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Juno's digitized appearance from within the Grey

The Grey is the name given by the Isu Juno to the state of living inside an unknown digital afterlife-like realm.[1] This is also the most common reference to her own status as a superior being.[2]

Following her release from the confines of the Grand Temple by Desmond Miles on 21 December 2012, during his attempt to save the world from a solar flare, Juno entered the worldwide digital networks as an artificial intelligence.[3] Using these networks, Juno became capable of interfacing and taking over various forms of digital technology, and has launched several attacks against Abstergo Industries and the Helix servers.[4][5]

After her attempt to overtake the body of an Abstergo Entertainment research analyst with the help of the Sage John Standish had failed,[6] Juno intended for humanity to "enter the Grey" only as a reward for the people who have served her and to live under her leadership blissfully.[7] In a digital correspondence between Juno and her husband Aita decoded by Abstergo employees, she claimed that Clay Kaczmarek and Desmond Miles were among those who "will [not] leave" and "live in bliss" inside the Grey.[8]

In October 2018, Layla Hassan described the Grey as "a virtual existence in some kind of spiritual-tech hybrid afterlife" in her file.[9]



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