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The Hungry River was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A distraught farmer asks Bayek's help in collecting dead bodies from fields invaded by hippos.


Bayek came across a desolate man and a woman next to a cart and several bodies by the road.

  • Jarha: Hush your racket, auntie. You will just make the Hippos excited. Or call the bandits back.
  • Woman: Is-is that him?
  • Jarha: No, not Meketre.
  • Woman: But where is Meketre? What will we do without my cherished Meketre?
  • Jarha: I cannot worry about that now. If things do not change, the crops will rot and we will starve!

Bayek approached them, and the man addressed him.

  • Jarha: Neb, you look strong, and carry yourself without fear. Can you help a poor farmer?
  • Bayek: Your friend was killed by a hippo.
  • Jarha: Yes! The beasts' rampage slaughtered many! Yesterday, we were attacked by bandits. In their wake, they disturbed these hippos, and drove them into our fields. The gods seem content to piss on us. We cannot harvest the crops, nor can we put the dead to rest with the hippos in our fields.
  • Bayek: Let me help you collect the dead.
ACO The Hungry River 02

Bayek carrying bodies of farmers

Bayek reached the fields where many bodies of both men and hippopotami laid, and retrieved a body. He carried the body back to the cart and put it down.

  • Jarha: Hmm. Poor cousin.
  • Woman: Is it him?
  • Jarha: No, not Meketre.

Bayek returned to the fields, where he killed the hippos in the area. He then retrieved another body and carried it back to the cart. He put the body down.

  • Jarha: No, not him. I would help you, but I am no match for those beasts.

Bayek returned to the fields and carried another body. He returned to the cart and put it down.

  • Jarha: Hmm.
  • Bayek: Is this Meketre?
  • Jarha: Not this. This is my wife's brother's son. He was a fool. A brave fool. But a fool.
  • Woman: My poor Meketre is-is gone!

Bayek returned to the fields to retrieve the last body. He carried the body back to the cart and put it down on the ground.

  • Bayek: The last one, I think.
  • Jarha: And Meketre not among them.
  • Woman: What will I do now?
  • Jarha: Thank you, neb. Their souls will now rest in peace.
  • Bayek: Who is this Meketre your aunt mourns?
  • Jarha: Our protector. Brave and strong, like you! He would chase away fierce animals, or the bandits who plague us. I guess there is no one left who can keep us safe...
  • Bayek: Such are a curse upon all of Egypt, it seems. Where do these bandits roost?
  • Jarha: There is a canyon. I would take you there, but it is far too dangerous... also, someone must deal with the dead.
  • Bayek: Of course... I will find it.
  • Jarha: The bandits are known as the Hungry Great Ones. May the gods protect you!
  • Woman: Will I ever see my dear Meketre again?
  • Bayek: Hush, nebet. We do not know he has crossed over yet.
  • Woman: Without him, no one will help me tend the field. Or keep me safe. Or sing to me under the stars.
  • Bayek: I will see what I can find.
ACO Potamos Hideout

The Potatmos Hideout

Bayek travelled west to the canyon where the bandits' camp was located. He eliminated the bandits and discovered Meketre locked in a cage.

  • Meketre: Psst! Will you free me?
  • Bayek: Let me get you out of here.

Bayek unlocked the cage and freed Meketre.

  • Meketre: Hurry. These bandits breed like rats.

They left the canyon.

  • Meketre: Thank you. But why did you save me?
  • Bayek: Your aunt spoke of your desperate straits. I would free any unjust captive, but the plight of a protector is something I cannot ignore.
  • Meketre: You are a Medjay!
  • Bayek: We are of the same brotherhood.
  • Meketre: Yes! I must hurry home. The war chief, Fat Homer, took the Hungry Great Ones on a raid! You move like a lion! Would you help me stop them?
ACO ACO The Hungry River - Bayek and Meketre

Meketre freed by Bayek

Bayek and Meketre mounted and rode to Meketre's village to the east. There, the bandits were busy raiding while the villagers were fleeing.

  • Villagers: No! The Hungry Great Ones are going to kill us all!
    Where is our protector!? Why have the gods abandoned us!?
    Run! Run or else you'll be taken by the Hungry Great ones!

Bayek and Meketre swiftly defeated the bandits.

  • Bayek: Meketre, I think we are done. You fought like a lion, yourself.
  • Meketre: I have learned much from you! You've made me a better protector. Egypt needs more people like you.
  • Bayek: The land needs more people like us.
  • Meketre: I will sing songs of our battle to my aunt to remember this day.
  • Bayek: Ha.


Bayek helped Jarha to retrieve the bodies of his relatives. He then eliminated the bandits responsible for the attack and saved Meketre, helping him to eliminate the bandits in his village.



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