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The Lizard's Face was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek met with Cleopatra and Pasherenptah to learn the identity of the Lizard.


Bayek and Aya readied themselves for the ride to the Palace of Apries to warn Pasherenptah that the Lizard was one of his priests.

  • Aya: What are you waiting for, my love? Shall we race, like we did in Siwa?
  • Bayek: Only if you're ready to lose.
  • Aya: Bold words. I will see you back them up. Eat my dust!

The two began galloping through the city.

  • Aya: Eat my dust!
  • Bayek: What is the prize for winning?
  • Aya: You'll never find out! You're slower than Ramses, and he's been dead a few years now!
  • Bayek: You can't keep that pace.
  • Aya: Try me!
    Faster, beast, faster!
    I need to prove a point!

Bayek reached their destination first.

  • Bayek: Seems I have come out on top.
  • Aya: Seems you have.
  • Bayek: We all have weaknesses.
  • Aya: Yes, and yours is winning graciously.
Origins Quest15TheLizard'sFace Part01

Cleopatra speaking to the people of Memphis.

Bayek noted the commotion near the palace.

  • Bayek: What is this about?
  • Aya: The Queen is about to speak. Let's go and listen.

Aya raced to the steps, with Bayek close behind. They arrived in time to witness Cleopatra speak from a balcony overhead, with Pasherenptah next to her, and the crowd's reaction.

  • Cleopatra: As they rule, the gods curse our land, withholding the river's floods. But as the living goddess ascends the throne, the waters will rise again! Through me, Memphis shines as rubies set in gold! Through me, Egypt triumphs!

The crowd appeared displeased, and later Cleopatra sat with her servants, drinking and discussing the matter.

  • Cleopatra: I cannot lose them. They must know my voice as that of the goddess.

A guard interrupted her reflection, and she rose to make her way to where Aya, Bayek, and Pasherenptah waited.

  • Aya: My Queen...
  • Cleopatra: The Apis Bull persists in ailing?
  • Aya: We have found the cause of his sickness. He was poisoned.
  • Cleopatra: Who did this?
  • Aya: The Twin Priestesses.
  • Cleopatra: Have them boiled to death inside a bronze bull.
  • Aya: Goddess, no.
Origins Quest15TheLizard'sFace Part02

Cleopatra demanding the death of the priest of Anubis.

Bayek stepped up.

  • Bayek: They were coerced. Their brother was kidnapped by a priest of Anubis with a blue scarf and a cough.
  • Pasherenptah: Hetepi! But he is amongst my closest advisors.
  • Cleopatra: Those living in one's shadow are the least worthy of trust.
  • Pasherenptah: If even Hetepi is against me...
  • Bayek: Your wife and child were threatened by him, but now they are safe. We can overcome this.
  • Pasherenptah: The priests of Anubis will be conducting rites in the Great Temple. Look for their masks.
  • Aya: My blade will serve as well as his.
  • Bayek: No, Aya. Let me.
  • Cleopatra: I care not who kills the priest. Let it be done before we head to Herakleion in the north.
Origins Quest15TheLizard'sFace Part03

Pasherenptah bleesing Bayek.

Bayek turned to go, but Pasherenptah stopped him.

  • Pasherenptah: Wait!

Stepping closer to Bayek, the priest lifted his hand and blessed the Medjay.

  • Pasherenptah: Ptah-Nun the father breathe strength into your arm.

Bayek nodded and took his leave. Before going, he spoke with Aya.

  • Aya: So you go to kill again. Tell me, how do you make sense of it?
  • Bayek: Sometimes, ritual is all that stands between a man and madness. Each time I feel my body locked in combat, my wounds crushed against those I have inflicted, each time I feel the ka tearing free. I pay it tribute with a prayer. This prayer is not for the dead, or for the gods. It is for me. My creed gives the meaningless meaning and shapes the formless. Without it, I could not kill.
  • Aya: Hm. You would not want to hear the words that make me capable of killing. Now go.

He made his way to the Temple of Ptah, using Senu to scout the temple premises.

  • Bayek: Only one of these priests has to die. I must strike carefully.

He found one of the priests.

  • Bayek: A priest of Anubis... but is it Hetepi?

Bayek found the second priest.

  • Bayek: Another priest of Anubis.

Bayek found the third priest.

  • Bayek: How many priests does one city need?

Bayek found the fourth priest.

  • Bayek: Is that the man I seek?

Bayek found the last priest.

  • Bayek: Hetepi hides among his brothers.
Origins Quest15TheLizard'sFace Part04

Bayek faces Hetepi in the Animus' Memory Corridor.

Bayek infiltrated the temple and assassinated Hetepi. A white feather fluttered past the emblem of the Order of the Ancients. Bayek turned to face a gigantic apparition of Hetepi.

  • Bayek: The Lizard. The priest who cursed Memphis.
  • Hetepi: I serve the ways of old Egypt. (coughing)
  • Bayek: Old Egypt asks a heavy price!

The giant apparition disappeared. Turning, Bayek saw him tending to a body.

  • Bayek: Innocents mutilated, children ripped from the womb, the High Priest's name abused—

Behind Bayek, the giant apparition appeared again.

  • Hetepi: His name was muck before you arrived.
    The masses are the cattle of the gods, driven by the herdsman's whip. You are one of them, Bayek.

Bayek laid his hand on Hetepi's shoulder. Hetepi turned, sending a blast that seemed to go through Bayek.

  • Hetepi: You are a cow.

Bayek stepped closer, resolute.

  • Bayek: It is will that drives me, not fear.
  • Hetepi: Oh, yes? And who passes the whip over your back? Who demands that you stain your ka with my death?

Bayek raised the feather, touching his own forehead, and then Hetepi's.

  • Bayek: I have my gods. Now face yours.

Hetepi disintegrated, the vision ended.

  • Bayek: By your death, the curses of Memphis are lifted. I should report to the others.
Origins Quest15TheLizard'sFace Part05

Bayek informing Cleopatra about Hetepi's death.

Bayek returned to the Palace of Apries, walking into a room where Aya was defending the Twin Priestesses to Cleopatra, with Pasherenptah standing nearby.

  • Aya: My Queen, they acted only to lift the threat on their brother's life.

Bayek walked in, dropping Hetepi's Anubis mask to the ground so that it broke. Aya was startled, Cleopatra stood up.

  • Bayek: Curses will trouble you no more.

Pasherenptah picked up a piece of the mask.

  • Pasherenptah: Hetepi. What could have driven him to such madness?

Bayek faced Cleopatra's gaze.

  • Bayek: Memphis is yours again.
  • Cleopatra: Ours.

Pasherenptah rose, and regarded the Queen.

  • Pasherenptah: With these dark matters settled, we can finally prepare for the Festival of Apis.
  • Cleopatra: May demons feast on Hetepi's ka. And may those guilty of Khemu's death soon follow.
ACO The Lizard's Face - Festival of Apis

The Festival of Apis

Cleopatra left the throne room, followed by her servants. A few days later, the Festival of Apis commenced, with Taous and Tawe in attendance. The Egyptians celebrated and cheered for the Queen. Smiling Bayek found Aya, who stood among the revellers with arms akimbo, sour-faced. He at first meant to embrace her, but the look on her face killed the smile on his, too.

  • Aya: It is agony to leave you, but... I must go on alone.
  • Bayek: Aya—
  • Aya: I will stand by my duty!
  • Bayek: Where will your duty take you?
  • Aya: North. To set the sea aflame.
Origins Quest15TheLizard'sFace Part08

Bayek and Aya smiling at each other, decided to enjoy the Festival.

Aya bowed her head, but Bayek touched her chin, making her look up with a smile. He cradled Aya's face in his hands.

  • Bayek: I walk on your water.

Aya laid her hand on Bayek's arm and smiled.

  • Aya: I hope we will hunt together again soon. Until then, let us take this night as ours.

Bayek and Aya walked away, hand in hand.


Hetepi was assassinated by Bayek, restoring Memphis to order.


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