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The Hand of Science was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.



  • Corpse - Professor Simon Marcel is bloody and badly burnt on the face and hands. Shards of glass have splintered into his face.
  • Bloody Bible - A bible from the Church of Saint Côme: 49 Rue du Four. It has a bloody hand print on its front page and an inscription scrawled inside: "Repent now Monsieur Marcel. Repent while you still grace the earth."
  • Exam of Lionel Viala - Lionel received a near-perfect score on his chemistry exam.
  • Exam of Pierre Simeoni - Pierre has failed his chemistry exam. A note has been written hastily at the bottom: "We shall discuss this for the last time. Failure is not an option. Come speak to me."
  • Trail of blood - A blood trail. It looks to have dried to a dark brown.
  • Statement of Lionel Viala - Lionel Viala (student of the victim): He seems shocked at the death of Professor Marcel. He claims Marcel was only a tough teacher because he cared deeply for his students.
  • Statement of Pierre Simeoni - Pierre Simeoni (student of the victim): Professor Marcel's student Pierre clearly has a grudge against him and is not afraid to admit it.


  • Key - A key with a tag that says "Office."
  • L'avantcourer Journal - A journal containing an essay by Professor Marcel in support of the findings of Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier against the phlogiston theory of combustion. It looks as though he disputes the recent findings of Professor Frison, who supports phlogiston theory.


  • Statement of the church deacon - Deacon Manon (assistant to the priest): The deacon saw Professor Marcel and Father Carriveau arguing often. He also noticed Marcel was working late yesterday.
  • Statement of the preist - Father Carriveau (priest): To say that the Father dislikes Professor Marcel is an understatement. Marcel injected his own thoughts on religion in his lectures, and made enemies of the church as a result.


  • List of chemicals - A hand-written list of chemicals that look to be part of the lesson plan for the day: Muriatic acid, Sulfuric acid, Precision Scale and Glass Vials. Sulfuric acid is circled.
  • Manifesto - A manifesto written by Professor Marcel, it begins: "As a youth I may have been immune to logic, continuing to follow the church as a blind sheep to slaughter. But with age, the hand of science reached out to me, and freed me from perpetual ignorance."
  • Scrap of paper - A scrap of paper. The word "Sulfuric Acid" has been written in a variety of styles.


  • Chemical vials - The table is covered in vials filled with a variety of chemicals. They are all neatly labeled as either "Ethanol" or "Sulfuric Acid", except the largest bottle of sulfuric acid, whose label is crudely placed and peeling.
  • Lesson plan - A lesson plan: "Today's Experiment: Mixing Sulfuric Acid with Ethanol to produce Diethyl Ether, a fascinating and useful compound used as anesthetic by Field Surgeons. Important - caution students to never mix NITRIC acid with ethanol! Stress that an explosion will result."
  • Smashed bottles - An explosion shattered the bottles.
  • Statement of the school caretaker - Georges Brion (school caretaker): The caretaker at the school seems to be fond of Professor Marcel, mostly because he cleaned up after himself. Looks like Marcel roomed with Professor Frison one floor up from the classroom.
  • Statement of Professor Frison - Professor Frison (colleague of the victim): He both roomed with Professor Marcel and shared an office with him for several years at Chemical Science School Eustache du Gary. Claims he's in complete shock.



  • Lionel Viala (A student of Professor Marcel at Chemical Science School Eustache du Gary): I'm shocked. He was quite meticulous, but I didn't mind. He'd even given me lessons last night. Professor Marcel was cold, but a kind man at heart.
  • Pierre Simeoni (A student of Professor Marcel at Chemical Science School Eustache du Gary): I couldn't stand Professor Marcel. He was so strict. I'm sure his office mate, Professor Frison, is happy he's dead, I know he is.


  • Deacon Manon (assistant to the priest) To tell you the truth, I'd often hear Professor Marcel and Father Carriveau arguing in the street. I did notice the professor was working quite late on my walk home past the school. The candles from his office were lit.
  • Father Carriveau (priest) May he kneel before the devil and learn the price of his blasphemous teachings. He and his students, denouncing our Lord and questioning our holiest truths.


  • Georges Brion (A caretaker of the Chemical Science School Eustache du Gary): Could be Professor Marcel's experiment went wrong. Just look at that mess! Such a shame. He was a good man, always made sure to clean up after himself. Not sure how he roomed upstairs with that filthy Professor Frison. That man was raised in a barn.
  • Professor Frison (A fellow professor and colleague of Professor Marcel at Chemical Science School Eustache du Gary): As a fellow member of the faculty I'm devastated. As a friend, heartbroken. Professor Marcel and I roomed together for several years. We shared our offices. Of course we had our differences, but I'm in complete shock.




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