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This article is about the memory. You may be looking for the group of the same name.

The Janissaries was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore arrived at the Grand Bazaar and conversed with a rug merchant, who mentioned that Tarik Barleti was in the area.


Ezio entered the Grand Bazaar, meeting with a rug merchant.

  • Merchant: You see this rug. Incredible quality. Your feet will love you more than your wife does.
  • Ezio: I am not married.
  • Merchant: Ah, you're better off. Come, feel it!
  • Ezio: You have sold well today.
  • Merchant: I have not sold a thing! The Janissaries confiscated most of my rugs just because they were imported.
  • Ezio: Do you know Tarik Barleti, their captain?
  • Merchant: Eh, he's around here somewhere. An arrogant man, but–

A group of Janissaries walked past the two.


The Merchant trying to bargain with Ezio

  • Merchant: You insult me, sir! I cannot take less than two hundred Akçe (coins) for this! My final offer.
  • Ezio: When I find him, I will ask about the rugs.

Ezio walked away from the merchant.

  • Merchant: You drive a hard bargain, yabanci (stranger). Shall we compromise at one eighty? One eighty Akçe (coins), and we part as friends!

Ezio located Tarik.

  • Ezio: There he is.
  • Tarik: I pray Selim can soon return to the city in good spirits and stronger hands.

Ezio tailed Tarik, until the captain met with one of his Janissaries.

  • Tarik: Of all Mehmet's accomplishments, I am beginning to think this Bazaar was the finest.

Tarik turned towards the crowd.

  • Tarik: If you have no business here, you do not belong!
    Clear the way!
    No loitering!

Tarik met with more of his men.


Tarik telling his Janissaries to keep watch

  • Tarik: This is an important meeting... make sure I am not being followed.
    Ah, when I was a young man, there was a baker who worked right here selling fresh simit all day, every day. And on my free days I would buy two at a time, sometimes three. It is a shame that nothing good ever lasts long. Perhaps your business will do better, eh?
    This Empire is sick, and Bayezid – it pains me to say – is its cancer.
    You there! I will be back tomorrow, and if you have not disposed of all this foreign made garbage, I will confiscate it myself, and throw it into the Bosphorus!

Tarik met another Janissary.

  • Tarik: What news?
  • Janissary: Manuel has agreed to meet you, Tarik. He's waiting by the arsenal gate.
  • Tarik: An eager old weasel, isn't he? Come.


Ezio determined that Tarik was plotting something, and suspecting him to be in league with the Templars, decided to follow him to the Arsenal.



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