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The Lady Talks was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Evie traveled to Owers Manor outside of London to assassinate Olwyn Owers, the lieutenant of Jack the Ripper.


Nearing a large terrace built into the mountain that overlooked the manor, Evie overheard a frightened guard.

  • Guard 1: Go away!

The guards were calmed down by one of their companions. Evie then made her way towards a vantage point, from where she spotted a gravedigger.

  • Gravedigger: 'Bury her in the garden' he says, like a dog'd bury a ain't right, I tell ya. What if I'm next...?

Evie then saw men conversing in a cottage separate from the manor.

  • Butler: We're expecting Miss Frye...Alert the men, and be discreet about it--we're still running a business here.

Inside the manor, Thomas Owers was speaking to a pair of prostitutes.

  • Thomas: Come drain my wine with honeyed lips...and I shall tell you a tale of unrequited love from the Orient...
ACS The Lady Talks 4

Owers arriving at her manor

Lady Owers then arrived, scolding one of her girls.

  • Olwyn: You! Get back to our guests! If Miss Frye doesn't slit our throats--the Ripper surely will.

Evie overlooked the mansion's grounds.

  • Guard 2: Do we know what this Frye lady looks like?
  • Guard 3: Just kill any woman lurking around the manor with a weapon... If she turns out to be one of Lady O's girls trying to flee, we can blame it on the Ripper.
  • Guard 2: The Ripper?
  • Guard 3: Haven't you noticed? Whenever Lady O puts one of the girls out to pasture, we dig another hole in the garden. Somebody does her dirty work, and it ain't us.
  • Guard 2: Why is everyone so afraid of one woman?
  • Guard 3: Rumor has it, she's like some kinda demon--scared our men down in Whitechapel somethin' fierce...
  • Guard 2: Is it true Lady O's gang controls most of the brothels in London?
  • Guard 3: If she dies, there'll be no more free jam for the likes of us. So keep your eyes open, lad.
  • Gravedigger: It's bread when I'm hungry, and beer when I'm dry, it's bed when I'm tired and nothing when I die.I am a little collier working underground, the rope will never break when I go up and down.
    I'm done with this more digging, no more dead bodies. I don't want to die... please, heaven...
    I ain't done nuffing.

Evie scared the gravedigger, who rang a nearby alarm bell, luring many of the guards to him.

  • Gravedigger: Help! I don't want to die!
    Help me!
    There's someone in the garden! Guards!

Evie located the butler in the cottage and eavesdropped on his conversation with a guard.

  • Butler: You heard me. The only way that woman gets inside is over your dead bodies. If you're not careful, you'll all be dead before any of you see her face... Need I remind you that if something happens to Lady O, it's the end of everything we've worked for? I must go see to the Lady.

Evie tailed the butler as he made his way towards the manor.

  • Butler: Who's there? Is that you, Mr. Jack? Show yourself, Miss Frye! Hmmm. It's nothing. Get a hold of yourself, William.

The butler spoke with a guard.

  • Butler: Stay awake, Mr. James, she'll be as slippery as Master Jack in this darkness.

Following him inside, Evie saw the butler activate a mechanism that revealed a hidden stairwell to the next floor. Evie could then follow him to Lady Owers' chambers, where she was burning documents.

  • Olwyn: Damn you Mr. Frye, damn your bloody sister and to hell with Jack the Ripper!
    Jack won't let him live either, I suppose.
    Only a few more to destroy...
    Perhaps I'll spare a few documents and drag that useless husband of mine down with me...

If Evie confronted Lady Owers directly, she would react as follows.

  • Olwyn: Miss Frye!
    How did you get past my men?

Evie could also track down Thomas Owers.

  • Thomas: Never read the Kama Sutra, you say?
  • Solicitor: I must confess I have not had the pleasure, Mr. Owers, but I'm told you have an extraordinary collection of 'curious' literature.
  • Thomas: Wait here, my dear boy. No member of our illustrious Club can ignore Sir Richard's exquisite translation!
    Now where did I put it, I know I have the 1833 edition around here somewhere... Oh dear, I wonder if my wife has absconded with it again.

Evie kidnapped Thomas Owers.

  • Thomas: I say! That's a bit rough, even for me. I don't think I know you, my dear.
  • Evie: Call me Atropos.
  • Thomas: Ah, the oldest of the three fates, how intriguing... And where are you taking me?
  • Evie: Someplace private. I hear the Lady has a lovely boudoir upstairs. Perhaps she'd like to join us?
  • Thomas: The Lady does love a strong, mysterious woman...
  • Evie: Why don't we surprise her...
  • Thomas: Ooh, that hurts my dear... A little tighter, perhaps?
ACS The Lady Talks 6

Evie using Thomas to get near Lady Owers

Having arrived at Lady Owers' chambers, Thomas called to his wife.

  • Thomas: Darling, I have a most delicious surprise for you...
  • Olwyn: Not now, husband! Can you not see how occupied I am?

Evie shoved Thomas aside, before assassinating Lady Owers with her Hidden Blade.

  • Olwyn: I should thank you, Miss Frye. I feared death at the Ripper's hands, far more than at yours.

Evie picked up the photograph Lady Owers had been holding.

  • Evie: What have you done with these men?
  • Olwyn: The Ripper is entertaining them presently... Mr. Weaversbrook will be joining them soon...
  • Evie: Let us hope Jack has not found you yet, Mr. Weaversbrook.

With Lady Owers dead, Evie exited the room. If the guards detected her, they would have the manor locked down.

  • Guards: She's dead! Lady Owers is dead!
    Lady O is dead! Lock the manor down!
    Lady O's been murdered! Guard all the doors!

Evie escaped the manor grounds by stealing a carriage.

  • Guard 4: Don't be so stingy, mate.
  • Guard 5: Are you takin' the piss (kidding me)? It's yer third fag this week!
  • Guard 6: Oi! You!
  • Guard 4: Huh??
  • Guard 5: Stop!
  • Guard 6: Thief! Come back 'ere!

Evie drove off, leaving the owners of the carriage behind.

  • Guard 4: Bugger (blast)!
  • Guard 5: Go tell Lady O...
  • Guard 6: You tell 'er... I need this job.


Evie assassinated Lady Owers, removing Jack's lieutenant. She also learned that Mr. Weaversbrook was in danger of being kidnapped and set out to save him.


  • Bringing the kidnapped Thomas Owers to Lady Owers will fail to trigger the cutscene for the unique kill if Lady Owers is frightened.



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