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The Guardian, Part 1 was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore's Apprentice informed him of merchants being bribed by the Templars, to which they then decided to investigate the market, and later met with the man who provided the vast amounts of money.


Ezio met with his Apprentice.

  • Ezio: Buon giorno. (Good day). How have you taken to your new post?
  • Apprentice: I do my best, Ezio, but it is no easy task to oversee a district in constant peril.
  • Ezio: Peril? What has happened?
  • Apprentice: Despite our presence, the influence of Templar money is strong. Most of the merchants here are still taking bribes.
  • Ezio: Damnazione. (Damn.) We should talk to the people, and get a feeling for their mood. Vieni. (Come.)
  • Apprentice: Most of the merchants who have sold their allegiance are Greek, and I am not ashamed to say that I understand why.
  • Ezio: Then you are a better citizen than most, efendim (my friend). We cannot expect men to find any comfort in having been conquered. But just as they have a right to demand dignity from the Ottomans, the Byzantines have an obligation to keep the innocents safe from harm. This requires a careful balancing act, and we should not be surprised if we stumble from time to time.

Ezio and his Apprentice began their investigation into the market. They soon found a merchant conversing with Odai Dunqas.

The Guardian P1 2

Odai Dunqas leaving the market

  • Odai: May the Father of Understanding guide and keep you.
  • Ezio: This is an impressive take for a single day.
  • Merchant: What business is it of yours how quickly I make my money? I take care of my neighbours, and they take care of me.

Ezio searched the market for clues of Templar influence.

  • Ezio: How did you come across this incredible sum of money?
  • Merchant 2: Where did you learn your manners, Italyani (Italian)? In the court of the Borgia? Clear away from my shop!
  • Merchant 3: Bless you, brother! May God shine his radiance upon you.
  • Ezio: A large sum for him as well.

Ezio spoke to an important merchant.

The Guardian P1 6

Ezio asking about the insignia on the money chest

  • Ezio: Salute, amico (To your health, friend.) Forgive me for asking, but the insignia on this chest... what does it mean?
  • Merchant: That? It is the seal of Theodorus Komnenos.
  • Ezio: And he is your benefactor?
  • Merchant: Benefactor? Ohi! (No!) He is my friend, my countryman. And one of the wealthiest men in this district, despite our new masters.
  • Ezio: Of course. Grazie. (Thank you.)

Ezio spoke with his Apprentice again.

  • Ezio: What do you think? Shall we pay Theodorus a visit?
  • Apprentice: I do not want to start a fight we cannot justify, Ezio.
  • Ezio: Nor do I, and if we can find a way to avoid bloodshed, we will. But if the Templars are behind this, that will give us few options.

Ezio and his Apprentice made their way to Theodorus.

  • Theodorus: What! Ten thousand Akçe is not enough? Did he actually say that? Is he mad? Does he think I piss money? Far be it for me to question how these Templars work, but I have been hemorrhaging money ever since I came into their company. Find me a quill, quickly! I believe I will write these men a sternly worded missive, packed with subtle barbs and tawdry insinuations. If that does not get their attention, I don't know what will.
The Guardian P1 8

Ezio questioning Theodorus

Ezio confronted Theodorus.

  • Ezio: Theodorus. Buon giorno. (Good day.)
  • Theodorus: Ah! W-who are you?
  • Ezio: You have been quite free with your money lately, and the Assassins would like to know what your generosity purchased.
  • Theodorus: Assassins. You? Both of you?
  • Apprentice: Calm, efendi (sir). We mean no harm.
  • Theodorus: I don't want to die! Please! Spare my troubled soul! The Templars have corrupted me. I am a good man at heart.
  • Ezio: Keep watch over this one. When he has regained his sanity, we will talk.


Ezio and his Apprentice found the source of the bribes and persuaded the man to stop funding the Templar activities in the district.



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