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The King of Kings was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


The Pharaoh Ramesses stalks the land. The historian Tahemet has an ancient papyrus that holds the key to granting Egypt's greatest King his final rest.


Bayek visited Tahemet in her tent. Tahemet took a scroll off her shelf.

  • Tahemet: Look at this, tell me what do you see?
  • Bayek: I see you. Exactly where I left you pouring over dusty papyrus and losing more than you win on dice.
  • Tahemet: Knowledge is not necessarily wisdom, Bayek. You have heard of Ramesses the II, yes? The Great Pharaoh, father to a hundred children? He is the Pharaoh who walks.
  • Bayek: How do you know?

Tahemet placed the scroll on a table.

  • Tahemet: This speaks of it, strange because it must be a thousand years old.

Tahemet unrolled the scroll and read it.

  • Tahemet: A great king, his soul fragmented. Didn't say why he is here. For revenge? Or, he has unfinished business?
  • Bayek: As do we all.

Bayek left, not before being stopped by Tahemet.

  • Tahemet: Wait, Bayek. Let me see, before you get yourself killed!

Bayek returned to her table.

  • Tahemet: The pharaoh's name, the pharaoh's shadow, an ancient ritual it's all here... fascinating.
  • Bayek: If he is like the others, I know what needs to be done. But I will need the parchment.
  • Tahemet: Of course... So about my finders fee?

Tahemet rolled up the scroll.

  • Bayek: Or you could give it to me from the goddness of your heart? Unless you already lost that on another bad roll of the dice?

Tahement handed the scroll to Bayek.

  • Tahemet: Take it with my blessing. Ra protect you, Bayek.

Bayek left the tent. He read the scroll.

  • Papyrus of User-maat-Re:
    In the time of philopatris, the one who lovers her country, an eagle will reunite the fractured soul of Ramesses. Face the Great One who walks, he who straddles the kingdoms, holds the vulture and the cobra in his mighty grasp. In the ruins a Pharaoh's Ren, great songs and hymns sung in his name. A mother's blood, the heart, the Pharaoh's Jb. Return them and banish the God with the ritual of Heb Sed.
  • Bayek: The Phaorah's Jb, his Sheut, his Ren? This is how I will quieten the great Ramesses.

Bayek recovered the three items needed for the ritual. He then defeated the apparition of Ramesses II.

  • Bayek: Ramesses' temple. Built so his memory would not wither. Does it keep the secret of his tomb?

Bayek travelled to the House of millions of years of Usermaatra-setepenra, which had been occupied by bandits.

  • Bayek: Bandits have made camp here. If something remained they probably took it.

Bayek defeated the bandits and recovered a map to Ramesses' tomb.

  • Bayek: An unmarked tomb with the same cartouche from the hymns and songs.

Bayek travelled to the Valley of the Kings, where Ramesses's tomb was located in. He reached the entrance to the tomb.

  • Bayek: What will I find in the Pharaoh's tomb? More desecration?
ACO CotP The King of Kings - Ramesses Tomb Chamber

Bayek in Ramesses' tomb

Bayek navigated through the tomb, eventually reaching the main burial chamber. He investigated Ramesses' crypt and found it to be empty.

  • Bayek: What path should I follow now?

A Ba came and sat at the top of the tomb.

  • Nefertari: Bayek of Siwa, you have come. Will you help my husband Ramesses find the peace he deserves?

The Ba flew off into a portal. Bayek followed and entered the portal. Crossing the passageway, he crossed paths with warriors of Anubis.

  • Anubis Warrior 1: The living are not welcome.
  • Anubis Warrior 2: Leave! Leave this place.
ACO CotP The King of Kings - Bayek Speaking to Nefertari's Ba

Bayek finding the Ba of Nefertari

Bayek defeated the warriors of Anubis. He then continued his way and reached Heb Sed. He found the Ba in the Gate of Heb Sed and approached it.

  • Bayek: Ramesses the great is your husband?
  • Nefertari: In life I was his most beloved consort. The favourite queen of a great man.
  • Bayek: Why does he walk the black land?
  • Nefertari: He lived a glorious life, vanquished our enemies, gave us prosperity, but in death his ka finds no peace. Once the Medjay were servants of the Pharaohs...
  • Bayek: I am Medjay no longer.
  • Nefertari: But you know what it is to sacrifice for something greater than yourself. Ramesses served Egypt like no other. Has he not earned an ageless slumber?
  • Bayek: What will you have me do?
  • Nefertari: I will whisper the ritual in your ear.

Nefetari whispered the ritual, tasking Bayek to free captive Bas and retrieve Ramesses' eyes, which he does so.

  • Nefertari: The bones of the earth-god quake. The two doors of the horizon are open; its bolt slide, revealing him upon his firm throne.
ACO CotP The King of Kings - Throne

Bayek summoning Ramesses II

Bayek travelled to the Battlefield of Kadesh and placed a scroll infront of the throne.

  • Bayek: Bringer of peace. Champion of Kadesh. Face me, I bring you rest.

The apparition of Ramesses manifested on the throne. He took his weapon and attacked Bayek. Ramesses was defeated, and as he faded away, a disintegrating Nefertari approached them.

  • Nefertari: Ra grant you eternity with your beloved, Bayek.
ACO CotP The King of Kings - Vision of Ramesses' Celebration

Vision of Ramesses II celebrating

Bayek nodded. A scene of Ramesses displaying his strength was shown.

  • Bayek: Such greatness.

A scene of Ramesses with his family and followers was shown next.

  • Bayek: But did he achieve this alone?


Bayek defeated the spirit of Ramesses II, allowing him to be at peace.



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