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The Heretic was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Isidora believes that consecrating his tomb to Amun will stop the Heretic Akhenaten. Bayek must find the golden statue stolen by the Greek official Tychon.


After speaking with Isidora, Bayek prepared to leave Karnak.

  • Isidora: Tychon conducts his business around Hatshepsut's Temple area.
  • Bayek: Let's hope this thief keeps a records of his spoils.
ACO The Heretic 2

Bayek stalking Tychon and his men

Bayek left the temple and travelled across the Nile to the Theban Necropolis. After some searching near the docks and of the temple complex, he found Tychon.

  • Tychon: Curse be damned, that fool will get us all killed.
  • Bodyguard: Didn't you and he work together?
  • Tychon: Not for years. Irsu's a loathsome maggot who's murder his own mother.
  • Bodyguard: And how's your mother these days?
  • Tychon: That's different, she started it.

Bayek attacked Tychon and his guards.

  • Tychon: Who sent you? That bastard Irsu? Or one of the others?

Bayek killed Tychon and his guards. On his body, Bayek recovered a blade and a ledger.

  • Bayek: Some kind of code, about the artifacts they took from the Pharaoh's tombs. And this...
  • Tychon's Ledger:
    Collar made of gold, inlaid with turquoise, lapis lazuli, carnelian. Shows Horus or maybe Khonsu? Statues of Goddess Hathor and the god Amun - various
    Serpent bracelet - gold
    Golden Statue of Amun - stored in the Temple of Hatshepsut
    Pectoral - Large scarab beetle riding on a sacred barque and flanked by the goddess Iset.
    Bust of Nefertiti - bad copy
  • Bayek: Tychon hides all his stolen treasures at the Temple of Hatshepsut.

Bayek travelled to Hatshepsut's temple. He climbed through an opening into a chamber full of treasure. He approached a large statue of Amun.

  • Bayek: Hail to thee, maker of all, creator of existence, chief of the gods. Hail to thee, Amun-Ra, lord of all the thrones in the world.
ACO The Heretic 7

Bayek shaving the statue for dust

With his Hidden Blade, Bayek shaved the corner of the statue into a sacred dust, collecting it. He bowed to the statue before leaving.

  • Bayek: All the signs lead to Akhenaten being buried with the great Pharaohs'.

Bayek travelled to the Valley of the Kings, where Akhenaten's tomb was located. Bayek entered the tomb and navigated his around, eventually reaching the main chamber. He found the crypt to be empty.

ACO The Heretic 9

Bayek in Akhenaten's tomb chamber

  • Bayek: Empty. I need to scatter the dust from Amun's statue somewhere else. I need to find more clues to the Aten.

Bayek found a portal and walked through it. He walked down the passage and found several servants of Anubis guarding the passagway.

  • Anubis Warrior: You do not belong here. There is nothing here for one such as you.

Bayek killed the servants of Anubis. He continued on and dived under a pool of water, swimming through the chamber.

  • Bayek: I promised to consecrate this tomb to Amun. I can start by defiling this vision of Akhenaten.

Bayek resurfaced and found himself in Aten, the manifestation of Akhenaten's vision of the afterlife.

  • Bayek: The ceremony in the farmlands. Djehuty believed the statues contained Akhenaten's spirit. Maybe destroying them will release it?
ACO The Heretic 10

Bayek finding a statue holding a relic replica

He examined a statue of Akhenaten.

  • Bayek: The rays of the Aten, they are pointing to the statues of the Heretic Pharaoh.

Bayek destroyed the relic replicas on the statue.

  • Bayek: The false idols need to be destroyed.

Bayek travelled to the Royal Palace where one of the statues was located. He found it to be crawling with giant scorpions. He eliminated the scorpions and destroyed the relic. He also travelled to the Vault of the Aten and swam underwater to reach the statue within via a secret entrance, destroying it. Bayek travelled to the Chambers of Reflection and the Wharf of the Aten to destroy the statues there. With all of the statues destroyed, The Aten's ray shone onto Akhenaten's throne.

  • Bayek: That is where it ends, at the temple.
ACO The Heretic 14

Bayek summoning Akhenaten

Bayek travelled to Akhenaten's temple. He scattered the sacred dust he collected from the statue of Amun at Akhenaten's throne.

  • Bayek: By Ra's light!

An apparition of Akhenaten manifested on the throne and attacked Bayek. Bayek defeated the apparition, which crumbled. Bayek witnessed a vision of Akhenaten on his deathbed, with the relic placed on his body.

  • Bayek: The great god dies.
ACO The Heretic 20

The Apple taken away

A young man took the relic away.

  • Bayek: And the Aten is taken up by his successor.

The man went off with the relic.

  • Bayek: Was he ever a god, or only a mortal?


Bayek travelled to Akhenaten's tomb and his vision of the afterlife, where he defeated the spirit of the heretic pharaoh, thus putting him to rest.



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