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The League of the Crimson Rose was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


The Chevalier d'Éon instructed Arno to investigate the Crimson Rose and the Crimson League.


  • D'Éon: Mon cher ami. Have you heard of the Crimson Rose? He goes by the name of Sir Reginald and pretends to be a bit of a twit, but he's quite brilliant at helping people escape the guillotine. I'm suspicious of him. I'd like you to integrate yourself by saving him from an ambush.
  • Arno: What ambush?
  • D'Éon: The one that's about to take place at his home: the Hôtel Fieubet. Save him and, in gratitude, he may well admit you to his secret League.

Arno made his way to a soirée at the Hôtel Fieubet and looked for the Crimson Rose.

  • Guests: One must enjoy these soirées while one can. Soon, the lunatics will have our heads.
    The Crimson Rose and his League saved my dear uncle from the guillotine.
  • League member 1: Are you here to meet with "Sir Reginald"? Want to join the Crimson League, eh? Good man.
  • League member 2: The Crimson League? I may be a member. Not about to say.

Arno found the Crimson Rose.

  • Crimson Rose: May I compliment your cravat? Very stylish, although I recommend an underhand know in the future. I have an eye for such things. Sink me if the ladies don't pay more attention to you when you've an underhand knot, eh?
  • Guest: Oh, Sir Reginald! Your observations are so amusing!
  • Crimson Rose: I speak not to amuse, but to inform, my dear fellow! Overhand knots are a relic of the past!

Arno approached the Crimson Rose.

  • Crimson Rose: An ambush? I cannot be apprehended just as my plans are coming together! You, sir, if you help me hold them off, you shall have my gratitude!
  • Guard: After him, men! Kill the Crimson Rose!

After fighting off the assailants, Arno killed their leader, Chauvelin.

  • Crimson Rose: Well done! You seem the sort of fellow I could use in my organization. I shall call on you in the future!


Arno earned the trust of the Crimson Rose.


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