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The Last General was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


We have discovered that General Aetius, the last top commander of the Athenian forces in the Peloponnese, had arrived in Boeotia.

He is currently stationed within a remote Boeotian city along with many Athenian troops, so he will not be an easy target. But if we can lay him to rest before he can lead his men to battle, we will secure victory for the Spartans and cover ourselves in glory!

Let us prepare well, and show Aetius what is means to be a true Greek hero.


The assigned mercenaries made their way through the city and soon reached General Aetius, who stood on a balcony overlooking his troops.

  • General Aetius: Misthios filth! Do your Spartan masters think they have what it takes to face my army? I will crush then with the might of Athens! As for you... I will send you to Hades, where you can apologize to Eugenius' and Thaddeus' souls. Athena watches over me!

Aetius engaged the mercenaries in combat but was fatally wounded.


The mercenaries found and killed General Aetius. With all their campaign leaders eliminated and no successors in line, the Athenian's campaign fractured and fell apart, ending the threat to Sparta.


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