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The Lady with the Lamp was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Evie visited Lambeth to see how the borough fared after John Elliotson's death.


Evie met Clara O'Dea in front of the Lambeth Asylum.

  • Clara: Ms. Frye, what a pleasant surprise.
  • Evie: Hello, Clara. I was just going to check on Lambeth since the asylum's closing. What brings you here?
  • Clara: The children in my care have been falling ill. Our usual tonics aren't working. I came to-

Clara began coughing.

  • Evie: Are you certain you're feeling all right?
  • Clara: Of course I am, Ms...
  • Evie: Clara!
ACS The Lady with the Lamp 2

Evie holding Clara

Clara collapsed, and Evie held her in her arms.

  • Evie: Is there a doctor nearby?

A woman opened the doors to the asylum.

  • Nightingale: Bring her inside.

Evie placed Clara on a cot inside the asylum.

  • Nightingale: She simply collapsed?
  • Evie: Yes, she said the others took tonic, but it didn't work.
  • Nightingale: I should think not! Ever since Elliotson was murdered, the district has been overrun with counterfeit tonics. This one needs proper care, but without the appropriate medication, she and the others will quickly decline.
  • Evie: What do you need?
  • Nightingale: I need supplies, plenty of them. And medicine. Some of the less common ingredients are being stolen and sold at auction.
  • Evie: I'd be happy to help.

The woman gave Evie a list.

  • Nightingale: Here's the list- Ms.?
  • Evie: Frye. Evie Frye.
  • Nightingale: I'm Ms. Nightingale. How do you do? Please hurry. We don't have much time.

Evie made her way to a nearby peddler.

  • Man: It's so expensive!
  • Peddler: Ah, yes. Well, ingredients are rare at present. And really, is money more important than your child's health?
  • Man: I- please. I'll give you all the money I have.
  • Peddler: Well, let me see what I can do.

She pickpocketed a potion from him and located a pharmacist who was surrounded by a group of Blighters.

  • Pharmacist: Please! Someone help!
  • Blighter: Is that everything?
  • Pharmacist: You can't take these! They're for the hospital!
  • Blighter: They're for whoever pays the most money.
ACS The Lady with the Lamp 3

Evie talking with the pharmacist

Evie killed the Blighters.

  • Pharmacist: I can't thank you enough. These supplies are meant for Ms. Nightingale.
  • Evie: I'm here to collect them.
  • Pharmacist: They're already loaded on the cart - please take them!
  • Blighter: Yah!

A Blighter drove away with the cart.

  • Evie: You mean that cart?
  • Pharmacist: Yes!
  • Evie: Of course it is.
  • Pharmacist: Please be careful! Some of those items are fragile!

Evie chased after the cart and hijacked it. She then brought it back to the asylum and rejoined Nightingale.

  • Nightingale: You're back. And not a moment too soon. I hope you brought the medication I requested?

Evie gave Nightingale the medicine.

ACS The Lady with the Lamp 4

Evie returning to Nightingale

  • Evie: How is she?
  • Nightingale: She will recover.
  • Clara: Babylon Alley - the children...
  • Nightingale: Thanks to you, we can distribute authentic medicine now.
  • Evie: But is that a permanent solution?
  • Nightingale: I will petition to have regulations put in place.
  • Evie: Lambeth is in your debt.
  • Nightingale: It takes a long time to change things. But I'm not going anywhere, Ms. Frye.


Evie recovered medical supplies for the Lambeth Asylum, allowing Florence Nightingale to save Clara and establish better medical care for the borough.


  • The title of the memory is a reference to Nightingale's common nickname.



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