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The Hunter's Hounds is a recurring Helix Rift Event in Assassin's Creed: Rebellion that originally lasted from October 4–6, 2019. It comprises of five missions set in Makedonia during the Peloponnesian War, and followed Darius and a band of mercenaries as they uncovered and stopped a plot by the Persian Order of the Ancients to find and murder Kassandra.

Successful mission synchronization gives players Data Nodes which unlock various reward tiers based on the total Nodes collected, with the top tier granting players the ability to play Darius in future missions, Level 5 crafting material, Codex, and Helix Credits. Players can earn extra Nodes if they use one or more preset Sync Bonus Heroes.

Official Synopsis

Makedonia, 5th century BCE
Live the events that led up to immediately before AC Odyssey's Legacy of the First Blade DLC. Uncover a plot by the Persian Cult Order of the Ancients to infiltrate Greece and murder the Eagle Bearer. Ally with Darius, the legend who first wielded the Hidden Blade, and carve your bloody way through the deadly cult that now threatens the future of Greece and the world.


Chapter 1 - Makedonia

Chapter 2 - Makedonia

Chapter 3 - Makedonia

Chapter 4 - Makedonia

Chapter 5 - Makedonia

Behind the scenes

The synopsis for the event mentions "AC Odyssey's Legacy of the First Blade DLC" even though this is not a commercial product in-universe. This is similar to how Assassin's Creed III: Liberation is sometimes referenced in-universe under the title Assassin's Creed rather than just Liberation.