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The Last Bodyguard was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A merchant seeks help with a precious cargo that needs to be moved across the city. Bayek agrees to the task... for a price.


Bayek encountered a man looking for someone in the northern docks of Alexandria.

  • Phidias: You! Get over here. Er, no. Not you. You will not do, either.
    This must be dealt with quickly. Is there no one up to my task?
    I need someone for one quick job. It's good coin.
    No, not you, you, keep going. Do not stop here.
    No , not that one. He is too... handsome. How I wish those bandits had not killed my man Arikonos. Poor fool. At least the jackals had a good meal.

Bayek approached the man.

  • Phidias: You! That insignia... You are a man of honor? There are so few remaining.
  • Bayek: I am a Medjay. I solve problems.
  • Phidias: Good! I have one. A most precious treasure, which must be delivered today. You will be well compensated for your work. Here are some drachmas to start.
  • Bayek: This city is much more expensive than I'm used to.
  • Phidias: Good! It is settled. Follow me.

Bayek followed the man.

  • Phidias: The thing I ask you to do is of the utmost importance.
  • Bayek: Of course it is.
  • Phidias: Being a merchant is no simple matter, sir. I assure you, moving tiger skins or even statues is not easy work.
    Ah, these workers! Never where you tell them to be. As I was saying, you must be quick. Oh. And do not stray for your task. At all. I will know if you have. This is all I have since the flood.
  • Bayek: Seems you care a lot for your... cargo.
  • Phidias: I swear on her mother's grave, she was sent from the Gods to make Alexandria better.
  • Bayek: She?

Bayek and the merchant reached the docks, where a young woman was waiting.

  • Phidias: I have your bodyguard, Kara. Do not let this be a repeat of the last time, daughter.
  • Bayek: Wait, this hardly seems to be what you ask -
  • Phidias: Medjay, I will pour drachmas down your throat as long as she is safe. And Kara, remember the reception tonight. You will be ready.
  • Kara: Of course father! I would not miss it!

Bayek and Kara boarded a reed boat.

  • Kara: I am so happy you have come to assist me, sir.
  • Bayek: We will get you home fast. Do not worry.
  • Kara: Oh, of course. Thank you, my bull. You look just like Heracles. Perhaps I'll call you my Heracles.

They rode down the canal.

  • Kara: Finally! Change of plans, Heracles.
  • Bayek: Who? No matter, child, it's time to return you home.
  • Kara: I will not go. Have you met the priests here? Dull. No! I must go to the central market. I heard of new Persian linens. I need them.
  • Bayek: Or what?
  • Kara: I will scream. Which will call the soldiers. Then, well, even if you survive, Father will be quite angry.
  • Bayek: Anubis take this city. Are you Sekhmet in disguise? Sent to test me?
  • Kara: What was that?
  • Bayek: Nothing.
  • Kara: Good! First we must get my horse. She's been treated absolutely terribly without me around.
    You'd think someone would clean this water, eugh.
    You guide the boats well. Much better than any of my other bodyguards.
    You know if you want to go fast... it would be alright.
    Look at the city, Medjay. Must be so intimidating for someone like you.

They arrived at the docks. Bayek followed Kara to find her horse.

  • Kara: I simply adore this part of the city. So rustic. You can smell it in the air! They live a truly simple life here. Pegasus simply can't wait to be reunited with me.
  • Bayek: Of course you named your horse Pegasus.

They found the horse, and an Egyptian man beside it. Kara rushed to Pegasus, delighted.

  • Man: Young miss, it's so nice to see you again. As you asked, she has been given new shoes.
  • Kara: There now, was that so difficult?
  • Man: Now, what of my pay?
  • Bayek: The deal was only to get you home, not to pay for your horse.
  • Kara: I'm sure my father would not be pleased with you discussing this in front of him, horseman.
  • Man: Of course. Uh, I'll discuss it with your father.
  • Kara: Oh, Pegasus. I know you missed me. Yes, you did, you beautiful creature. If only you had wings! Time to go, bodyguard!

Bayek and Kara mounted Pegasus and rode on.

  • Bayek: That is it. I am taking you home, Princess Kara.
  • Kara: Oh, all you big, broody types are the same. Never let me have any fun.
  • Bayek: I should just leave you here.
  • Kara: You're duty bound to deliver me, are you not?
  • Bayek: Who would know if I left?
  • Bayek: Your conscience would, of course.

They passed by a building.

  • Kara: Look there, bodyguard. That is where I had my first... discussion with a soldier.
  • Bayek: I am sure he was very grateful.

If Bayek strayed too far from Alexandria, Kara would dismount and cry after him.

  • Kara: Bodyguard. You can't leave me here!
    Pegasus! You're too far from me. Get back here this instant!
    There you are, girl! Don't you ever leave me again.
    Finally! You must return me as you agreed with my father.

They rode on.

  • Kara: We must stop at the market for more linens.
  • Bayek: I will take you to your house as your father bade, and nowhere else. Now, lead on.
  • Kara: You know you are absolutely destroying my chances at getting the perfect linens.
  • Bayek: There are different kinds of linen?
  • Kara: You are much... more serious than my usual bodyguards.
    You could move faster, bodyguard.
  • Bayek: I have a name.
  • Kara: Bayek.
  • Bayek: Ah, you do know my name.
  • Kara: I remember all their names, you know.
  • Bayek: Whose names?
  • Kara: The bodyguards. I send gifts to their families when I can.
  • Bayek: Kara. Kara
  • Kara: ... Yes?
  • Bayek: If we go find you your lines, would you be happy?
  • Kara: Really? Of... course! Thank you, Bayek.
    You have an interesting stare.
  • Bayek: Thank you.

Bayek rode to the market.

  • Bayek: We are close. Finally.

They alighted from Pegasus and walked into the market.

  • Kara: Aha! Finally, these linens show some promise. Ugh! It's so heavy. Would you help me?

Bayek picked up the stack of linen. A thief stole Kara's horse.

  • Kara: Bayek! Pegasus! They stole my horse!
  • Bayek: Stay here. Do not leave!

Bayek pursued the thief who rode out of the city. Bayek managed to kill the thief riding Pegasus.

  • Bayek: It is done.

He mounted up and rode her back into the city.

  • Bayek: Whoa, there, girl. Time to get home. Your troublesome mistress will have missed you. Pegasus. Huh. I like it. It suits a horse. Aya would like your spirit.

Bayek rode the horse back to Kara, who was waiting with her father.

  • Kara: Over here, Bayek!
    ...Papa, since Pegasus was limping, Bayek went to deal with her shoe. He was only gone a moment!

They turned to face Bayek and Pegasus.

  • Phidias: Ah. I heard of some commotion, but according to my little princess, you're the hero of the day.
  • Kara: Can he always be my bodyguard? Please, Father?
  • Phidias: How much does it cost to hire a Medjay permanently?
  • Bayek: I am here only a short while.
  • Phidias: Alas. Then allow me to grant you a hero's pay for a hero's service.


Bayek helped the merchant to escort her daughter, Kara. When her horse was stolen, Bayek was able to retrieve the horse for her.


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