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The Greater Good was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


With Rufio gone, Gamilat is at last in position to take leadership of the Sinai.


Having killed Rufio, Bayek returned to Aya in Arsinoe.

  • Bayek: They'll have peace until the Romans send another general. It is endless! We must make the Hidden Ones as enduring as the Order.
  • Amunet: There is a more immediate problem. Gamilat. The people look on him as if upon a god. They glorify his every action.
  • Bayek: He fights for the people's freedom.
  • Amunet: You and I just witnessed a massacre. I have spoken to the villagers. There have been many such massacres. Gamilat witnessed a man and a woman being killed by the soldiers, but stopped his men from interfering.
ACO THO The Greater Good 05

Gamilat recruitng martyrs to his cause

A flashback is shown where Gamilat's soldiers sneakily attacked the Romans from behind. In retaliation, the Romans burned down the villagers' homes and killed them. When the Romans left the place, Gamilat and his rebels recruited the surviving villagers, who sought vengeance for their families.

  • Amunet: In each, Gamilat sends his rebels to provoke the Romans. The rebels hide among the villagers, inviting the Roman backlash to fall upon the most vulnerable. Many villagers are slaughtered in the fight.
  • Bayek: You are saying he does this knowingly?
  • Aya: This tactic creates martyrs for the cause, and families eager to take vengeance upon the Romans.
  • Bayek: His plan was to cause a slaughter to recruit more rebels?
  • Amunet: He's done this again and again. He is building a rebellion at a terrible price.
  • Bayek: He is a friend.
  • Amunet: Recall, that Cleopatra was more than a friend, yet I trusted her too well. You helped me see my mistake.

Amunet clasped his shoulder, and he considered her words carefully.

  • Bayek: He and I must talk.

Bayek and Amunet took up mounts and rode for Gamilat's camp.

  • Bayek: I am astonished by Gamilat's actions. Is he leading the rebellion for personal power?
  • Amunet: I don't think so. I believe he wants the rebellion to succeed so badly, that he is blind to the cost. He genuinely sees the villagers as martyrs. He does not consider that they had no choice. And the tactic has been successful! He will certainly use it when the Romans send another general.

Bayek changed the subject.

  • Bayek: Tell me of your life in Rome.
  • Amunet: It's a marvelous place. Full of intrigue, deceit and corruption. The perfect city for a Hidden One!
  • Bayek: Ha! I expected you to talk about the wine!
  • Amunet: The wine is very good. You should come visit sometime. We'll have a taste.
  • Bayek: I might do that.

They reached Gamilat's camp.

  • Bayek: It is ahead.
  • Amunet: He will be surrounded by his rebels.
  • Bayek: They see him as a god. We cannot challenge him in front of them.

While Amunet waited outside, Bayek entered the camp to learn of Gamilat's whereabouts.

  • Haganu: Now that Rufio has fallen, so shall Rome! All hail the Hidden Ones, who have freed us from Roman rule.
  • Egyptian Soldier 1: Awful young, aren't you? Come here, play soldier. Have a laugh.
  • Egyptian Soldier 2: I have no reason to laugh.
  • Egyptian Soldier 1: Sure, it is all very serious. Why are you here, then?
  • Egyptian Soldier 2: To honor my father, killed by the Romans.
  • Haganu: Rufio thrashes in the Duat, drowning in the river of Jackals, clasped in the grip of the Lady of Slaughter.
ACO THO The Greater Good 07

Bayek asking for Gamilat's location

Bayek spoke to one of the soldiers.

  • Bayek: Neb! Where is your leader?
  • Egyptian Soldier 3: Gamilat is on a hunt near the oasis.

Bayek returned to Amunet.

  • Bayek: I'll go speak to Gamilat. You stay here. Keep the rebels away.
  • Amunet: Fight well.

Bayek rode to the sunken quarry, where Gamilat was waiting. Senu spied him from above.

  • Bayek: Gamilat. The great hope of the Nabateans. I'm about to disappoint them all.

He walked up the platform and found Gamilat praying.

  • Gamilat: Bayek. What is this about?
  • Bayek: You have been provoking massacres. Many innocent villagers have died.
  • Gamilat: I have exposed the vile cruelty of the Romans. The martyrs have inspired countless warriors to continue the fight.
  • Bayek: "Martyrs"?
  • Gamilat: What are the lives of a few villagers in light of freedom for all?
  • Bayek: The "lives of a few villagers"? They had no choice in the matter.
  • Gamilat: Bayek, don't be absurd. We fight on the same side!
  • Bayek: No. Here, we simply fight.
  • Gamilat: So be it.
ACO THO The Greater Good 10

Bayek confronting Gamilat

Both Bayek and Gamilat drew their swords.

  • Gamilat: You will be the ultimate martyr.
    You cannot harm me now.
    You fight well, Hidden One. But my shield is the strongest in all the Sinai.

Gamilat knocked Bayek to the waters below.

  • Gamilat: It's over, Bayek. I have the high ground.

Gamilat set fire to the path and attacked Bayek with the ballista. A well-placed arrow forced Gamilat to return to sword combat.

  • Gamilat: Raaaah!
    This gives me no pleasure.
    Let's end this once and for all!
    Burn, Bayek! Let your accusations turn to ashes.
    Your blows will glance off this shield.
    You have become a torch for the cause!
    Now, you are done for!

Bayek defeated Gamilat and confirmed his death.

A hallucination of Gamilat appeared. He stood over the bodies of villagers who died due to his actions. The bodies turned to dust and faded away. Bayek, holding a heron feather approached Gamilat from behind.

  • Bayek: There is freedom, and there is the life of innocents. Both must be balanced on the scale.
  • Gamilat: It is now my heart that will lie upon the scale of Anubis.
  • Bayek: Your heart beat too strongly in favor of its cause. The innocent must always be protected.
  • Gamilat: My ardor shone like sun in my eyes, blinding me. You have done right by me. I accept this death.
ACO THO The Greater Good 12

Bayek placing the feather in Gamilat's hands

Gamilat extended his hand, and Bayek placed the feather in Gamilat's palm. Bayek clasped Gamilat's hand in both of his as he drafted the first tenet of the Creed.

  • Bayek: From this day, no Hidden One will raise a sword against an innocent. So it shall be written.

As Bayek laid Gamilat to rest.

  • Bayek: May you find peace in the Duat.

Apparitions of Amunet and the other Hidden Ones appeared behind him.

  • Gamilat: And may the Hidden Ones last until the end of time.

Gamilat faded away, turning into dust.

Sometime later, Haganu narrated the story of Gamilat to several rebels.

  • Haganu: The greatest of leaders, Gamilat, is now dead, and his story lives on in the warriors of the Sinai. He could kill a million tyrants with one breath, a divine arrow, the great Gamilat is no longer! (Humming)

Amunet and Bayek watched from afar.

  • Amunet: Should we kill their dreams?
  • Bayek: Let them have their heroes. For now the Hidden Ones are forgotten, this is in our favor. Gamilat's death serves a higher cause.
  • Amunet: No more senseless martyrs.
  • Bayek: Have we done good?
ACO THO The Greater Good 16

Amunet assuring Bayek

Amunet held Bayek's hand, then began walking away. Bayek followed.

Amunet and Bayek had established a new bureau for the Hidden Ones in the mountains. Standing before a fire, they gave a speech to the rest of the Hidden Ones.

  • Amunet: Our tenets need to be passed on to those who have taken our oath, so they have a true creed to study.
  • Bayek: The Hidden Ones will pass onto Petra and towards Judea. And forever. The Creed must live beyond any one.
  • Amunet: No one shall be bigger than the greater group. When I return to Rome I will not speak of heroes, I will speak of discipline and perseverance.
  • Bayek: Amunet is a Mentor to this brotherhood. Our will never rests...
  • Amunet: ... and our blades shall never tire.

The Hidden Ones nodded in agreement. Amunet and Bayek walked to the edge of the cave. Bayek turned to Amunet.

  • Amunet: We have done good.

They then shook hands and placed their heads together. They took deep breaths and steeled themselves, against the personal sadness they shared and for the Creed they swore to uphold. Amunet then left to return to Rome. Bayek looked over the city of Arsinoe as Senu flew over his head into the horizon.


Bayek learned of Gamilat's actions and stopped him before he could continue. He was able to convince Gamilat to learn from his mistakes before he passed on. Together with Amunet, they laid the foundations of their creed and announced their intentions to spread their creed and ensured it lives on forever.


  • During the fight against Gamilat when Bayek is knocked off the platform, Gamilat proclaims, "It's over, Bayek. I have the high ground." in reference to Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, where the phrase is spoken by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the final moments of his duel against Darth Vader. Furthermore, following Gamilat back up to higher ground will result in Bayek being set aflame, in parallel to Revenge of the Sith.



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