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The Last Dance was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline met with Gérald Blanc, in the hopes that he might have information that could help her track down the Templar, Diego Vázquez.


Aveline spoke with Gérald in the warehouse's office.

  • Gérald: Aveline!
  • Aveline: Gérald! He is back. Vázquez! The Company Man! Have any of your informants seen him?
  • Gérald: No. Aveline, since last week I have lost two of my men. Killed. Poison.
  • Aveline: This is his work. I must find him.
  • Gérald: Perhaps he will attend the Capitán's Ball, this evening. Shall I confirm your attendance?
  • Aveline: Oui (Yes). Thank you, Gérald.
  • Gérald: And, er, Aveline, uh... you will need someone to accompany you... I don't suppose...
  • Aveline: Gérald, are you asking to accompany me?
  • Gérald: Er... well, oui (yes), for er... blending purposes, I believe it would be best... strictly business, of course...
  • Aveline: Of course. But not too strict, I hope.

Aveline and Gérald then went to the ball, where Aveline mingled with the guests, among which was Gilbert-Antoine de Saint Maxent.

The Last Dance 2

Aveline speaking with de Saint Maxent

  • Maxent: Révolution! What a noble concept!
  • Man: Of course, war is always good for business.
  • Maxent: Particularly a war that's not in our territory. The good Spanish gouverneur provides the goods, I relay them to my associates in the Bayou, and they handle the er... transfer.
  • Man: Completely bloodless!
  • Maxent: For me! Ah, Aveline, lovely as ever. How does your father fare?
  • Aveline: Stubborn as always.
  • Maxent: I look forward to seeing him on his feet soon. You must allow me one dance, that I may showcase your grace, in your father's stead.
  • Aveline: That is very kind, Monsieur de Saint Maxent. And if you could perhaps waltz me by your esteemed associate in the blue cravat, I have a business opportunity I'd like to put before him.
  • Maxent: Aveline, always so serious... Nothing like my daughter, Marie Félicité.

Aveline moved on to another conversation, where she found de Saint Maxent's daughter speaking with several Spanish guards.

The Last Dance 4

Aveline speaking with Marie Felicité

  • Marie Felicité: Who do you think I should marry?
  • Guard: Whichever of us is the best dancer.
  • Marie Felicité: You would have me dance with all of you? I shall be exhausted!
  • Guard: Please, Señorita, allow me to save you the trouble. You need only dance with me.
  • Aveline: Marie Félicité, I thought the de Saint Maxent girls only had eyes for governors.
  • Guard: Now who is this?
  • Guard: Señorita, give us your name, that we may know how to address the fairest woman at the ball.
  • Guard: "Fair?" I think not. But still, your complexion is beguiling. Please, Señorita, allow me to complete your dance card.
  • Aveline: I'm afraid it's already full.
  • Marie Felicité: That is simply her way.  Have you heard, she prefers her father's warehouse to tea parties? Never calls on any of us! And her complexion. Of course, she is a dear friend of the family, but her mother... it is shocking!

Aveline moved away from the group, and went to another group of guards.

The Last Dance 3

Aveline speaking with a Spanish captain

  • Captain: Beneath the uniform, he is no true military man, I assure you.
  • Guard: Twice, recruiters have approached me, claiming to offer me promotion if I'll serve in his secret unit. But I don't trust it, no Señor!
  • Captain: Good man. We could use more young men like you, with a head on their shoulders. Good evening, Señorita. You look... familiar. Were you at the governor's dinner party last week? I'm so sorry I don't remember your name.
  • Aveline: Perfectly understandable for a man with such important affairs as yours, Capitán. Thank goodness for your service in the colony.
  • Captain: The thanks is all mine, Señorita. Will you allow me to express it with a dance.
  • Aveline: Why certainly, Capitán.
  • Captain: I should warn you to be careful, Señorita. Even here at this delightful party, danger is present. All soldiers are not what they appear. We were just discussing a terrible man.
  • Aveline: How scandalous! Is he here, tonight?
  • Captain: He is, at this moment, seated at a secluded table.
  • Aveline: Until the gavotte, Capitán.
  • Captain: I shall think of nothing else.

Aveline left the Captain and subsequently located Vázquez, before walking up to him.

The Last Dance 6

Aveline dancing with Vázquez

  • Vázquez: Señorita.
  • Aveline: Why I do believe the Minuet is the next dance, Señor Vásquez.
  • Vázquez: Si, si. (Yes, yes.)

Aveline and Vásquez then danced.

  • Aveline: Can we retire somewhere private to discuss it?
  • Vázquez: Si, si (Yes, yes), lead the way.

Aveline took Vásquez to a quiet spot, where she assassinated him.

  • Aveline: Good night, Company Man.
  • Vázquez: Company Man? No. You are mistaken.
  • Aveline: What?
  • Vázquez: Futile murder... beautiful death. She... will make you suffer.

Aveline then departed from the plantation, but happened upon her stepmother at the gates.

The Last Dance 8

Madeleine informing Aveline of her father's death

  • Aveline: Madeleine!
  • Madeleine: Aveline!
  • Aveline: I did not know you were attending.
  • Madeleine: I came only to find you. How could you? A ball, with your father on his deathbed?
  • Aveline: I-
  • Madeleine: Save your words. It is too late. He is gone.
  • Aveline: Papa! No!

Later, Aveline, Gérald and Madeleine gathered at Philippe's grave in the Saint Peter's Cemetery.

  • Madeleine: I am so sorry. But you had to know, with your circumstances, that he could not leave you anything. Of course, my house remains open to you.
  • Aveline: I care not about his will. Only that he is gone.
  • Gérald: His business is in my name, but I consider it yours. The law has no place between us.


Aveline managed to kill Vázquez, but discovered that the Company Man was, in fact, a woman. She was subsequently informed that her father had passed away during her absence.


  • Due to the plantation's garden having been largely restructured in the HD remake, Aveline's conversation partners were located in positions different from the ones they had in the original Vita iteration.
  • Vázquez is killed in the plantation's garden in the Vita version, whereas in the HD remake, he is instead assassinated on the villa's balcony.
  • In the Vita version, it is raining during the scene at Philippe's grave. In the HD remake, the weather is sunny instead, though a subtle sound of rain can still be heard.



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