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The Last Fight of Aristaios was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


At the order of Stentor, Kassandra tracked down Aristaios, one of the Champions of Boeotia, to the Military Fort of Gla.


Kassandra made her way to the Military Fort of Gla to slay Aristaios. Ikaros tracked him down.

  • Kassandra: Aristaios. Found you.

Nikolaos alive

While she expected to have to fight Aristaios herself, she arrived to find him already fighting someone dressed in Spartan armor. His opponent readied to finish him off.

  • Kassandra: Looks like I missed a fight.

She approached the two. The Spartan ducked low and ran his spear through Aristaios' chest, using its leverage to body slam the champion before withdrawing the spear, leaving him to bleed out. Kassandra recognized him.

ACOD The Last Fight of Aristaios 2

Kassandra finding Nikolaos

  • Kassandra: Pater...

He turned to face her.

  • Nikolaos: Kassandra! What are you doing here?
  • Kassandra: I came to kill him.
  • Nikolaos: He wouldn't have been a challenge for you.

He stuck his spear upright in the dirt and reached out to pat her on the shoulder.

  • Nikolaos: But I'm glad our paths have crossed again.

(If players asked "What have you been doing?")

  • Kassandra: I never thought I'd see you again. What have you been doing?
  • Nikolaos: You made me realize in Megaris that I lost my honor long ago. There's no way to go back and make it up to you, but I can fulfill my promise to Stentor now.

(If players chose "I didn't expect to find you here.")

  • Kassandra: This is the last place I expected to find you.
  • Nikolaos: I left Stentor with the greatest responsibility a man could carry. I couldn't leave him to face it alone.
  • Kassandra: How thoughtful.
  • Nikolaos: Killing these champions will weaken the Athenian hold on the region and destroy the rebels' morale.

  • Kassandra: Leaving Stentor to pick up the pieces in Megaris was a mistake.
  • Nikolaos: I couldn't stay, not after what happened. I wasn't fit for command.
  • Kassandra: Neither is Stentor, but he isn't running from it.

  • Kassandra: You came all this way to help Stentor? Good. He needs it.
  • Nikolaos: It's about time I started protecting those I care about.
  • Kassandra: You're right.

  • Nikolaos: You've changed so much.
  • Kassandra: This is who I've always been. You just weren't there to see it.
  • Nikolaos: I'll never be able to change that, but I can do something now for someone who needs me. There are things Stentor must hear to succeed.

  • Kassandra: You've done enough damage. You should stay away.

Nikolaus nodded.

  • Nikolaos: I understand. He must follow his own path. Good hunting, Kassandra.

Nikolaus watched Kassandra walk away.

  • Kassandra: I wish you'd helped me back in Sparta. But Stentor does need help now, even if he doesn't want to admit it.
  • Kassandra: Stentor is as much your family as I am. You can still be there for him.

She patted her pater on the shoulder.

  • Nikolaos: I will.
  • Kassandra: He may hate me, but I'm glad to have met him... in a way.

Kassandra smiled and turned to leave.

  • Nikolaos: Goodbye, Kassandra of Sparta.

Nikolaos resolved to return to Stentor and give him guidance.

Nikolaos dead

Kassandra made her way to the Military Fort of Gla to slay Aristaios. Ikaros tracked him down.

  • Kassandra: Looks like I missed a fight.


By Kassandra's hand or that of Nikolaos, Aristaios met his end.


  • If Nikolaos survived the events of The Wolf of Sparta, he'll kill Aristaios instead in a cutscene that plays as the player gets close. During this conversation, Nikolaos can be convinced to reunite with Stentor and provide him guidance, which has major consequences for both the end of the Boeotia campaign and the ending of the main quest.
    • Thus, players who want to explore both outcomes should kill the other three champions (Nesaia, Deianeira, and Drakon) first and save before approaching the two fighting.
  • If Nikolaos was not spared in "The Wolf of Sparta", Aristaios can be knocked out and recruited as a lieutenant aboard the Adrestia.



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