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This article is about the genetic memory. You may be looking for the organization.

The Hidden Ones was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


On Tahira's request, Bayek travelled to the Sinai Peninsula.


Bayek received a letter from Tahira.

  • Letter from Tahira:
    Bayek, I cannot convery the sorrow with which I write to you. The Sinai is in revolt against the Romans. Two Hidden Ones got caught up in a massacre and have been killed. I am solely responsible - I am the one who trained them.
    I am struggling to keep the Hidden Ones together and have allied with the rebel leader, Gamilat. I need your wise counsel, dear friend. I have made arrangements to ferry you across the Red Sea. Please come.
    - Tahira

Bayek travelled to Memphis. There, he visited the docks where a man and woman were waiting for him.

  • Man: Excuse me! I'm looking for a man named Bayek. I'm here to give you passge to the Sinai.

Bayek boarded the ferry. The screen cut to the Sinai in 38 BCE.

  • Haganu: (Humming) In blackest night, the Sinai sleeps, exhausted with grief. Our mouths filled with ashes, we weep tears of blood. Who will deliver us from despair? (Humming)

In the foreground, a Roman soldier disrupts a worker's work, pushing him to the ground. The soldier overlooked the harbor and felt something amiss, causing him to draw his sword. Bayek assassinated him from behind. A blind man was shown to be the one singing and humming.

  • Haganu: Our hero moves with the mist, as silent as the sea, delivering death. Unknown, unseen, ever forgiving (Humming) Listen. Let me tell you of him. The Legend of Siwa. The shadow who is Bayek. Bayek... (Humming).

Bayek passed by the blind man and drop a few drachmae into his bowl.

  • Bayek: Sounds like quite a man.


Bayek boarded the ferry and travelled to Sinai.


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