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The León Lead was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

We have eliminated Chacon, Ramírez's lieutenant in Sahagún, and the citizens are now freed from his harassment. His journal tells is that a Lieutenant del Salto is in charge of consolidating information about the missing section of the Staff of Eden, sent to him by lieutenants throughout northern Spain.

Del Salto had made his headquarters in a villa near León. If we can steal the information he has collected, we may be able to use it to locate the missing section of the Staff... or possibly Ramírez himself!

Retrieved Documents

  • I have heard that a sect of ascetic monks in the Asturias mountains are rumored to possess and revere a sacred relic known as a fragment of Saint James' golden staff. Could this be the artifact that Inquisitor Ramírez seeks? - Report from an agent
  • We investigated the monastery in the mountains of Asturias. The monks refused us entry, so we had to force our way in. Upon ransacking the monastery, we found no trace of the artifact, nor would the monks divulge any information regarding its location. - Lieutenant del Salto's journal
  • Lieutenant del Salto: you are ordered to return to the mountains of Asturias and capture these monks, Bring them to the Inquisition's executioner in Oviedo. If they must be tortured to reveal the location of the relic, then we will indulge them! - Inquisitor Ramírez


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