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The Great Contender was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra took part in the Battle of One Hundred Hands.


Kassandra made her way to the entrance to the battlefield.

  • Drakios: Prepare, warriors. The Battle will commence soon.
    Ah, the misthios arrives. Then we can begin.

Kassandra gathered alongside other participants, watching as Drakios gave a speech on the platform.

  • Drakios: We are gathered here again for the Battle of One Hundred Hands.
    Indeed, impressive warriors from all over the Greek world have come to test their might and skill against each other. Whether it is the sharpest sword in the Athenian army, or the broadest shield Sparta can muster, all now stand alone against the many.

(If players had met Roxana prior)

  • Kassandra turned to look towards Roxana, who similarly took a glance at Kassandra.


  • Drakios: At our climax, the final two will face off on a special battlefield, but only one will be called Champion. Let the Battle of One Hundred Hands begin!

The horn sounded to signify the start of the tournament. The participants including Kassandra and Roxana took their positions in the battlefield.

  • Drakios: Remember that horn. You'll hear it throughout the Battle, marking your progress. Now fight!

The horn sounded again, beginning the tournament. Kassandra made her first kills in the open area, before heading towards a quarry area where more participants were fighting in.

  • Kassandra: Fighting with obsidian swords? I'd win against them using my fists.

The horn sounded for the first twenty-five deaths.

  • Kassandra: The second horn. That means a quarter of the combatants are dead.

Kassandra cleared the area of enemies.

  • Kassandra: The other contestants must be somewhere else.

The horn sounded once again.

  • Kassandra: Another horn. Half the fighters are already dead.

As Kassandra travelled the island, she came across a sulfur pit.

  • Kassandra: Smells like rotten eggs.

She continued to kill her way across the battlefield.

  • Kassandra: I need to keep moving.

She noticed groups of fighters actively working together, against the Battle's rules.

  • Kassandra: I thought this was every fighter for herself. These people are clearly working together.

The final horn blasted.

  • Kassandra: I'm nearly finished. I should return to Drakios.

She took stock of all the dead strewn across the battlefield.

  • Kassandra: These bodies... Such a waste of life for sport.

(If players had met Roxana prior)

  • Kassandra noted that she had yet to see Roxana.
  • Kassandra: I haven't seen Roxana among the dead.

As Kassandra made her way back to the city gates, she mused on the collective strength of the fighters.

  • Kassandra: I can only imagine the might of all these warriors aligned against the Cult. Instead, we came to Melos to slaughter each other over a sack of drachmae.

Kassandra approached the gates as Drakios gave a slow clap.

  • Kassandra: Is there a final challenger?
  • Drakios: Indeed there is! Patience, Kassandra, patience.

(Maybe dependent on having met Roxana)

    • Kassandra: Tell me, Drakios! Is it Roxana? Is she alive?
  • Drakios: Your final challenger approaches.

The other surviving challenger approached. It was Roxana of Hydrea.

  • Drakios: Come! We will finish this in the shadow of the volcano in the east.


Kassandra killed her way to the top of the battle royale, meeting Roxana of Hydrea in the final round.


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