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The Kennel-Master was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


We managed to escape from the Templars with Najma. Once we were safe, she offered information in exchange for our help in hunting down her brother. We have agreed, as Ubayd is a threat, and his handler, Garza, perhaps a greater one.

In return, Najma has led us to a villa in the city where Garza has been holding Brotherhood sympathizers Ubayd has identified.

We do not know if any of our allies are still alive, but we must infiltrate that villa and find them before the Templars make them disappear.


The Assassins met outside the villa.

  • Najma: This is the place. Garza's villa.
  • Spanish Assassin: We need to find our people and get them out of here.

The Spanish Assassins entered the villa from the kitchen door and descended into the cellar, where they found the bodies of four Assassin sympathizers lying on the stone floor.

  • Spanish Assassin: All these people. Who could do such a thing?

The Spanish Assassins continued through the underground rooms until they reached a torture chamber in the middle of the lair, where three more sympathizers were being tortured by Garza.

  • Garza: Ah! Buenas noches! What a surprise! Welcome to my little hideaway.
  • Spanish Assassin: You must be Garza! We've been looking for you!
  • Garza: Hold! I'm nobody. I serve a master, just like you. No need for us to be killing one another.
  • Spanish Assassin: Well maybe we will just take you with us. You can introduce is to your man, Ubayd.
  • Garza: Heh. No... I... I don't think I will be doing that!

Garza escaped down a trap door in the floor just as Najma entered the room.

  • Spanish Assassin: Damn! He's gone.
  • Najma: What? Now we have nothing. How will we get to my brother now?
  • Spanish Assassin: Is there any other way?
  • Najma: Yes. The hard way. We must go to his fortress. To the Alhambra.


The Spanish Assassins infiltrated the villa and rescued their allies from Garza, who escaped to his base in the Alhambra. Hoping to find Ubayd and end the threats both men posed to Granada, the Assassins pursued him.


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