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The Kingfisher and the Robin was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra sailed to the island of Skyros to eliminate The Dagger's grip over the Abantis Islands.


Kassandra set sail from Euboea aboard the Adrestia and made her way to reach the island of Skyros.

Near the southern coast of the island, she was engaged by pirate ships. At least one stood out to Barnabas, indicating it was no ordinary group of raiders.

  • Barnabas: That's no pirate ship... It's the Cult!
  • Barnabas: Battle stations!
  • Kassandra: They're coming from Skyros. Of course the malákas Cult's involved with The Dagger...

The ships were no match for the Adrestia. Kassandra's crew sank them and they continued to the dock on Skyros.

  • Barnabas: There is is, Smuggler's Dock. Bring it in easy.

Kassandra left the ship.

  • Kassandra: Now to find the Magistrate.

She found the Magistrate and his men already engaged in battle with The Dagger's forces, and joined the fray to help them. Afterwards, she spoke to the Magistrate.

  • Magistrate: Misthios! You came! We need you now more than ever. Please, help us finish The Dagger!

  • Kassandra: I'm in.
  • Magistrate: If the information you uncovered is accurate, it won't just be the Kingfisher at the temple - it's a gathering of The Dagger's leadership. You can wipe them all out and free Euboea from their control.
  • Kassandra: Agapios will not allow his brother to be harmed.
  • Magistrate: I love Agapios, but Euboea must come first. When this is all over... I'll make sure your reward finds its way to your boat. Euboea thanks you for your service.

  • Kassandra: This isn't my mess to clean.
  • Magistrate: You're leaving?! But... but you're the Hero of Euboea...!

  • Magistrate: Misthios! The Dagger know we're here! We need to move fast!

Kassandra advanced into the city, and aided the Magistrate's men in defeating The Dagger occupants.

  • Kassandra: The Dagger won't go down without a fight.

She advanced towards the akropolis.

  • Kassandra: I hope Agapios hasn't done something stupid...

She made her way up the hill, and was faced with thugs of The Dagger seeking to prevent her.

  • The Dagger thug 1: The misthios! Don't let them reach the temple.
  • The Dagger thug 2: The temple's off limits.
  • Civilian: But I promised my brother I'd -
  • The Dagger thug 2: Leave now, before my very pleasant mood changes.

Kassandra slew the men and advanced. As she approached the altar, she overheard Agapios pleading with his brother Neritos.

  • Agapios: Please Neritos, this isn't you.
  • Neritos: Oh, you know a lot about me, do you little Robin?
  • Agapios: I know who you were. My brother's not a killer.
  • Neritos: Then take a closer look. We are not who we were.

The brothers seemed to ignore Kassandra as she approached them.

  • Agapios: So, this is what's become of my brother? You've clawed your way back from Hades, back to life, only to take the lives of others?
  • Neritos: Not from Hades, little Robin. From the ocean floor. Poseidon remained silent as I drowned. I saved me. ME. There are no gods - only mortals. Know that, and you'll know everything you need to rule this world.

The Magistrate of Euboea joined the scene.

  • Agapios: Not everyone wants to rule the world. Some of us just want to live in it.

The brothers noticed their company.

  • Neritos: Ah, a misthios.
  • Kassandra: Kingfisher.
  • Agapios: No! His name's Neritos! He's not just some codename you can cross off! He's my brother! He's family!

  • Kassandra: Family is all that matters.
  • Agapios: Yes! Yes. No one has to die here.

Agapios turned to Neritos.

  • Agapios: Listen, brother. Please.

  • Kassandra: Family or not, that man is the head of The Dagger. He's caused a lot of suffering. For that, no one gets a pass.

She considered a moment.(May depend on Nikolaos' fate in The Wolf of Sparta.)

  • Kassandra: ...Not even pater.

  • Neritos: You've been a slave, brother. But the world is my slave. Its wonders. Its wine. Its people.

He turned his back to the others, stepping to the wall.

  • Neritos: We could be master's together. We were always meant to fly, little Robin.
  • Magistrate: Agapios! You can't trust the Kingfisher. Think of what he's done to our people. Think of the lives he's ruined!
  • Agapios: He's my brother! I can save him. I know I - I can save him. Please, master, misthios, there's no need for violence.

  • Kassandra: You know him better than anyone.

(If in Death and Taxes, Agapios was told that Kassandra could be trusted.)

  • Agapios: When we first met, you said I could trust you. Thank you for trusting me.

(If in Death and Taxes, Agapios was told not to trust anyone.)

  • Agapios: When we first met, you said nobody could be trusted. I'll never believe that. I can't live in that world.

Agapios looked at Neritos. Kassandra followed his gaze.

  • Agapios: I trust him.
  • Kassandra: I hope you're right.

Agapios walked to Neritos, to stand by his side on the wall, looking out over Euboea.

  • Agapios: Neritos. Brother, remember when we were young when we'd run through the streets of Chalkis?
  • Neritos: Father chasing us...
  • Agapios: He couldn't catch little birds, so little birds we became.
  • Neritos: The Robin and the Kingfisher...
  • Agapios: We can be again. Skyros, and Euboea, and The Dagger... We can leave them all behind.
  • Neritos: And never return?
  • Agapios: We can fly.

Neritos smiled, and raised his hand to apparently pat Agapios' back. Kassandra smiled.

  • Neritos: Then fly little Robin, fly.

Neritos pushed Agapios off the wall.

  • Kassandra: No!
  • Magistrate: Agapios!

Kassandra and Magistrate rushed towards the brothers. Neritos stepped closer to the edge, looking down at Agapios.

  • Neritos: Goodbye, brother.

He addressed everyone in the area in loud voice.

  • Neritos: The Dagger is mine! The Greek world is mine! No one will take that from me. Not my brother and not you, misthios.

  • Kassandra: Look around you, Agapios. Skyros is already drowning in blood! Neritos brought violence to Euboea's shores long ago. We're past negotiating.

(If in Death and Taxes, Agapios was told that Kassandra could be trusted.)

  • Agapios: When we first met, you said not all mercenaries were cutthroats. That I could trust you.
  • Kassandra: So trust me now.

(If in Death and Taxes, Agapios was told not to trust anyone.)

  • Agapios: When we first met, you said nobody could be trusted.
  • Kassandra: You don't have to trust me. Just don't trust him.

  • Kassandra: He's not the boy you remember. He's not Neritos.

Neritos turned back to face them.

  • Neritos: I always preferred "The Kingfisher".

Agapios faced him.

  • Agapios: You have no right to that name. That belonged to my brother... and he's dead.

Forlorn, Agapios sighed.

  • Agapios: ...I have no one.
  • Neritos: You have no one?! Who did I have?! I - I washed away, got lost at sea... But I found my way home. And what was there to welcome me? Father dead, and you... a slave. A SLAVE! I crawled out of the fucking ocean! I was strong, but you? You were the one who died, little brother. No, I had no one. So I made my own family. My brothers. The Dagger.

Neritos drew his sword. Agapios cowered.

  • Magistrate: Misthios...
  • Agapios: Brother, no. No, don't do this!
  • Neritos: Perhaps you'd like to meet them?

Agapios withdrew as Kassandra and the Magistrate prepared to fight.

Neritos summoned his men to attack, and Kassandra and the Magistrate fought them.

  • Neritos: Kill the misthios!

Kassandra slew Neritos.

  • Kassandra: The Dagger ends, now.

After all of Neritos' men had been slain, Kassandra spoke with Agapios.

  • Kassandra: Your brother...
  • Agapios: He made a choice. Years ago. Greed, power... If that's what freedom looks like, I'm better off a slave.

The Magistrate approached them.

  • Magistrate: You're not a slave, Agapios. You're free.
  • Agapios: Free?! No - I abandoned you to look for my brother. I should be put to a miserable death or, or -
  • Magistrate: You performed a great service for Euboea today. You've been doing that for years, my friend.
  • Agapios: Master, I don't deserve this...
  • Magistrate: .

  • Kassandra: You've worked, and fought, and sacrificed for your nation. Take a malákas reward when it's offered to you!

Agapios laughed.

  • Agapios: Yes, sound advice, misthios. Then let my first step as a free man be this - I will remain in Euboea. She needs me, and I need her.

  • Kassandra: You might've been granted freedom, but you'll never be truly free, Agapios. You have duties and responsibilities, to the Magistrate, to Euboea, even to your brother. Some shadows cannot be outrun.
  • Agapios: Perhaps I'll never truly feel like a free man... but that doesn't mean I can't be a good man. I'll stay here. My brother deserves a proper goodbye, if nothing else.

  • Magistrate: With the Kingfisher... removed and The Dagger's leadership eliminated, Euboea is safe.

The Magistrate turned to Kassandra.

  • Magistrate: That's not something we'll forget. That you, Hero of Euboea.

After all of Neritos' men had been slain, Kassandra spoke with the Magistrate.

  • Magistrate: Agapios, my oldest friend... I never should have let you go. Why did I let you go...?

  • Kassandra: You gave Agapios a great gift. He got to be free for a moment.
  • Magistrate: "A moment." I suppose that's all any of us ever gets.

  • Kassandra: You never should have let him chase after his brother. That was a death sentence! You were his master, his friend! It was your duty to protect him!
  • Magistrate: I know! I know. I have no sons, misthios. No daughters. Agapios was all the family I had.

  • Magistrate: With the Kingfisher dead and his lieutenants crushed, The Dagger's done. Euboea's free thanks to you.
  • Kassandra: I hope it was worth the price.
  • Magistrate: It's freedom. It's always worth the price. Chaire, Hero of Euboea.


Kassandra helped the Magistrate to eliminate The Dagger and its leader, ending their grip over the Abantis Islands.


  • The Dagger thugs are referred to as 'Greek Soldiers' in the subtitles.


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