows rose from the ground, swirling around him until they became a golden quiver that came to rest on his back.

  • Bayek: Anubis, Lord of the dead! Did that crazy old fool poison me?

Bayek preparing himself to face Apep.

Bayek fought the serpent from the deck of Ra's solar barque utilizing the glowing bow.

  • Bayek: So Apep can be hurt!
    You will not devour my heart!
    He is weakening!
    I am he who drives off the destructive one.

Apep lunged at Bayek, who rolled out of the way.

  • Bayek: Ra protect me!
    Nek (Shit)! Poison.
    I take the bow, I sweep the sky with it.
    Hurts, doesn't it?!
    I am he who knots the chord and lashes the shrine together.
    You will not devour my heart!

Apep reared high, then sprang forward, smashing through the center of the boat. Bayek jumped out of the way, landing and sliding on a nearby ruined stone slab. From the ground he now fought Apep as he resurfaced.

  • Bayek: I am the great one within his eye!
    You will not claim me, Destructive one!
    Return to the chaos sea.
    Apep will tear the Duat apart.
    You will feel the sun god's wrath.
    I will not go into the valley of darkness!
    It is not my time yet!
    I will destroy you!
    Die, soul-eater!

Bayek dealt the final blow, Apep trashing.

  • Bayek: Be gone, swim to the pool of Nu.

Apep laid waste to their surroundings in his death throes, knocking Bayek backwards into the water, floating down. He swam down, breaking through the "ground", only to come up above water. The world turned right-side-up, and he could see a stone block in the distance. He swam toward it. Gaining solid ground, he pushed the lid of the block off, reaching within to retrieve his glowing heart. He then pushed the heart into his chest. Then, he heard the voice of his son, Khemu.

Bayek regains his heart.

  • Khemu: What's that, papo (father)? Papo (Father)?

The dream of the water faded, and Bayek now found himself in the sunlit Field of Reeds. In the distance, he saw a vision of Khemu, waving at him.

  • Khemu: Will you teach me to hunt?
    papo (father)! I am the Great Hunter Orion.
    Senu! What do you see?

Whenever Bayek got close to Khemu, the boy at first faded like the desert visions. But then Khemu appeared, with his bow and quiver, and turned to face Bayek. They walked toward each other. As they reached each other, Bayek dropped to his knees. Khemu put a finger to his lips, then whispered in Bayek's ear. As they touched their foreheads together, the dream ended. Bayek woke up violently in the Seer's house. The others were still there.

Bayek and Khemu in the Field of Reeds.

  • Bayek: (Waking up grasping air)
  • Seer: They are returned, safe from him who would close their eyes in darkness.
  • Taimhotep: My child lives!
  • Seer: Praise to the gods.
  • Taimhotep: What do you see?

The Seer motioned to Bayek and Taimhotep.

  • Seer: Your enemy and hers are the same.

He then picked up the bowl and took it to the table.

  • Seer: Refuse... the temple food. He who prepares it poisons your womb with flesh of the dead. Go and slay the poisoner, and lift Memphis out of evil.

Bayek about to leave the Seer's house.

Taimhotep rose and made a gesture to Bayek as she passed him.

  • Taimhotep: Praise to he who will deliver us all.

Taimhotep and Mara left.

  • Seer: If you wish to speak of your own true seeing, come to me in the fullness of the moment.
  • Bayek: Thank you.

Bayek exited the building, surprised to see Aya outside.

  • Bayek: Aya!
  • Aya: My love! Are you well?
  • Bayek: Better for seeing your face.

She took his hand and, together, they walked off.

  • Aya: There's a strangeness in your eyes. What afflicts you?
  • Bayek: Dreams. Of our son.
  • Aya: Bayek...
  • Bayek: The High Priest's wife has been poisoned. Her Seer claims that her poisoner is our enemy.
  • Aya: The Lizard?
  • Bayek: I believe so.
  • Aya: The Apis Bull is also at the point of death. Let's go to the temple – we can speak more of your dreams on the way. Come, we'll take a boat for speed.

The two climbed into a nearby boat, and Bayek began to row it down the river.

  • Aya: So, how does it feel to be Medjay to the whole of Egypt?
  • Bayek: Like trailing after an ant colony, sometimes. But I'm proud to serve those in need.
  • Aya: As am I – and proud to serve the Queen.
  • Bayek: Have you spoken to the High Priest?
  • Aya: Yes, in advance of the Queen's arrival.
  • Bayek: She's coming to Memphis?
  • Aya: Yes.
  • Bayek: The exiled ruler appears in the heart of Old Egypt. That will set the young Ptolemy on notice.
  • Aya: It lifts my heart to see you, Bayek.
  • Bayek: Aya, you are the one joy left in my life. I want you at my side again.
  • Aya: I am bound to the Queen's service.
  • Bayek: And our bond?
  • Aya: It means as much as ever! But we have seen the Order's evil now.
  • Bayek: We can fight it shoulder to shoulder.
  • Aya: I've promised the Queen...
  • Bayek: What has she done for you that I have not?
  • Aya: She lifts my gaze to the horizon.

The boat arrived and the pair exited, proceeding to the temple.

  • Aya: I will never stop mourning what we lost. Never. But I must make a world that is larger than our griefs, so that no mother ever again lives what I have lived.
  • Bayek: After I kill the Lizard—
  • Aya: After you kill the Lizard, I will leave Memphis.
  • Bayek: Then I will follow. Let us hunt together, as we did before.
  • Aya: You said dreams troubled your mind. Do you want to tell me of them?
  • Bayek: No. I would rather not burden you.
  • Aya: We will need to speak of it someday, once the sands have settled.
  • Bayek: Once the sands have settled. When will that be?
  • Aya: Soon, I hope.

Aya and Bayek arriving at the Apis Bull's enclosure.

They arrived at the Apis Bull's enclosure. Aya folded her arms over her chest.

  • Bayek: Where should we begin?
  • Aya: Check the god's enclosure. I'll speak to the priestesses.
  • Bayek: Of course, give me the dungheap job.

As Aya walked away, Bayek knelt and began to examine the excrement within the Apis Bull's outdoor enclosure.

  • Bayek: The best way out is through. Peach pits. Half my father's herds died because of this. I should search the place where the god's food is stored. I will have you soon, poisoner.

He entered the bull's altar room, examining the water.

  • Bayek: Pasherenptah would use a taster for the god's water.

He then examined the bull.

  • Bayek: Your coat has lost its luster, Shining One. And your flanks are hollowed. Hathor give you strength.

Bayek found the offerings behind the altar.

  • Bayek: These are offerings to the bull. They seem sound.

He exited the room, encountering a worker outside.

  • Bayek: Hey! Do you feed the Apis Bull?
  • Worker: No. Them girl priestesses take care of all of that.
  • Bayek: Do you know where his fodder is kept?
  • Worker: In that building over by the stairs. But they shut it up last week when the bull got sick.
  • Bayek: My thanks.

The worker walked away.

  • Bayek: The bull's sickness could come from his food, but it is too soon to say. I need more evidence.

He knelt outside the door to the storehouse.

  • Bayek: Food for the bull. The rest is likely stored inside this shed.

Bayek broke down the door with one swing from his sword.

  • Bayek: Peach pits. If the Apis Bull was fed with these, that would explain his sickness. And the necklace here... One of the Twin Priestesses wore something like it. Let us see if the other is missing a weight from around her neck.

Aya interrogating the twin priestesses

Bayek rose, leaving the shed behind to find Aya and the priestesses.

  • Aya: Greetings, Sisters of Osiris.
  • Bayek: As I thought. One priestess is missing her necklace.
  • Aya: How long have you served in this temple?
  • Taous: Two months, ever since the new Bull was chosen.
  • Aya: I am a servant of the Queen, who wishes very much to see Apis thrive. Can you tell me of your daily habits?
  • Taous: Every day is the same. We wake for morning prayers and then we feed the god.
  • Tawe: We bless his grain... A man pours out his water and cleans away his filth—
  • Aya: Do any of his caretakers look suspicious?
  • Tawe: Why... yes! The, um, farmer... I've always thought the farmer who brings his grain had an evil look. Maybe you should question him.
  • Aya: Question him? No. I will find this farmer, and I will deliver to him the justice of my blade.
  • Taous: Wait, won't you speak with him first?
  • Aya: No need. The denunciation of those sworn to the Twin Goddesses is enough. He has sinned against the god. He must die.
  • Taous: My sister spoke too quickly. The man could be innocent.
  • Aya: You know why Apis is sick.
  • Taous: Yes.
  • Aya: Can the cause be found in his quarters?
  • Taous: Yes, Nebet.
  • Aya: Then we will await the return of my comrade before passing judgement.

Bayek discovering the true culprits.

Bayek held a peach pit aloft.

  • Bayek: This is a subtle way of poisoning an animal.
  • Aya: My sisters, this is surely an accident?
  • Bayek: One, maybe. But not a bushel.

The priestesses made a run for it. Bayek and Aya gave chase.

As Bayek caught one of the priestesses, the other stopped and returned, unwilling to leave her sister. The first priestess revealed a box with their brother's severed finger within.

  • Taous: Our brother. Bandits ripped him away from us, as we walked in the market.
  • Taous: They forced us to poison the god!
  • Tawe: They told us they were going to feed our brother to crocodiles unless we...
  • Taous: We have not slept through the night since.
  • Tawe: I'm so sorry! We had no choice. We never—

Tawe (left) and Taous (right) crying for help, begging for mercy.

Aya placed a hand on her shoulder to stop her from speaking further. She and Bayek walked away a short distance.

  • Bayek: Something is wrong. These are no curses.
  • Aya: The Order is surely behind this.

Aya turned back to the priestesses.

  • Aya: Go to the temple of Hathor without me. The twins cannot be left alone. Quickly, to the Temple of Hathor.
  • Tawe: Please find our brother!
  • Taous: They say the Temple of Hathor is haunted. Be careful!
  • Aya: Bayek is used to ghosts. Let's keep going.

Bayek made his way to the Temple of Hathor, assassinating the guards within and making his way to Panchrates.

  • Panchrates: Let me free! My sisters surely weep for my return.
  • Guard: And the girls in the tavern weep for mine, but they'll be just as surely disappointed.
  • Panchrates: I suppose wine is too much to ask for, but may I at least have a drink of water?
  • Guard: How about I pour piss down your gullet and call it wine?

Bayek killed the nearby guards.

  • Bayek: Are you Panchrates?
  • Panchrates: I am. Praise the gods for bringing a strong warrior to save me!
  • Bayek: You are injured. I will carry you home.

Bayek slung him onto his back, running quickly through the Temple and into the city.

  • Bayek: Tell me about your kidnapping.
  • Panchrates: Best not to speak of it out in the open. Besides, my wounds are making me very tired. Here is my house. Before we go inside, let us speak.

Bayek lowered him from his back, and Panchrates stood before him at the door.

  • Panchrates: I prefer to spare my sisters the ugliest details of my story.
  • Bayek: Of course.
  • Panchrates: The man who ordered my abduction is a priest of Anubis at the Great Temple.
  • Bayek: A priest in Pasherenptah's circle! How can I find him?
  • Panchrates: He wears a blue scarf, and has a terrible cough.
  • Bayek: The Lizard. He is marked.

The Twins and Aya greet Panchrates.

The two then made their way inside the home, where Aya and the priestesses were waiting. The sisters sprang to their feet to hug Panchrates.

  • Tawe: Panchrates! Are you hurt? Did they mistreat you?
  • Panchrates: They kept me tied up... fed me little but crusts of bread fit for beggars...

Aya placed a hand on his shoulder in comfort before walking outside with Bayek.

  • Aya: So?
  • Bayek: This is the Lizard's work. And so I must stain my hands with another priest's blood.
  • Aya: The Order is everywhere. To protect Egypt, I would kill a thousand priests. You and I are pledged to violence, now and always.
  • Bayek: Pasherenptah should know of this.
  • Aya: He waits at the palace. I have horses for us nearby.


Bayek discovered who was behind the poisoning of the Apis Bull and found that the Lizard was a priest within Pasherenptah's circle.



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