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This article is about a memory. You may be looking for the fortified locations.

The Forts is a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward got information on the governor of Cuba and a large sum of money being in a nearby fort, so he set out to capture it.


  • Vane: So this is the new Libertalia, eh? Stinks the same as every other squat I've robbed this past year.
  • Rackham: Oy! Why the long face? You falling in love?
  • Edward: With your blouse. You're welcome to Nassau, gents. Everyone is that does their fair share.
  • Vane: Fair share? What is this, a fucking monastery?
  • Rackham: We was lead to believe Nassau was a place where men did as they pleased.
  • Thatch: Save keeping others from doing the same, aye.
  • Vane: Captain Thatch, as I live and breathe. And what is this magnificent muzzle you've cultivated?
  • Thatch: Why fly a black flag when a black beard will do? What brings you two gents this far north?
  • Vane: The word is the Cuban governor himself is fixing to receive a mess of gold from a nearby fort. Until then, it's just sitting there, itching to be took.
  • Edward: Governor Torres himself, eh? Sounds promising.
  • Thatch: Welcome to Nassau, Captain Vane. Mister Rackham.
  • Rackham: Now, where... Where can a man find a bit of ruff. D'ya know what I mean?

Edward boarded the Jackdaw and sailed to the fort.

The Forts 1

Adéwalé telling Edward about his past

  • Edward: So what'll you do with your share of the gold we take from governor Torres? Return to Africa? Prince among men?
  • Adéwalé: I cannot return to a place I have never been. I was born in Trinidad, a slave from my first breath.
  • Edward: Ah. But wouldn't you feel... I don't know... More welcome there?
  • Adéwalé: As you might feel more welcome in (Paris)?
  • Edward: Fair point.
  • Adéwalé: With this skin and this voice, where can I go in the world and feel at ease? This country here is my best chance. This country called Jackdaw, where I know the names of all citizens, and they know mine, and we work together. Not always out of love, but to keep our country afloat.
  • Edward: I think I understand ye. Let's take her, then. For the citizens of Jackdaw!

Edward then used the Jackdaw to destroy the fort's defenses and infiltrate it. After killing the officer in charge, he went into the war room.

The Forts 5

Edward questioning Torres

  • Edward: Well hello, your Excellency. I'd got word you might be here.
  • Torres: I know your face, pirate. But your name was borrowed the last time we spoke.
  • Edward: Ah, yes. I recall... Mister Duncan Walpole, I miss that one. So... What's a Templar Grand Master doing so far from his Castillo?
  • Torres: I'd rather not say.
  • Edward: And I'd rather not cut your lips off and feed 'em to you.
  • Torres: Two years ago we offered a reward for the Sage's recapture. Today someone claims to have found him. This gold is his ransom.
  • Edward: Who found him?
  • Torres: A slaver by the name of Laurens Prins. He lives in Kingston.
  • Edward: We like this story, Torres. And we want to help you finish it. But we're going to do it our way. Using you and your gold.


Edward captured a fort for the pirate cause, and devised a plan to find the Sage and earn some money by using Torres as bait.



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