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This article is about one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories. You may be looking for a memory of Edward Kenway's, a memory of Aveline de Grandpré's, or the structures in general.

The Fort was a virtual representation of one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Having recently taken Aaminah as a crew member aboard his ship, she and Alonzo set out to challenge a large naval fort at Isla de la Juventud.


Alonzo and Aaminah sailed forth, hampered only by the rain.

  • Aaminah: This region is too familiar for my liking, Alonzo...
  • Alonzo: How so?
  • Aaminah: This is where I was detained as a slave... before they took me to the Kingston markets...
  • Alonzo: Detained?
  • Aaminah: There's a fort hidden among these islands... a well protected stronghold.
  • Alonzo: I feel like seeing it with my own eyes!... I have fire in my blood today!

The pair sailed forth, dodging fire barrels, until they came across a large ship entering a passageway.

  • Aaminah: The fort is on the other side of this island... but the route is well guarded.
  • Alonzo: Why so many ships?... The bounty they store there must be spectacular.
  • Aaminah: If our attack is to succeed, we'll have to slip away quickly and unnoticed!

Alonzo snuck past the tight guard patrol, reaching the fort. However, he came upon a Man O' War and two schooners.


The enemy ships approaching

  • Jumao: Those ships are powerful enough to sink us! You have to resist their barrage, captain!

Alonzo managed to avoid the Man O' War's attacks long enough to facilitate an attack of his own.

  • Jumao: They're reloading! Time to attack! Sink that man o' war! Give no quarter to those slaver pigs!
  • Alonzo: When have I ever held back?

Alonzo sank the two schooners, but could not defeat the Man O' War.

  • Alonzo: That ship is too powerful!... The man behind the wheel must be the devil himself!

Alvaro made his presence known.

  • Alvaro: I am worse than the devil! I am the furious hand of the lord!
  • Alonzo: The lord of crabs and fish is the one you'll serve... when I send you to the deep!
  • Alvaro: Not today! You have won this skirmish... but you have yet to witness my true strength!
  • Alonzo: Your true strength... I must say I am intrigued...

Alvaro sailing away

  • Alvaro: It will sweep away your pride, pirate! I have brought tougher men than you to their knees!

Alvaro departed, leaving Alonzo free to attack the fort.

  • Aaminah: Tear those walls apart Alonzo! But spare the innocent men living behind them!

Alonzo precisely aimed his swivel gun and shot all of the fort's weak points, while sustaining mortar fire.

  • Alonzo: In time... we will bring an end to slavery in the West Indies!
  • Aaminah: Your optimism blinds you Alonzo! New ships will come... new forts will be built... There is too much gold in this blood trade for those vultures to stop!
  • Alonzo: Have faith. We will make them stop.

Alonzo departing, after having destroyed the fort

  • Aaminah: May the almighty lord hear your words and make them come true.
  • Alonzo: The lord of crabs and fish?
  • Aaminah: Don't you respect anything?!
  • Alonzo: Only your anger, woman.
  • Aaminah: Thanks for liberating this fort, Alonzo! Here is a special reward to express my gratitude!


With his curiosity piqued at the mention of a hidden fort, Alonzo, Aaminah and his other crew members set out to plunder it and free its inhabitants. Along the way, Alonzo snuck through a secure naval passage, but faced further resistance in the appearance of the pirate hunter Alvaro.

Fending off the nuisance he presented, Alonzo then successfully pinpointed the fort's weaknesses and fired upon them, liberating it, but not fully satisfying Aaminah's intense hatred for the slave trade, despite his promise to ensure it did not continue.


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