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This article is about the Aveline mission. You may be looking for the memory of a similar name.

The Fort was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


After witnessing Patience Gibbs being captured by Edmund Judge, Aveline infiltrated Fort Washington to rescue her.


As Aveline approached the fort, she overheard several guards conversing.

  • Guard 1: We due to see more supplies soon?
  • Guard 2: Hope so. They took half our stock to that slave girl's camp!
  • Guard 1: Decided to move in, did they?
  • Guard 2: Least until they find that artifact.
  • Guard 3: Any news from the men who went after her?
  • Guard 4: Well they brought her back. But some of them are still looking for the artifact, I think.
  • Guard 3: It's taking them long enough.
  • Guard 4: I'll say.

Aveline entered the tunnels underneath the fort.

  • Guard 1: These shadows! I'm seeing things.
  • Guard 2: So you're seeing things. Who cares? Pull yourself together.
  • Guard 1: It's like a shadow theatre in here. I hate the theatre.

After disposing of the guards in the tunnels, Aveline made her way topside and freed Patience from her jail cell.

The Fort 2

Aveline freeing Patience

  • Patience: Who are you?
  • Aveline: Let's get you out of here. Follow me.
  • Patience: Like hell I will! I do not trust what I cannot see.

Patience escaped, leaving Aveline to deal with incoming guards.

  • Aveline: (Shit.)

After defeating the guards, Aveline chased after Patience. Due to Patience's escape, the guards nearby raised an alarm.

  • Guards: To the prison!
    Help! Help!
    Prisoner on the loose!
    Stop her!
    Catch her!

Aveline caught up to Patience at the fort gates, captured again by Edmund Judge and his guards.

  • Judge: Hold her there. There's only one place left it could be. I'll get it out of her. Will you hand over the charm, sweet thing, or is it a physical exam you crave? I assure you, I've brought all of my instruments.
  • Patience: Fine!

Patience revealed the hidden charm and handed it to Judge.

The Fort 5

Patience giving up her charm

  • Judge: Thank you. Do as you will with her. I'm sure you've had quite enough.

Aveline defended Patience, who fled as soon as the fight was over.

  • Aveline: I can't protect you if you keep running!
  • Patience: I will protect myself.
  • Aveline: Patience!
  • Patience: No! Leave me alone!

Aveline caught up with Patience again, resolving to pull a gun on her to keep her stationary.

  • Aveline: Don't you dare run from me again.
  • Patience: Tell me your name.
  • Aveline: Aveline de Grandpré.
  • Patience: From New Orleans? So you are real after all. What is it that you want if it is not my charm?
  • Aveline: Only you. Charmless.
  • Patience: Is it a game of flats you fancy then?
  • Aveline: A friend sent me-- Connor. He will offer you safety and training.
  • Patience: (Miss), get my charm back, and you can take me as your game pullet.
  • Aveline: Then let's go.


In order to coerce Patience back to Connor's homestead, Aveline agreed to help her retrieve the stolen charm.



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