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The King's Correspondence was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno met with the Assassin Council for his next assignment.


  • Arno: You summoned?
  • Trenet: (Mister) Dorian. We have a task for you.
  • Arno: More fetch and carry work, I imagine?
  • Quemar: Two Master Assassins are dead. One by your own hand, in defense of a Templar. Count yourself lucky this is the extent of your punishment.
  • Arno: And Germain?
  • Beylier: He's none of your concern. Last night, the Paris Commune declared itself in open insurrection against the King. As we speak, twenty thousand armed revolutionaries are laying siege to the Tuileries. Even the National Guard are on the brink. Some of them have thrown in with the revolutionaries. France is splitting at the seams.
  • Arno: And this doesn't please us? The people are fighting for what is owed them. (Liberty, Equality...)
  • Trenet: If we danced about on a simple scale in need of balancing, you'd be right. But the truth is more complicated. In putting Mirabeau's affairs in order, we've come across certain correspondences... of a royal nature.

Trenet showed Arno a stack of letters.

The King's Correspondence 2

Arno reading Mirabeau's letters

  • Arno: Mirabeau was in contact with the King?
  • Trenet: And he was rather less discreet than he should have been. If the King's copies of these letters were made public, the Templars would be in a position to expose and purge our agents across France.
  • Arno: And I'm to slip in and find them first?
  • Beylier: And quickly. The Swiss Guard are badly outnumbered. It's likely they'll be overwhelmed before nightfall.
  • Arno: Won't be the first palace I've broken into.

Arno arrived at the Tuileries Palace, under siege by revolutionaries.

  • Leader: Ready! Aim! Fire!

A group of men were executed by a Republican firing squad.

  • Leader: Good work. Back to your posts.
  • Citizen: Long live the nation! Long live the Revolution! Long live the Revolution!

Arno began making his way towards the palace.

  • Crowd: The royals must be here somewhere!
    Where's the king?!
    Find the king!
    Bring out the tyrant!
    Death to the king!
  • Arno: Honestly, the quality of rhetoric among bloodthirsty rioters these days.

One of the Republicans carried the corpse of a guard.

  • Republican 1: Heavy bastard, ain't ya?

Arno infiltrated the Tuileries Palace.

  • Republican 2: Any sign of the tyrant?
  • Republican 3: Must've buggered off.
  • Republican 2: Bleedin' coward.
  • Republican 4: Would you look at that?
  • Republican 5: Gold, is it?
  • Republican 4: Reckon it must be.
  • Republican 5: Fucking hell.
  • Republican 6: Search everywhere! The Captain wants those papers!
  • Republican 7: There's nothing here!
  • Republican 6: Keep looking. It's in here somewhere.

A guard was confronted by one of the revolutionaries.

  • Guard: Back! Back! Stay away!

Not wanting to fall in the hands of the revolutionaries, the guard shot himself. Arno entered the King's office, only to be held against the door by an army officer. He pulled out his Hidden Blade in response.

  • Napoleon: Ah-ah.

The officer held a pistol towards Arno. After retracting his Hidden Blade, Arno was released.

The King's Correspondence 8

Napoleon holding Arno at gunpoint

  • Napoleon: You certainly don't look like a blood-crazed revolutionary. The hood is a bit sinister though, if you don't mind my saying.
  • Arno: Serving as rear guard, are you? Convenient how that puts several locked doors between you and the fighting.
  • Napoleon: Oh, I'm not here at all. Not officially anyway. But how often does one find the opportunity to poke about in a king's private study?
  • Arno: Looking for anything in particular?
  • Napoleon: State secrets. Private correspondences. Personal treasures. That sort of thing.
  • Arno: I do hope we're not eyeing the same prize.

The officer gripped his pistol.

  • Napoleon: Name it.
  • Arno: Certain letters written to the King. Ripe for... misunderstanding should the wrong men find them.

The officer released his grip on the pistol.

  • Napoleon: I see. Well, then perhaps we can help each other. I believe the King has built a hidden vault somewhere in here. If only we could find it....

While Napoleon searched the King's desk, Arno opened a cabinet. Pushing aside some books, he turned a hidden handle, uncovering a secret cabinet by the fireplace.

  • Arno: You were saying?
  • Napoleon: Very nicely done, my friend.

While Arno grabbed a set of letters from the cabinet and examined them, the officer opened a chest and removed an item from it.

The King's Correspondence 12

Arno and Napoleon with their findings

  • Napoleon: Incredible...
  • Arno: Find your prize?

The officer quickly tucked the item into his coat.

  • Napoleon: A cornucopia, yes. And you?
  • Arno: I believe so... yes! This is it!

Arno threw the letters into the fireplace.

  • Arno: That should take care of that.
  • Napoleon: Then may I suggest we leave?

Republicans began ramming the door.

  • Napoleon: Quickly.

The officer began turning a handle.

  • Arno: What is that?
  • Napoleon: Our way out. Cover me, would you?

The Republicans crashed through the door, and Arno held them off while the officer turned the handle.

  • Napoleon: You are a demon with a blade.
    Well done!
    Where did you learn to fight?
    Just a bit longer.
    Almost done!

As the officer finished, another Republican attacked them. As Arno was about to stop him, the officer shot him dead.

  • Napoleon: Let's go.

As the two left in an elevator that the officer had gained access to, the Templar captain from the Jacobin Club entered the office with his men.

The King's Correspondence 16

Rouille and his men entering the office

  • Rouille: Search everything! I want those documents!
  • Arno: Him! Damn!
  • Napoleon: Yes, Captain Rouille has that effect on people.
  • Arno: Friend of yours?
  • Napoleon: A persistent thorn I haven't quite managed to pluck out.
  • Arno: He has information I need! I need to get back up there!
  • Napoleon: In this mess? You'll never find him again. Come with me. I have a better idea.

Leaving the elevator, the two walked through a set of basements and sewers.

  • Napoleon: You handled yourself well back there. I don't suppose you've ever considered military service?
  • Arno: I'm not much for following orders.
  • Napoleon: Ah, the bane of generals and statesmen everywhere: an individualist. I know the feeling. Men like us have a great advantage over most in the Army. You see: we can think for ourselves. If you joined up today, you'd be a Marshall in ten years. Guaranteed.
  • Arno: A generous offer. But no.
  • Napoleon: Where the heart leads, a man must follow. Look me up if you ever change your mind. Bonaparte is my name. Napoleon Bonaparte. Second Lieutenant of Artillery. For now.
  • Arno: Arno Dorian.
  • Napoleon: A pleasure. And, as a personal favor: if anyone asks, I was never here. Watched the whole thing from a furniture shop across the Carousel.
  • Arno: A face in the crowd. Of course.

Arno and Napoleon reached a room in the palace, with no exit.

  • Arno: What now?
  • Napoleon: Just a moment.

Napoleon checked a watch.

  • Napoleon: You may want to take cover.

As Arno took cover, a cannon blew a hole in the wall, creating an exit outside. Napoleon's subordinates then entered the room.

The King's Correspondence 19

Napoleon's men entering the room

  • Corporal: Everything all right, sir?
  • Napoleon: Fine, Corporal. Superb shot!

Napoleon turned to Arno.

  • Napoleon: Regular drills are critical to a regiment's success.
  • Corporal: We should be going, sir.
  • Napoleon: We part ways here.
  • Arno: What about Rouille?
  • Napoleon: Give me a few days. I'll see what I can learn of his current posting. Perhaps I can arrange an introduction. Be well.

Napoleon and his men left.


While attempting to dispose of Mirabeau's correspondence with the King, Arno met artillery officer Napoleon Bonaparte. After escaping the Tuileries with him, Arno was able to gain his assistance in tracking down Frédéric Rouille.



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