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The Killer Shadow was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek discovers child slavery inside the Klysma Quarry.


Bayek explored the Klysma Quarry and read a note on the table outside the entrance of the underground tunnels.

  • The Way of Horus:
    Let this be a reminder that the smallest slaves shall operate in the new section of the quarry, where other slaves cannot enter. A new mining section called Sheshat's Grotto has been built in order to extract the recently discovered minerals. If you're not claustrophobic you can see for yourself by reaching the extremity of the Quarry's underground tunnels, accessible from the seaside entrance.

Bayek entered the tunnels and discovered Roman soldiers guarding the entrace to the grotto.

  • Roman Soldier 1: Harwa knows how to pick his workers.
  • Roman Soldier 2: It is a wonder these children didn't build Amenmesse's pyramid.

Bayek eliminated the soldiers and destroyed the wooden entrance. He entered the grotto.

  • Bayek: Ahhh, so this is the secret quarry the rebels spoke of.

He overheard children talking.

  • Child: (coughs) I heard Aretas killed himself instead of coming here.
  • Khety: Please, Osiris come and take me. I hate it here. I prefer death to slavery.

Bayek spoke to one of the children.

  • Khety: Ahh, you must be the killer shadow Haganu sings of.
  • Bayek: This is no place for a child.
  • Khety: Yes neb. You see the hungry eyes on the children here? All bought off a slave merchant on the Way of Horus, where he rides his shiny mount.
  • Bayek: I will kill this sick soul and you will see the sun again.
  • Khety: Thank you killer shadow. You are living up to your good name.
  • Child: He will free us, thank Amun!

Bayek left the tunnels and set out to look for Harwa. Travelling to the Arsinoe Nome, he found Harwa riding on the road out of Arsinoe with a child in a cage.

  • Bayek: That horse is draped in finery. Must be the slave merchant.

Bayek drew near the convoy.

  • Bayek: That mount could come in handy.

Bayek attacked the convoy and brought it to a stop.

  • Child: Yes! Fill him with arrows!
  • Harwa: Damn you! Ruining my work!

Bayek killed the slaver. He then carried the child out of the cage.

  • Child: I am free! Long live the killer shadow!

Bayek took the child to safety and set him down. He chuckled at the child's remark.

  • Bayek: Go now!


Bayek assassinated the merchant who enslaved the children in the underground tunnels of the Klysma Quarry, claiming a horse in the process.


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