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The Jaws of Sobek was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek uncovers a network of corruption within the Sobek cult.


While in Krokodilopolis, Bayek found a storeroom with blood flowing out from under the door.

  • Bayek: That is blood pooling beneath this door!

Bayek climbed up the walls to the roof and discovered an opening, seeing crocodile corpses hanging from a beam.

  • Bayek: Butchered Sobeks in Krokodilopolis! Gods, this is an illegal tannery.

He entered the building, and investigated, starting with the crocodiles.

  • Bayek: Hung out to dry like rags. No wonder the place is locked tight. Hiding the murder of gods!

He investigated a mummified crocodile on the table.

  • Bayek: These mummies are sloppy work. This is the foulest blasphemy!

He investigated a pile of crocodile mummies on the floor.

  • Bayek: The mummies are stuffed with gold and valuables. Where are they taking them? There are shipping consignment markings on them.

He investigated a pile of valuables on the ground.

  • Bayek: That is a lot of gold. Someone is making a big profit from this sacrilege.

Bayek completed his investigation.

  • Bayek: Crocodiles are being slaughtered and mummified. The work is sloppy and careless. This is sacrilege beyond imagining.
    The mummies are used as coin sacks, then stacked like packages. They are using the bodies of murdered gods for smuggling!
    Amun! The smell alone turns my stomach. Those who do this deserve death. How can this be happening in Egypt? By the gods, it must be stopped!
    I need to find where the mummies are being shipped. This tannery must have a dock nearby.

Bayek left the tannery and headed to the docks nearby. When he approached, he found a priest held by two soldiers.

  • Bayek: Someone is in trouble!

Bayek overheard the three talking.

  • Soldier 1: I don't want to do this. But you put your nose where it doesn't belong, priest.
  • Padiaset: You know this is wrong. Wrong! Killing Sobek's children? Filling their bodies with unclean gold? Who orders such bloodshed and sacrilege?
  • Soldier 2: Sobek has chosen his right hand, and we must obey him. I'm sorry. I will make this quick.
  • Padiaset: You cannot shed innocent blood! You are meant to protect the temple and the people!
  • Soldier 2: Damn you priest! I have no choice. Nek!

Bayek killed the soldiers and freed the priest.

  • Padiaset: Thank you Medjay! My life is spared, but it seems much that is good is already dead.
  • Bayek: I saw the tannery and the mummies. I know what they are doing to Sobek's children.
  • Padiaset: So you have seen it? Dua Sobek! It is unthinkable. I am Padiaset. I serve in the temple South of the city.
    Forgive me. I must return. I need to pray for guidance.
  • Bayek: This is going to take more than prayer, priest. We need to act. The mummies had markings on them. I think they are being moved by ship.
  • Padiaset: Ship? The cult has a trireme. It follows trade routes South of the city. Do what you must, Medjay. I will pray for you. But please, risk no more bloodshed.

Bayek left the priest, musing on his words.

  • Bayek: Bloodshed comes, whether we risk it or not. I should search for the ship's manifest. It will tell me where the mummies are headed.

Bayek boarded a boat and sailed out to Lake Moeris. With Senu's help, he found the the cult's trireme. Bayek infiltrated the ship, and found the manifest on the table.

  • Instructions:
    This cargo is for delivery to the Trireme Stranding Camp. Store it in the Captain's tent until further notice. Do not open or move the packages without permission. You will receive payment only if these rules are followed.
  • Bayek: The ship's manifest. The cargo is bound for the Trireme Stranding Camp to the West.
    Why would Sobek priests be dealing with soldiers?/More evidence the cult is working with Ptolemy's soldiers. Money, power, and corruption. It is always the same.
    I need to go to that camp and find out more.

Bayek found the Trireme Stranding Camp.

  • Bayek: This is the Trireme Stranding Camp. The information I need is probably in the Captain's tent.

Bayek infiltrated the camp, and overheard soldiers talking.

  • Soldier 1: I just don't understand why we're dealing with those scale huggers!
  • Soldier 2: Have you seen the coffers of gold in the Captain's tent? That's a damned good reason right there.

Bayek made his way to the captain's tent. He investigated several crocodile mummies on the floor.

  • Bayek: Sobek's children butchered and turned into money sacks! Those godless neks!

He read a note on the floor.

  • Mandate from the Nomarch of Faiyum:
    It is with great pride that I declare this Trireme Camp to be the primary transit point for religious offerings to Lord Sobek.
    This mandate is of the utmost importance. The continued prosperity of Faiyum depends upon every man here observing it. I trust that you will not let me down.
    Prosperity for all. Security for all. Culture for All.


He investigated a chest full of treasure.

  • Bayek: Chests full of treasure. This corrupt scheme has been going on for some time.

Bayek read a letter on the table.

  • Shipment Correspondence:

    Here is the payment as usual, including the increase. As you can see, I have complied with your request. I cannot continue the business from which we both profit if I can't rely upon the discretion of your soldiers. I pay your men to act, not to question. Their petty consciences are not greater than the will of Sobek. I am the god's hand. You question me, you question him.
    I trust you will bear this in mind in the future. With this I consider the matter settled and expect no more trouble.

  • Bayek: Correspondence between the Captain and a priest named Sehetep. The cult and Ptolemy's soldiers are conspiring together. What else are they doing?/Correspondence between the Captain and Sehetep. Sehetep again! That poisonous priest from the northern temple is becoming a big problem.

If Bayek had explored other maladies concerning Krokodilopolis, he'd muse a bit more while leaving.

  • Bayek: I should let Padiaset know about Sehetep. He is not going to like it.


Bayek uncovered an act of sacrilege conducted between a cult and Ptolemy's soldiers. He rescued Padiaset, who was caught intervening and eliminated the participating camp.


  • Depending on what Bayek has done prior to The Jaws of Sobek, the dialogue differs at a couple of points.


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