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The Hunting Party was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


At the request of Hippokrates, Kassandra investigated rumors of a hunting party becoming prey instead.


Kassandra traveled through the city of Thebes and overheard Hippokrates talking to a man north of the Akropolis of Thebes, while a line of patients awaited treatment. The man bore grave news.

  • Hippokrates: What?! When did this happen?
  • Civilian: Earlier today. I was taking my boy fishing when we heard the screams.
  • Hippokrates: What were they doing out there?
  • Civilian: Hunting party, I think.
  • Hippokrates: We must send aid at once.

Kassandra approached him.

  • Hippokrates: Thank the gods you're here. A hunting party has been attacked outside the city, near the Cursed Land of Oedipous.
  • Kassandra: Any survivors?
  • Hippokrates: This man saw dead bodies, but he could still hear screaming.

  • Kassandra: There are many dangerous beasts out in the wild. If someone is injured, they won't last long.

  • Kassandra: If they weren't ready to face the beasts out in the wild, they shouldn't have gone hunting. Nature is not kind to those who underestimate her.

  • Hippokrates: I need you to go and rescue whoever is still alive, and put an end to the dangerous beast that attacked them.

  • Kassandra: All right, I'll destroy the beast and [sic] if anyone's still in one piece.
  • Hippokrates: If they are, bring them back to me, and I'll do what I can to save them.

  • Kassandra: I'm not interested in saving foolish hunters right now.

Kassandra returns.

  • Hippokrates: There's no time to waste. We must help those in danger.

(Back to dialogue choice one.)

(If players asked "Where did the attack happen?")

  • Kassandra: There are a lot of hunting grounds nearby. Where should I look?
  • Hippokrates: They were sighted following animal tracks around Snake Head Rock.

(If players asked "What kind of creature was it?")

  • Kassandra: Do you know what attacked them?
  • Hippokrates: Not for certain. The roar could have been from any number of beasts... Many predators call the wilds of Boeotia their home.

(If players asked "How many survivors are there?")

  • Kassandra: How many people will I find out there?
  • Hippokrates: It sounded like only one hunter was alive, but hunting parties usually contain three or four people.

(Leave – "I'll find the wounded.")

  • Kassandra: I'll go and find the trail.

Kassandra travelled to the road below Snake Head Rock. Ikaros helped her find its adjacent cave, where the bodies of the hunting party could be seen, as well as a lone man being mauled by a brown bear and a large albino bear.

  • Kassandra: Must be what's left of the hunting party.

Kassandra drew closer as the man, Galeos, begged for salvation from his predators.

  • Galeos: Please, by all the gods, save me.

Kassandra leapt into the fray and attacked the bears.

  • Galeos: Quickly! Kill that beast before it finishes me off.

Kassandra managed to eliminate the bears. Galeos was severely injured, so she carried him and rested him on the saddle of Phobos.

  • Galeos: Thank you. Thank you. I owe you my life, brave hero.

She rode Phobos back to Thebes with Galeos losing blood.

  • Galeos: I feel faint. I'm getting dizzy.

Kassandra mused on his condition.

  • Kassandra: I need to get him back to Hippokrates before he bleeds out all over me.

Despite his condition, Kassandra successfully delivered him to Hippokrates' clinic, where she laid him down in a wooden bed on the ground to receive treatment.


Kassandra saved a man in the brink of death from a huge albino bear and a brown bear, and delivered him to Hippokrates' clinic in Thebes.


  • The alpha bear can be knocked out instead and tamed.
  • Galeos can be encountered fighting the bears before talking to Hippokrates.



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