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This article is about the memory of Kassandra. You may be looking for Aristophanes' play of the same name.

The Knights was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra returned to speak to Aristophanes and Sokrates after their successful attempt to damage Kleon's reputation.


Kassandra met with Aristophanes and Sokrates at the meeting room in Perikles' Residence.

  • Kassandra: So, what's next?
  • Aristophanes: The play was a great success, as I knew it would be. With that and the proof you presented at the Pnyx, Kleon has lost much of his popularity.
  • Sokrates: Now he heads to Amphipolis in an effort to redeem himself.
ACOD The Knights 2

A messenger asking Kassandra to meet Brasidas

A man rushed into the room.

  • Civilian: Kassandra! Brasidas sent me to find you. He's alive and well.
  • Kassandra: Where is he now?
  • Civilian: Amphipolis. They're preparing for battle.
  • Kassandra: If you reach him before I do, tell him I'm on the way.
  • Sokrates: So what are you going to do?

  • Kassandra: Kleon dies now. This is our chance.
  • Sokrates: The plan is already working. Death shouldn't be brought early, even to someone like Kleon.
  • Kassandra: He's exactly the type death should come early to. Not all who live deserve to grow old, Sokrates.
  • Sokrates: And you decide who deserves it?
  • Kassandra: This time I do.

Sokrates sighed as Kassandra prepared to leave the room.

  • Sokrates: Then safe travels.

  • Kassandra: Brasidas needs my help. I plan on giving it to him. Though should our paths cross, I won't hesitate to kill Kleon.

Kassandra prepared to leave.

  • Sokrates: Whatever you decide, remember he is only a man.
  • Kassandra: I can't promise anything.
  • Sokrates: Be safe.

Kassandra left.


Kassandra learned that Brasidas had survived the Battle of Pylos and sought her aid for the upcoming Battle of Amphipolis, which she accepted and promptly travelled to.


  • The name of the memory is a reference to the historical play, also titled The Knights, which was the fourth play written by Aristophanes.



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