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The Lady of Grace was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


With Tahemet's auction invite in hand, Bayek sets off to reclaim the relic stolen from Queen Nefertiti's tomb.


Having retrieved Tahemet's invitation, Bayek boarded a felucca and sailed to the island where the auction was taking place. He arrived at the sight of various corpses and various soldiers investigating. He eliminated the soldiers and investigated a half eaten apple on a stand.

  • Bayek: The relic replaced with a... half-eaten apple? The thief has a sense of humor.

He investigated the bodies of several soldiers on the ground.

  • Bayek: Hired thugs. So where are the merchants they were paid to protect?

He investigated footprints.

  • Bayek: Someone ran away from the auction.

He investigated a body on the docks.

  • Bayek: They took prisoners. This one died before they could get him on the boat.

He investigated a boat.

  • Bayek: Where did they come from? Maybe from that wharf across the river?

Bayek completed his investigation and recreated the scene of the auction.

  • Bayek: The auction was underway... when the soldiers arrived. In the chaos, someone saw an opportunity to take the relic. But was it soldiers, or someone else? They killed the bodyguards, but captured the merchants. And took them across the water to Hatshepsut's sanctuary. One way or another the path to the relic leads there.

Bayek arriving at the temple

Bayek travelled across the Nile to Hatshepsut's temple, where it was occupied by Egyptian soldiers. He infiltrated the complex and found a heavily-wounded merchant locked in a cage.

  • Irsu: I shed blood for that relic. It was mine by right. That damn boy cost me everything.

Bayek approached the cage.

  • Irsu: The trinket's gone! Leave me be.

Bayek unlocked the cage and approach the merchant.

  • Bayek: Where's the artifact?
  • Irsu: Up my ass.
  • Bayek: Do not test me.
  • Irsu: Neket (fucking) nephew stole it. But he doesn't know where the tomb is.
  • Bayek: Then tell me.
  • Irsu: Ask the others. They... knew where to look.
  • Bayek: What others? Who were you working with?
  • Irsu: Wash my heart and kill me. I'm gone anyway.
  • Bayek: No, no, no... Where did your newphew go ugh?
  • Irsu: My boys chased his west from the auction. Should've killed him with his parents. Were going to turn me in.

Irsu dying from his wounds

The merchant died from his wounds. Bayek left the temple and travelled west to the hills behind the temple complex. He arrived in Set-Ma'at and found a group of bandits outside a tomb in the Worker's Necropolis.

Bandits looking for Sutekh

  • Thug Leader: Come out, thief. We're not going anywhere. Give us the relic and we won't feed your guys to the vultures.

Bayek eliminated the bandits.

  • Sutekh: Shoo! Get away!
  • Bayek: Who's in there?
  • Sutekh: No one, nothing. Only the dead.
  • Bayek: You're a little noisy for a spirit. You're the auction thief everyone's looking for.
  • Sutekh: No, not me? What auction! The burning desert sun has made you delusional, neb.
  • Bayek: It is night. I'll find a way in and we'll talk.
  • Sutekh: No! Go away!

Bayek found some footprints on the ground.

  • Bayek: The same footprints from the auction. Irsu's nephew?

He found a small hole on the left of the tomb. He entered the hole and found the man inside.

  • Bayek: You're the boy from the docks... Sutekh?

Sutekh ran through the tomb, with Bayek chasing after him.

  • Sutekh: No, yes, I mean nothing, no one... who are you?
  • Bayek: Bayek, and I need the artifact you stole.
  • Sutekh: Are you with my uncle, neb?
  • Bayek: No, but I am the man with death in his eyes remember?
  • Sutekh: If you are looking for treasure from the Pharaohs, I can get better. Golden statues, collars of lapis and carnelian? This is just a worthless trinket.
  • Bayek: Then give it to me.
  • Sutekh: I can't let you have it.
  • Bayek: You have nowhere to go, Sutekh.
  • Sutekh: I must return what my uncle stole!

They reached a chamber.

Bayek confronting Sutekh

  • Sutekh: Please, leave me this one thing. It's my mother, she's—
  • Bayek: Your parents are gone.
  • Sutekh: Because of this! And Nefertiti will never harm another, if I can only bring it back to her tomb.
  • Bayek: Then why haven't you?
  • Sutekh: ... My neket (fucking) uncle never told me where it was.
  • Bayek: He's dead.
  • Sutekh: May Ra light his passing!
  • Bayek: Give it to me. I will return it.
  • Sutekh: Why? You've lost nothing.
  • Bayek: Nothing, I was a medjay, a husband, a father. I painted half of Egypt with the blood of those who took that from me. All of it over a relic like this one.

Sutekh handing the relic to Bayek

Sutekh took out the relic and gave it to Bayek.

  • Sutekh: Take it. Take it. I believe you.

Bayek looked at the relic.

  • Sutekh: What is wrong?
  • Bayek: I was expecting... something else.
  • Sutekh: You promised. Nefertiti's tomb lies west of the main path in the valley.
  • Bayek: I thought you didn't know where it was.
  • Sutekh: This is the tomb of her architect. I've been stuck in here for ages. I figured it out.

Bayek and Sutekh looked around the tomb.

  • Sutekh: There might be more of my uncle's men. But I know another way out. You will remember your promise?
  • Bayek: I will. What will you do now?
  • Sutekh: Find work and stay out of trouble.
  • Bayek: Why do I find that hard to believe?

Bayek left the tomb through an opening and travelled to the Valley of the Kings. He arrived at the entrance to Nefertiti's tomb.

  • Bayek: The tomb of Queen Nefertiti. Will anything be left inside?

Bayek entered the tomb and found a papyrus on the ground.

  • Soldiers!:
    Enough of these superstitious beliefs of curses and Pharaohs walking. You are not children suckling at your mother's teat! Any of the men repeating tales will get thirty lashes and their wine ration halved. Your orders are simply to remove the treasures from the tomb of Nefertiti, so do it. All must be reclaimed for the good of our Egypt, not left to gather dust forgotten and forlorn. Nefertiti herself would approve.
    Strategos of Yebu.

Bayek in the tomb chamber

Bayek navigated his way through the tomb and reached the chamber containing Nefertiti's sarcophagus. He found a mysterious portal and walked through it, discovering a passageway. Bayek walked through the passageway, and discovered various Anubis warriors guarding the path beyond.

Bayek arriving in Aaru

  • Anubis Warrior: You ka is living, this land is for the dead. You should not have come.

Bayek defeated the Anubis warriors and ascended the wooden steps towards the light. When he emerged from darkness, he stepped onto a land filled with fields of reeds as far as the eye could see.

  • Bayek: What is this? Can this be... Aaru? If I return the relic to the temple, Nefertiti's spirit may rest again.

Out of habit, Bayek called for a mount. He was greeted by a majestic black horse in full armor.

  • Bayek: What is this? A truly wondrous beast!
    Such a mount is worthy of the Guardian of Soul himself.

Bayek rode on the horse to the temple. Entering the complex, he spoke to one of the priests.

  • Bayek: Something was stolen from the Pharaoh, I would return it.
  • Priest: You do not belong here. Your flesh is unclean, drenched in blood and consuming grief. You cannot make Nefertiti whole.
  • Bayek: I must try.
  • Priest: Then plunge deep into the holy waters.

Bayek spoke to another priest near the tables.

  • Bayek: The Pharaoh you honor is not at peace.
  • Priest: You come to offer a relic of Nefertiti on a plate filled with impure offerings. You mock the gods!
  • Bayek: This vision is the mockery. I would set it right.
  • Priest: Then purify the sacrifice. That which would feed the gods on their sacred ship.

Bayek walked up the stairs and found a man praying infront of the throne of Nefertiti.

  • Praying Man: You stand before us, Great of Praises, Lady of Grace. Sweet of love. Beloved of the living Aten. The celestial ruler, the sole god. Misress of Upper and Lower Egypt. Mother of the Black Land. Lady of all women. I honor you, I delight in the knowledge that you brought me to serve at your side in the fields of Aaru.

Bayek spoke to the nearby priest.

  • Bayek: This relic, it was stolen from Nefertiti.
  • Priest: You cannot bring that to the temple, not when the offerings are sour, they will offend Hathor.
  • Bayek: What is soured?
  • Priest: The libations must be pure. In water you see your own face, but in wine the heart of its garden.

Bayek traveled to each of the locations across Aaru. He cleansed himself at the spring, destroyed the rotten food supplies, and smashed the soured wine offerings.

  • Bayek: I have done what was asked. A symbol of her power and authority as a Pharaoh.

Bayek returned to the temple and placed the relic on Nefertiti's throne, before slowly backing away. An apparition of Nefertiti appeared in front of him.

  • Bayek: Enough! This ends here.

Nefertiti's spirit put to rest

Bayek defeated the apparition of Nefertiti, which later faded away. He was then given a glimpse of Nefertiti's life. In it, both her and Akhenaten are holding a baby in their arms.

  • Bayek: Nefertiti. Was she a Pharaoh, or a god?

Nefertiti was shown making wine offerings to Aten. In the next scene, Nefertiti took a relic from the pedestal.

  • Bayek: Is that the relic I seek? If so, who holds it now?


Bayek recovered the relic from Sutekh and brought it to Aaru, where he placed it in Nefertiti's throne, causing her to manifest. He then defeated the pharaoh's manifestation, restoring peace to her soul.



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