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This article is about the Co-op mission. You may be looking for the improvised explosive device.

The Infernal Machine was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno and a team of Assassins were tasked with protecting First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte from an attempt on his life.


A group of men drove a cart through the streets of Paris.

  • Guard: Turn those carts around! Bonaparte will be passing this way.
  • Carbon: You don't say.

The leader of the men, François-Joseph Carbon, stabbed the guard.

  • Carbon: Our Lord and Savior himself.

Napoleon walked towards his carriage.

  • Napoleon: Yes, yes, musn't be late for the damned opera. The war doesn't even start until the fifth act.
  • Bishop: Napoleon Bonaparte, soon to be Emperor of France. But tonight, it's the opera.

Napoleon was shown directing his artillery during 13 Vendémiaire in 1795.

  • Bishop: Napoleon's claim to fame was using cannons on the streets of Paris.
  • Napoleon: Fire!
  • Carbon: Long live the King!

As the royalists under the same leader attacked, they were cut down by cannon fire.

Back in 1800, Carbon directed his men.

  • Carbon: Take your positions.
  • Bishop: The surviving Royalists are going to attempt an attack on Napoleon. The centerpiece is a giant improvised explosive device, lovingly known as the "Machine Infernale". Protect Napoleon from the Royalist threat.

Arno set out to eliminate the snipers targeting Napoleon's carriage.

  • Bishop: The Assassins need you to keep Napoleon alive, and the Royalists out of power. You could start by taking out the snipers along Napoleon's route.
    They're taking aim at Napoleon's carriage!
    One of these snipers is going to fire!
    A sniper is going to fire at Napoleon!
    A sniper is taking aim at the carriage!
    Napoleon's about to come under fire!
    A sniper is about to fire, initiate!
  • Crowd: That's Bonaparte's carriage!
    It's Bonaparte! I see him through the window!
  • Sniper 1: Look, could you possibly keep it down? I do have to concentrate here.
  • Plotter 1: I'll try walk more quietly while I'm protecting your arse.
  • Sniper 1: Keep it up, and I may shoot you to get some peace.
  • Sniper 2: Just a little closer...
  • Sniper 3: Get ready - Napoleon's coming!
  • Plotter 2: How'd you end up here?
  • Plotter 3: My brother died the 13th of Vendémiaire. I want Bonaparte's head.
  • Plotter 4: What are you going to do when this is over?
  • Plotter 5: I thought we might pay a visit to the Assembly, burn it to the ground.
After Arno killed the snipers, the Machine Infernale exploded near Napoleon's carriage.
The Infernal Machine 2

The Infernal Machine exploding

  • Citizen 1: What happened?
  • Citizen 2: It sounded like cannon fire!
  • Bishop: Whoa.
  • Guard: Get the Consul out of here! Quickly!
  • Bishop: Someone shot at the bomb from across the street. Head over there and look for more information.

Arno infiltrated the Palais-Royal.

  • Bishop: These guards are here on someone's orders. You need to find out who.
    That guy in the courtyard is the one who set off the Machine Infernale. Bet if you checked his pockets, you'd find out who paid him.
    This room looks like... the Royalist base of operations. Look for information on who's behind this attack.
  • Plotter 6: Still no word from Carbon.
  • Plotter 7: Coward's probably fled the city.
  • Plotter 8: Isn't it better to have squads throughout the city?
  • Plotter 9: But then any one group can be overwhelmed.
  • Plotter 8: I see your point...
  • Plotter 9: We're stronger starting as a group.
  • Plotter 8: Yeah, but my way we cover more ground...
  • Plotter 9: Gathering support as you move?
  • Plotter 8: And then we can meet here.
  • Plotter 9: It's still risky.
  • Plotter 8: They need to get out of the city tonight.
  • Plotter 9: But all these gates are closely guarded.
  • Plotter 8: We'll have to think of some way to get the carriage past the guards.
  • Plotter 9: Create a distraction, or...
  • Plotter 8: What if we drove the carriage across the city...
  • Plotter 9: They could use the ring road!
  • Plotter 8: They could be stopped inside Paris.
  • Plotter 9: Not if we're careful...

Arno searched for intelligence.

  • Bishop: Nothing here.
    No clues here.
    Nope. Nothing.
    There's nothing here.
    There's gotta be something. Keep looking.

Arno found an envelope with a hotel adress.

  • Bishop: You've got a location. We need to know who we're looking for.
  • Plotter 10: That was a nice shot.
  • Shooter: Thank you.
  • Plotter 10: Is Napoleon dead, then?
  • Shooter: I don't know. We're waiting on word.
  • Plotter 10: What's next?
  • Shooter: We wait for orders.
  • Plotter 10: What happens if he's not dead?
  • Shooter: We try again. Until we get the bastard.

Arno pickpocketed a letter from a conspirator off the shooter.

  • Bishop: The information we found came from... a local adress. Head there and see what you can find.

Arno made his way to the hotel.

  • Plotter 11: They'll be here any minute.
    The carriage is ready, sir.
  • Carbon: Tell them I'm on my way.
    Those traitors at the Palais will sell us out in a heartbeat.
    The longer we wait, the more dangerous this gets.
    Where is he?
    We need to get going.
    We have to leave!
    All those snipers. The MACHINE. I don't know what else we can try!
    How could he have gotten away? HOW?
    Devil take the man! Why couldn't he just DIE?
    I can't leave any trace for them to find.
    They'll be here any minute.
    The cart's ready! What are we waiting for?

Arno killed Carbon.

  • Bishop: Nice work. Time to get out of here.

Arno escaped the area.

  • Bishop: I think we can let the Gendarmes take it from here.


The Assassins kept Napoleon safe from the Royalists, and were able to kill the plotters behind the attack.


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