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The Hard Way was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Having finished the renovation of the Aquila, Robert Faulkner took Connor out to teach him how to captain the ship.


  • Connor: Time passed quickly after that – my days a blur of study, training, and work. What little free time Achilles allowed me was spent learning about the Templars. About Charles Lee and my father. I longed to confront them. To put an end to their schemes. To ensure my people would remain untroubled and free. But I knew it was too soon. That to approach them now would see me killed. All my work would be for nothing. Patience. Restraint. These proved the most difficult subjects for me. But in time I mastered them as well. Days became months. Months became years. And as my skill and knowledge grew – so too did I.
ACIII-HardWay 3

Connor along with Faulkner aboard the Aquila

Connor met with Robert Faulkner near to the Aquila.

  • Robert: Come aboard and feast your eyes, boy! No no no no, not the left foot! Never the left foot. Horrible luck. Step with your right foot first.
  • Connor: She is... solid.
  • Robert: Aye. Weatherly and sleek. She'll fetch 12 knots in a stiff gale, ne'er a ship from here to Singapore can outrun her on her best day. Wha'dya say we take her out and show you what she can do first hand.
  • Connor: Where would we go?
  • Robert: As it happens she still needs guns and the officers to command them. We'll launch straight away. Don't worry, lad, I'll make sure you sprout good sea legs. Haul in the mainsail! Get up the rigging! Hand over fist! Come on, men!! Let's get her out where she needs to be!

The pair embarked to the east coast of America on the Aquila.

  • Robert: Come on, lad! No time like the present!
    Double time, boy, it's time you learned!
    Take the helm.
    Come on, come on! She won't bite!

Faulkner handed the helm over to Connor, who began to steer the ship.

  • Robert: You're connected to her now – Listen and feel. She's idle. If you call for half sail, the men'll hop to it and she'll pick up.
  • Connor: Half sail!
  • Robert: Ha ha! The Aquila flies again. D'ya feel it, lad?! Set a course for Martha's Vineyard. We'll find our guns and officers there. She's a nimble vessel but the faster she goes the more cumbersome she grows and the firmer your hand needs to be. Enjoy this stretch of open water 'fore we come upon those shallows. Call for full sail if you like.
    Wind looks to be shifting. Stay alert, Connor. Gusty winds can be difficult to manage. Now take us through these shallows. Careful not to run up on 'em. The sandbars'll slow us down but the rocks'll put a hole through her hull. And if you want to make a quick tack, call for half sail - she's more maneuverable then. Mind those other vessels. Hold your tack to keep your right of way.

The pair reached Martha's Vineyard.

  • Robert: Cottages. We're close. Drop anchor. We'll go ashore, buy our guns and find our officers.
ACIII-HardWay 5

Faulkner convincing David and Richard Clutterbuck

Faulkner and Connor entered a tavern.

  • Robert: Oh, hullo, Miss Mandy. You're looking every bit as ravishing as I remember.
  • Amanda: After all these years you sail all the way to the Vineyard to pay me compliments?
  • Robert: We're looking for David and Richard Clutterbuck.
  • Amanda: Nice to see you, too.
  • David: Robert Faulkner. Where the hell you been?
  • Robert: Sorry for leavin' like I did lads, but where I was going... no one could know... You two working much?
  • Richard: Nah... between contracts at the moment.
  • Robert: Well, we're looking for gunnery officers. What would you two say to working with me again?
  • Richard: We'd be for gettin' into a few more scraps.
  • Robert: Good show! The Aquila is a fine vessel. We're fitting all the guns as we speak...
ACIII-HardWay 6

Connor confronting Church and Biddle

  • David: Looks like your friend's about to catch a beatin'.

Benjamin Church and Nicholas Biddle were talking at a nearby table. Glancing over, Connor recognized Church and swiftly approached him.

  • Connor: Where is Charles Lee?
  • Church: I don't much care for your tone, boy.

Biddle rose from his seat.

  • Robert: Hey... You don't want to be doin' that, Biddle.
  • Biddle: Bobby Faulkner turned to wet-nursing? Good you finally realized you're a SHITE sailor.
  • Amanda: Whoa whoa whoa! Not in here gentlemen. Better still, not at all. Bobby, take your friends and get out.
  • Robert: Let's go boys. Our guns ought to be ready. Come on.

Faulkner and Connor returned to the Aquila.

  • Robert: What the bloody hell was that about?
  • Connor: The older man is a Templar. Who was he with?
  • Robert: A Templar? The young buck was Nicholas Biddle. Nobody. Sails before the mast – midshipman for the Crown.
  • Connor: Are the guns ready?
  • Robert: Aye, but we won't jump in over our heads. We'll find a suitable target and show you how they work. We've fitted her with a modest amount of guns to start but rest assured there's ample room to add more should you feel the need. Looks like a British frigate with half seas over. Should do nicely for a spot of target practice. Bring her around broad side and when all guns are on target call 'fire'.
  • David: Round shot for a start!

Connor practiced with the cannons.

ACIII-HardWay 9

Aquila's cannons firing at crashed ships

  • Robert: Well done boy! Now aim all guns at her bow and do as much damage as possible.
  • Deckman: Some ol' powder in there.
  • Robert: Good! Now give the swivel guns a turn. More precise. Hit those old powder barrels and light up the sky.
  • Deckman: Woooo! Ne'er gets old.
  • David: Not bad for a spud, cap'n!
  • Robert: You are a fast learner.
  • Connor: Provided something interests me.
  • Robert: Ah... getting a taste for the open sea are we? We'll make a jack tar out of you yet. Now we should be getting back. The Old Man is like to have my hide for keeping you out so long...

As the pair aimed to set sail for the Davenport Homestead, they were soon attacked by enemy vessels.

  • Connor: Why is he shooting at us?
  • Robert: Destroying property of the crown. Disturbing the King's peace. Take your pick.
  • Connor: What do we do?
  • Robert: Naught else to do but fight back! Sink the bastard!
  • David: Use the swivels on 'em, cap'n!
  • Deckman: English frigates!
  • Robert: I'll be betwattled, another one! Where in the bloody hell did she come from?! Brace!

The Aquila took down the attacking frigate.

  • Robert: Carry on, sailor. Not bad for your first voyage, eh boy? Now we best be getting back or the Old Man will have my guts for garters.
ACIII-HardWay 14

Connor and Robert arrive at Davenport and notice Peg Leg

After a long voyage, the Aquila returned to the Davenport Homestead.

  • Peg Leg: I got 'em! All of 'em! You find what I need and I'll give 'em to ya! Simple! You got a ship! Could find 'em all to boot!
  • Connor: Who is that man?
  • Robert: Him? Some ol' salt always going on about letters he's got from Captain Kidd. Nonsense, really, but he don't hurt no one, so I leave him be. Talk to him if you fancy, but be warned – he'll chew your ear off. Anyway, the Aquila's here for you, should you get a pang for the open sea. Now I implore you to head up the hill 'fore the Old Man comes out of retirement just for me.

Connor returned to the manor, where Achilles was waiting for him.

ACIII-HardWay 15

Connor retrieving the robes

  • Achilles: Three weeks... and not even a goodbye before you left.
  • Connor: Sorry...
  • Achilles: Well? What are you waiting for?

The two of them descended into the manor's basement, where they stopped in front of the Assassin robes hung in the middle of the room.

  • Achilles: Put them on.

Connor put on the robes.

  • Achilles: Once upon a time we had ceremonies on such occasions. But I don't think either of us are really the type for that. You've your tools and training. Your targets and goals. And now you have your title. Welcome to the Brotherhood, Connor.


Connor learned how to sail the Aquila, which had now been equipped with cannons and the officers to use them. He also learned of Nicholas Biddle, who seemed to work with the Templars. On his return to the Homestead, Connor was also finally initiated into the Assassin Order.


  • Faulker mentions Singapore by name, despite the fact that modern Singapore would not be founded until 1819.



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