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The Guardian, Part 2 was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore and his Apprentice met with Theodorus Komnenos again, who offered to lead them to the man behind the bribing of the merchants in Assassin controlled districts.


Ezio met his Apprentice and Theodorus Komnenos.

  • Theodorus: Please, you must understand! I did not go to the Templars. They came to me! Threatening me with violence if I did not comply with their demands.
  • Ezio: Which are what, exactly?
  • Apprentice: He pays money to the merchants in Assassin districts to keep prices artificially high, hoping this will turn public opinions against us.
  • Ezio: So what do we do with you, Theodorus Komnenos? Are you any use to us at all?
  • Theodorus: I can take you to the Templar enforcer. He is an African named Dunqas. He is the man in charge of running this racket.
  • Ezio: Bene. (Good.) Lead us there, and we will do all we can to keep you safe.

Ezio and his Apprentice followed Theodorus.

  • Ezio: The Templars' coffers are deep. We have always had a difficult time competing on that score.
  • Apprentice: When you champion the poor and powerless, you take on certain risks.
  • Ezio: Better to be poor than wrong, is that it?

Theodorus met with a guard.

Ezio following the guard and Theodorus

  • Theodorus: A fine day, don't you think?
  • Guard: Bearable.
  • Theodorus: Are we late? I fear we are. I mean, it's no bother. We can meet tomorrow.
  • Guard: We are right on time.
  • Theodorus: Ah. Wonderful. Suddenly I… I don't feel very well. I may be coming down with a… a touch of something.
  • Guard: This will not take long. You give us the money, we give you access. The Guardian will explain all.
  • Theodorus: Ah yes, the African gentleman. Y-yes.

Theodorus met Odai Dunqas.

  • Odai: Theodorus Komnenos. You have been a friend to the Templars, and a generous partner. What would you say to a permanent appointment with our man in Alexandria? We could use man of your… means.
  • Theodorus: What would I say? Well I… ah… Assassins! They followed me! Look! They are here!
  • Ezio: Lazy fool!
  • Theodorus: Ah!
  • Odai: Our business here is done.

Odai stabbed Theodorus, before he and the guard fled.

Ezio assassinating the guard

  • Ezio: You follow the Guardian. I can catch up.

Ezio killed the guard and joined his Apprentice, stopping Odai in his tracks.

  • Odai: So it comes to this, does it?

Ezio's Apprentice assassinated Odai.

  • Odai: Wealth, power, ambition… such things I have seen in my short time on earth, and reveled in them. Such things are the wonders of man. You may believe you have ended my life, but the truth is, you have completed it. To perish in this age-old struggle is an honor befitting a king.


Ezio and his Apprentice managed to kill Odai Dunqas, effectively ending the bribing of merchants in the district.



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