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The Healer was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek's dear friend Rabiah needs help retrieving medicine for her makeshift hospital.


Bayek visited Rabiah in her home.

  • Bayek: Rabiah!
  • Rabiah: Bayek! It does my heart good to have you again in Siwa.
  • Bayek: You nursed Senu back to health. I never expected to see her again.
  • Rabiah: She is a tough old bird.
  • Bayek: Like you!
  • Rabiah: Ah, Bayek.
  • Bayek: Hepzefa tells me you are healing the villagers as best you can. It would give me much pleasure to help you.
  • Rabiah: That is kind of you. May your ka(soul) be blessed. I can always use help. The soldiers are brutes. Almost every villager has cuts, bruises, broken bones. To help them, I put together a makeshift ("house of life") in the old ruined temple. Friends bring me medicines from Yamu, but now the soldiers stop everyone entering the village and steal their goods. So we tried to bring medicine on a boat instead.
  • Bayek: And the soldiers stopped that also.
  • Rabiah: They sank the last shipment. The medicine jars are scattered across the bottom of the lake.
  • Bayek: I will get them for you.
  • Rabiah: Thank you Bayek. Bring it to the old temple. I must go there now.

Rabiah left for the temple. Bayek approached the lake.

  • Bayek: The medicine could be anywhere in this lake. Senu can help me.

With Senu's help, Bayek was able to pinpoint the locations of the medicine jars. He dived into the lake to retrieve them.

  • Bayek: Rabiah is waiting for these jars.
ACO The Healer - Rabiah and Civilians

Rabiah and villagers stranded outside the temple

Bayek made his way towards the 'House of Life'. He found Rabiah and several villagers outside of the temple compound.

  • Rabiah: Ah Bayek, Amun be praised.
  • Bayek: What has happened? Why aren't the patients in the temple ruins?
  • Rabiah: The soldiers threw us out. Even though I pay the nomarch to allow me to use the temple, every few weeks soldiers come to take our medicine and food stocks. Always the same soldiers. They call it a "tribute", a tax for the Pharaoh's Royal Army. We barely have what's needed to take care of the poor souls that need our help.
  • Bayek: Vultures. Don't worry Rabiah, I will make certain they don't bother you anymore.
  • Rabiah: Be careful, Bayek.

Bayek approached the temple ruins.

  • Greek Soldier: It's hardly worth raiding this camp.

Bayek infiltrated the construct.

  • Greek Soldier 1: I don't like raiding this place. Full of diseases. What if the nomarch finds out about our raids?
  • Greek Soldier 2: He doesn't give a fig about this smelly bog.

Bayek took out some of the pillagers.

  • Greek Soldier 3: Damn. Not much here this time.

Eventually, Bayek killed all the soldiers in the compound. He returned to Rabiah.

  • Rabiah: Bayek! Did you succeed?
  • Bayek: The temple is yours now. Those soldiers won't bother you again.
  • Rabiah: All my patients thank you.
  • Bayek: Ah, I almost forgot to give you your medicines from the sunken boat.
  • Rabiah: Ha, ha. In all the excitement, I forgot about them myself!
  • Bayek: The oasis of Siwa is lucky to have you, Rabiah.
  • Rabiah: Ha, ha. Promise me you will not become consumed with your vengeance, Bayek.
  • Bayek: I think of nothing else. By the grace of Amun, one day I will be free of it.


Bayek was able to help Rabiah eliminate the soldiers raiding the House of life compound, allowing her to treat the villagers of Siwa properly.


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