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The Haunted Lighthouse was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Daniel Boone told Connor about a ghost in the Boston Light, prompting him to investigate.


  • Boone: I'd been out in the puckerbrush for six weeks. Game was scarce in the area and my belly needed fillin' so a broke for the coast and some crab or lobster from the tide pools. That's when I saw it. A lighthouse said to have been abandoned years ago, but there it was fires a burnin'. Then the sound happened. A moaning in the wind. My heart crept up my throat so high I could taste it. Just then a ten point buck started and I took after it. Got the buck but never went back to the lighthouse. Spirits in there I wager, and I'd challenge any man to set foot inside.

Three locals approached Connor.

  • Woman: You're heading up that way?
  • Man: Beaches up there are teeming with crab. Nobody goes there on account of the lighthouse. I figure so long as I keep away from it, no reason for those troubled souls to bother me.

Connor sought to find the ghost near the lighthouse. He eavesdropped on two locals below the lighthouse.

  • Local 1: I'd do it. I would!
  • Local 2: Hogwash.
  • Local 2: Show me the pounds and I'll sleep in the haunted lighthouse, for one night.

Connor approached the lighthouse and eavesdropped on two men.

  • Local 3: Crying in the wind. I've heard it. My wife heard it, it's there, no mistaking it. Spirits.
  • Local 4: You believe in that?
  • Local 3: I didn't until I heard it with my own ears.

Connor climbed to the top of the lighthouse and found that the ghost was simply a cloth draped over a large branch.


A new tale was unlocked in the Database.



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