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The Gunpowder Plot was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Hoping to escape Nassau, Edward and Charles Vane devise a plan for which they will need gunpowder.


  • Vane: Look at them turncoats. Makes me bloody ill to think how many times I put up with Hornigold and his self-righteous shite.
  • Rogers: Verily, you are a man of principle, Captain Hornigold. A man I believe I can trust with my best ideas.
  • Edward: Faith, and we'll survive this, Charles. With our pride intact.
  • Vane: Well, that's confidence. You brewed a plan I might get a taste of?
  • Edward: Nassau is over, that's plain to see. I say we skip out tonight, and regroup at my compound.
  • Vane: Fair enough. What's your angle?
  • Edward: The Brits have brought their supplies ashore, see? If we nick some gunpowder and pine pitch, we can build a fire ship and send it straight at the blockade, blasting it to smithereens.
  • Vane: Aye. We'll use Rackham's ship. He ain't a capable captain.
  • Edward: My conscience is clear.
  • Vane: Right. While you get up the gunpowder, I'll secure the pine pitch.

Edward robbed four gunpowder storages.


Edward stole the gunpowder needed for their plot.