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The Ghost Ship was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After collecting fourteen trinkets for Peg Leg, Connor received the location of the third treasure map piece.


Connor shifted through the deep snow, trying to find the Northwest Passage.

  • Connor: Faulkner's guess better be right. Why anyone would believe the Northwest Passage exists is beyond me.

Connor spotted the abandoned ship.

Connor made his way onto the ship and spotted Hendrick's corpse hanging onto a small chest.

  • Connor: Hendrick van der Heul. Captain Kidd's quarter master turned captain himself. The path you sought never existed, Hendrick. I hope your suffering was short.

After retrieving the parchment, Connor attempted to leave the ship. As he did so, the Octavius began to sink.

Ghost Ship 8

Connor escaping the sinking Octavius

  • Connor: I need to get out of this thing!
    I must get out.

As Connor reached the upper deck of the ship, a barrel pushed him back down. While he was standing back up, another barrel flew at him, just barely missing him.

  • Connor: That was close!

Connor attempted to make his way back up to the top, this time reaching a ladder. As he grabbed for it, the floor collapsed underneath him. The sudden drop shifted the weight of the ship, capsizing it.

  • Connor: Whoa!

Connor continued to climb up through the ship, all the while being bombarded by splashes of icy water as the ship continued to sink.

  • Connor: I must not get caught in here.
    There is not much time.

Connor made it out of the ship, just as it was sinking, and swam back to a solid surface.

  • Connor: "And abreast the rock that doesn't fit."


Connor recovered the third piece of the treasure map.


  • This memory borrows music from Assassin's Creed: Revelations's multiplayer: "Find the Target" plays when approaching the Octavius, and "Let the Chase Begin" plays while escaping the ship as it sinks.



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