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The Horsemen Cometh was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra travelled to Potidaia after receiving a mysterious letter.


Kassandra received a letter.

  • Letter Addressed to a Misthios:
    To any one who read this, huge forces are closing in and innocents are dying. We will pay watever we have. Come to Potidaia in Makedonia.

Kassandra sailed to Makedonia aboard the Adrestia. She docked at Potidaia and stepped onto the docks with Barnabas.

  • Kassandra: Are we that desperate? We're helping somebody move?
ACOD LotFB - The Horsemen Cometh - Man on Fire

Kassandra and Barnabas spotting a man on fire

As they were conversing, a man eyed them from afar before walking away.

  • Barnabas: What? The guy's got a lot of stuff! Work is work. And a few extra drachmae never hurt anybody. Sometimes even the simplest things can be worthy of our attention.

They spotted several injured villagers and a man running while on fire.

  • Kassandra: That is much more worthy of my attention, Barnabas.

Barnabas returned to the Adrestia and Kassandra headed out to investigate. She overheard one of the villagers begging the local magistrate for help as she passed.

  • Civilian: Help! Please! Help me, please!
  • Magistrate: It's not my village, so it's not my problem. I don't know what else you want me to say.

Another civilian commented on the village's plight.

  • Civilian: These poor people. They don't deserve this.

Kassandra headed up the hill to the village proper, which was on fire. She found a group of soldiers preparing to execute the villagers.

  • Kassandra: They're here to kill. Why attack this village? They're innocent...

Kassandra approached a civilian about to be executed.

  • Civilian: Please, I have a family! I didn't do anything!

She eliminated the soldier, freeing the man.

  • Civilian: Fucking malákes. That was close.

She then killed another soldier and freed a woman.

  • Civilian: Oh, thank the gods! They... they heard me! Thank you!

Kassandra then freed the last man.

ACOD LotFB - The Horsemen Cometh - Kassandra Village Centre

Kassandra in the middle of the village

Kassandra stepped towards the center of the village and observed a hanged man. A soldier attempted to sneak up on her. She then heard a voice.

  • Natakas: Misthios, watch out!

Before the soldier could run his sword through Kassandra, the man quickly drew his bow and fired an arrow through the eye slot of the soldier's helmet, killing him instantly. The man approached Kassandra.

  • Natakas: More people near the Spartan camp need help.
ACOD LotFB - The Horsemen Cometh - Order Elite Appears

Persians confronting Kassandra and Natakas

As they were talking, a masked man approached with two guards.

  • Kassandra: Persians?
  • Unknown: Eagle Bearer.
  • Natakas: You—You are the Eagle Bearer.
  • Kassandra: Go!

The man ran away.

  • Unknown: The Huntsman will be pleased when we bring him your head.
  • Kassandra: You're welcome to try.

The man signaled his men to attack Kassandra.

  • Persian Soldier: You're smaller than the stories say, "Eagle Bearer."

Despite their taunts, the Eagle Bearer easily dispatched them.

  • Kassandra: There's more people to help at the Spartan Camp. I should head there.

Kassandra left the village and traveled to the nearby Spartan camp. As she travelled, she wondered about the man who saved her.

  • Kassandra: Who was that who saved me?

As Kassandra approached the camp, she spotted the man near the bushes.

  • Natakas: I knew you'd come. The Spartans are here slaughtering everyone. We have to stop them!
ACOD LotFBH The Horsemen Cometh - Spartan Camp

The Spartan camp

Kassandra approached the camp and eliminated the Spartan soldiers, saving the civilians held captive.

  • Civilian 1: Misthios, you saved us.
  • Civilian 2: I wouldn't be here without you.

Kassandra talked to the man.

  • Natakas: Eagle Bearer—
  • Kassandra: Call me Kassandra.
  • Natakas: My name's Natakas.

(If "How do the Persians know me?" was chosen)

  • Kassandra: They called me the Eagle Bearer. How do they know about me?
  • Natakas: I'm not sure. But they're certainly looking for something.

(If "The Persian mentioned a 'Huntsman.'" was chosen)

  • Kassandra: The Huntsman sounds like a name I should know.
  • Natakas: And if he's here, we're fucked...

Kassandra nodded.

ACOD The Horsemen Cometh - Natakas Thanking Kassandra

Natakas official meeting with Kassandra

  • Natakas: I need to take care of these people. That Order Elite passed through here, killing as he went. He left tracks nearby.
  • Kassandra: I'll follow him.

Natakas walked off before stopping. He turned around.

  • Natakas: Thank you, Kassandra.
  • Kassandra: For what?
  • Natakas: For helping. When nobody else would.

Kassandra smiled and nodded, then headed off as Natakas took his leave.


Kassandra helped to free the captive villages in Potidaia and the Spartan camp. In doing so, she met Natakas and learned the name of a man known as the Huntsman, who was aware of her identity as the Eagle Bearer.



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