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The Lighthouse was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline went to her smuggler friends, Élise Lafleur and Roussillon, to warn them of the soldiers bribed by the Templar Vázquez.


Aveline arrived at the Smugglers' Hideout.

  • Aveline: Bonjour (Greetings), smugglers!
  • Élise: Aveline! It's been a long while!
  • Aveline: Too long! Listen, have you noticed any unusual activity on the bayou?
  • Élise: Other than ours, you mean?
  • Roussillon: We have been noticing rather a lot of men in Spanish uniforms... although I would question both their manhood and their allegiance!
  • Aveline: They've been bribed by a man named Vázquez. He works for–
  • Roussillon: Vázquez! Sacrebleu! (Damn!) I know his name. I heard soldiers talking. He plans to divert a supply ship tomorrow.
  • Aveline: Unless we divert it first...
  • Roussillon: I like how you think! Have I not said it before, Élise? I love how she thinks!
  • Élise: I'm in the mood for a diversion, myself.
  • Roussillon: If I may make a suggestion: the lighthouse on Lake Pontchartrain. If you euh... tamper with it, perhaps that ship may never reach her berth.
  • Aveline: Roussillon, I like how you think! Have I not said it before, Élise? I love how he thinks!

Aveline then left to sabotage the lighthouse.


Having quietly snuck past the fort's guards, Aveline disabled the lighthouse, causing Vázquez's supply ship to wash up on a nearby island.