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The Last Magi was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met with Gergis, a Magi of the Order of Dominion.


Having read the letter received from Pebble, Kassandra travelled to the graveyard of Aipeia. There, an older man stood before her.

  • Unknown: Eagle Bearer. Well met. I see you got my note. I'm surprised I'm still alive.
  • Kassandra: That could change.
  • Unknown: Hasty. No need to be hasty, Eagle Bearer. Let me introduce myself.
    My name is Gergis, the last Magi of the Order. I've been eager to meet you, Kassandra. May I call you as such?

  • Kassandra: I don't really care what you call me.
  • Gergis: Confident. I like that.

  • Kassandra: Only my friends can call me Kassandra.
  • Gergis: We may become friends yet—who's to say?

  • Kassandra: Give me one good reason not to put my blade through your throat. Where is Amorges? Where is my son?
  • Gergis: I have the answers you seek, Kassandra. I know what happened in Achaia—in the village called Dyme.
  • Kassandra: Dyme? What do you know? Tell me.
  • Gergis: I was there. Things are never what they seem. Your reality is limited to what you perceive. Ride with me. I've been wanting to speak to you.

Gergis walked to a horse.

  • Gergis: I'll show you how beautiful our world can be. Shall we?
  • Kassandra: One wrong move—
  • Gergis: I understand. This way.

Gergis and Kassandra climbed onto horses. The misthios followed Gergis.

  • Kassandra: Where are you taking me?
  • Gergis: Somewhere nice. I want to learn more about you.
  • Kassandra: I don't trust you.
  • Gergis: I've followed your journey from the beginning. I've written quite a bit about you, actually. In fact, some of my most popular work is about the Eagle Bearer. In addition, I've heard of your tales from our friends.
  • Kassandra: The Kosmos? I didn't think the Cult made friends.

Gergis chuckled at her remark.

  • Gergis: Allies then, if you prefer.

They rode up a hill.

  • Gergis: I've written many stories scattered across the Greek world. I spread the word of our doings, of our heroic deeds.
  • Kassandra: "Heroic"? You call murdering innocents and burning villages "heroic"?
  • Gergis: Narrow. The Order sees things from a broader perspective. We do not seek ephemeral peace. Our work is eternal.
  • Kassandra: Maláka.

They reached the top of the hill.

  • Gergis: Look around us—such promise! You must be wondering why we hunt you.
  • Kassandra: I've killed enough of you to have an idea.

They rode down the hill.

  • Gergis: You're a force of nature, Kassandra. Have you noticed? Danger is drawn to you like vultures to a battlefield. And so we simply cannot allow you to exist.
  • Kassandra: You would kill someone because of their blood? You disgust me.
  • Gergis: We're not the enemy. Have you considered yourself? In our eyes you are the manifestation of turmoil, the disruptor of peace. Don't be so quick to judge, Kassandra. There are many perspectives.

Gergis and Kassandra continued riding, reaching the edge of a cliff. They dismounted from their horses. A small memorial had been set up for The Huntsman, The Tempest, and The Immortals.

  • Gergis: We've arrived. Look at that view!

Gergis turned to Kassandra.

  • Gergis: Messenia. Quite a beauty, isn't she?
  • Kassandra: Get to the point.
  • Gergis: I know what happened in Dyme. How Natakas died. Are you brave enough to hear the truth?

  • Kassandra: I want to know everything.

The scene shifted as Gergis recounted the night in Dyme. He and his guards had searched for Natakas and Elpidios at a shipwreck.

  • Gergis: We saw no one at the beach that day—no Natakas, no child, They had escaped. Or so we thought... until we heard a cry. It was coming from a ship, wrecked on the shore—the soft but unmistakable cry of a child.

A guard investigated the origin of the cry, coming from the behind the hull where Natakas and Elpidios were hiding.

  • Kassandra: Elpidios...
  • Gergis: There was nowhere to run. Natakas tried to resist, but... it was futile. They baby was all that remained.

An Order guard cut down Natakas. Gergis held Elpidios and looked from the slain father to the baby with pity in his expression.

The scene returned to the present as Gergis finished his tale.

  • Kassandra: I will find Amorges—
  • Gergis: I'm sure he would expect you to try.
  • Kassandra: What do you want from me?
  • Gergis: Our stories are written by a rare few who have the power to shape them. It's not every day I can speak to someone like you. There are no absolutes, Kassandra. Not even with Tainted Ones. You are fire—born with the potential to destroy, but also to warm, to cast a light in the dark.
  • Kassandra: A warmth you tried to destroy.
  • Gergis: People die, Kassandra. Eventually, we'll all be forgotten—fading away like a distant dream. Our actions, however, if they are meaningful, will be remembered.
    Tell me, what do you want to be remembered for?

  • Kassandra: I want to be remembered as someone who helps others in need.

  • Kassandra: I want to be remembered as a misthios who knows no mercy and strikes fear into their enemies' hearts.

  • Gergis: Insight. Such wonderful insight. Thank you.
    And now, we must part. The question is, will you allow me to leave with my life?

  • Kassandra: I can't let you live—not now, not ever.

Gergis frowned at her answer, but expected it all the same.

  • Gergis: We are what we choose. I will live and die by my choices.
    Know this—you cannot stop the Order. Even in our deaths, we live on. We are everywhere, now and in the future. It was a pleasure to meet you, Kassandra.

Gergis drew his sword. Kassandra defeated him with little effort and confirmed he was dead.

  • Kassandra: Leave, before I change my mind.

Gergis prepared to leave.

  • Gergis: Your baby. Elpidios. He's safe. That much I can tell you.

Kassandra heaved a sigh of relief.

  • Gergis: It was a pleasure to meet you, Kassandra. The next time we meet will likely be the last.

  • Kassandra: Natakas... Elpidios... I'm sorry.


Kassandra learned from Gergis about the connection between the Order of the Ancients and the Cult of Kosmos. The Ancients also told Kassandra how Natakas died, leaving Kassandra to decide whether Gergis lived or not. Keeping him alive results in him telling Kassandra that Elpidios is safe.



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