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The Food Chain was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno Dorian and a team of Assassins were tasked with locating and aiding Théroigne de Méricourt, a revolutionary who had uncovered a conspiracy to starve Paris' population.


  • Bishop: Paris, 1792. The city is starving.

A man, hiding a knife behind his back, approached guards escorting a food convoy.

  • Man 1: Bread. Please...
  • Guard: Get back. Get back!

The man stabbed the guard in the throat, commencing an attack against the convoy's escorts.

  • Bishop: Food was coming into Paris - and then somehow disappearing on its way to the market.

The man's accomplice, a woman, killed the driver.

  • Flavigny: Let's go.
  • Bishop: Templars. Fortunately, someone decided to follow the food chain.

Théroigne de Méricourt quickly approached the convoy before it departed, threw out a few crates filled with food and then hid inside the cart.

  • Bishop: Théroigne de Méricourt - taking matters into her own hands.

The scene shifted to Méricourt rallying the citizens, encouraging them to protest.

  • Méricourt: Let's tell the Royals that our families must eat too!
  • Protesters: Bread! Bread! Bread!
  • Bishop: The demonstrations started out peaceful, but became violent as people became desperate.

Riots broke out among the citizens.

  • Man 2: Let's kill these bastards!
  • Bishop: Paris turned on itself. Citizens rioted, accusing merchants of hoarding food.
The female accomplice joined Marie Lévesque in overseeing the chaos they had created.
The Food Chain 2

Marie Lévesque and Madame Flavigny

  • Flavigny: All I had to do was guide them.
  • Bishop: The riots kept the people angry, and the city unstable. Exactly what the Templars wanted. Find Méricourt and secure the food supply.
    Méricourt sent the Assassins a message, but she went after the Templars alone. You need to catch up to her.

Arno searched for Méricourt's missive.

  • Extremist 1: There's a woman running around in a man's coat.
  • Extremist 2: Probably just some nutter.
  • Extremist 1: We still don't want her in here.
  • Extremist 3: Anything over this way?
  • Extremist 4: Just some beggar woman in a crazy hat.
  • Extremist 3: Go find her and kick her out. Nobody gets in here.

Arno found a piece of Méricourt's message.

  • Letter piece: I found the food, it's located at...
  • Bishop: Looks like Méricourt was here. She must be close.
    Méricourt left this here. She must be in this area.
    I think Méricourt dropped this. She's probably nearby.

Arno continued searching nearby.

  • Extremist 5: Keep an eye out. I thought I saw someone skulking around earlier.
  • Extremist 6: What'd he look like?
  • Extremist 5: It was a woman!
  • Extremist 7: Keep your eyes peeled. I saw someone earlier. I chased her off.
  • Extremist 8: I haven't seen anything. Probably just some beggar.
  • Extremist 7: Maybe. You should have seen how she was dressed!

Arno found the second piece of Méricourt's message.

  • Letter piece: ... rue de la Corderie. I'm going to stop them! Théroigne.
  • Bishop: That's it. I've got Méricourt's location.

Arno made his way towards the address that was in Méricourt's message.

  • Extremist 9: Quiet again?
  • Extremist 10: I don't know... I keep thinking I heard things.
  • Extremist 9: You worry too much.

Arno found Méricourt being confronted by extremists.

  • Extremist 11: Hey - What are you doing in here?
  • Méricourt: Well, it's a pleasure to meet you too, gentlemen.
  • Extremist 11: You're going to regret coming in here.
  • Méricourt: Not as much as you are.

A fight broke out, during which Arno assisted Théroigne in defeating her attackers.

  • Méricourt: I didn't think the Assassins would get here so fast!
    What a pleasant surprise!
    Well that was unfortunate. The bastards found me as I was trying to get out. Now they'll be watching for us. It means we have to move quickly. I've been tracing this group for over a month. They've been stealing carts all over the countryside. People are saying the farmers are hoarding food and fixing prices, but it's not them. The National Assembly wouldn't believe me when I said there was something else at work. They tried setting a grain price to solve the problem. But I've got the name of the woman behind it all: Madame Flavigny. Supposedly, she's a couturiere with a shop in Les Halles. She's not a couturiere. I'm glad someone is finally taking an interest in helping. I can't take down all her agents by myself.

Méricourt and Arno exited the building, happening upon a group of guards.

  • Méricourt: You can start helping me with the guards over there. Take them out quietly. We don't need to draw more attention than we already have.
  • Bishop: All right. Sneaky Assassin time. Take out the guards as quietly as you can.

Arno eliminated the guards.

  • Méricourt: Perhaps your "Brotherhood" does provide some decent training.
    I thought for sure they'd spot you. Nice work.
    You're better than I thought.
    If they didn't know we were here before, they know now.
    I was sort of hoping we wouldn't be noticed.
    I did specify "quietly", didn't I?

Arno and Méricourt continued on their way, eventually finding the stolen food being watched by another group of guards.

  • Méricourt: Take them out quietly.

Arno once more eliminated the guards.

  • Méricourt: I need to make sure that food gets back to the people. You'll find Flavigny and her thugs in the marketplace. Good luck.

Arno reached the marketplace.

  • Bishop: Looks like Flavigny isn't here yet. I'd start by shutting down some of her pals.

Arno located one of Flavigny's subordinates, who was speaking with some merchants.

  • Flavigny's subordinate 1: You've got a lot here...
  • Merchant 1: Finest food in the market.
  • Flavigny's subordinate 1: I don't recall saying you could get a new supplier.
  • Merchant 1: W-what? Please! I'm just trying to earn a living!
  • Flavigny's subordinate 1: Is this all the food you have?
  • Merchant 2: Yes, I was expecting another cartload, but it didn't arrive.
  • Flavigny's subordinate 1: I bet you're hoarding food...
  • Merchant 2: No - please - keep you voice down. I'll pay you!

Arno assassinated the subordinate, following which he located the second subordinate.

  • Flavigny's subordinate 2: Your stall's looking very nice.
  • Merchant 3: Yes, we just rebuilt after the last riots...
  • Flavigny's subordinate 2: Well, I can make sure that doesn't happen again.
  • Merchant 3: You're asking for a bribe!
  • Flavigny's subordinate 2: These prices are terrible!
  • Merchant 4: I'm sorry, but we've had problems getting a steady supply...
  • Flavigny's subordinate 2: You're kidding! Do you think I can pay that much?
  • Merchant 4: No, please, keep your voice down! I'm sure we can negotiate...

Arno assassinated the second subordinate and then tracked down Flavigny.

  • Flavigny's subordinate 3: I've reliable reports that farmers in Versailles have begun stockpiling grain.
  • Flavigny: Hmm. Not one of mine. See if you can find the stockpiles and divert them to our storehouses.
  • Flavigny's subordinate 3: Yes, madame.
  • Flavigny: These carts are practically empty! And the prices are atrocious.
  • Flavigny's accomplice 3: Higher than what the Assembly set. People are getting desperate.
  • Flavigny: I'm only surprised they're doing it so openly.
  • Flavigny's accomplice 3: Crowds are getting antsy. Seems there's not a lot of food.
  • Flavigny: A few more riots and the vendors will be begging us to provide security.

Arno assassinated both Templars.

  • Bishop: All done. Time to get out of there.

Arno then escaped the area.

  • Bishop: Nice work. Méricourt will make sure this food gets to those who need it.


The stolen food was recovered and redistributed it among the needy by Méricourt, while the Templar Flavigny and her men were killed by Arno, though this did not bring an end to the Templars' food hoarding schemes.


  • Much like the pieces of Méricourt's message would be located in two out of four designated places, the address at which she could be found would either be 5 Rue de la Corderie or 13 Rue de la Corderie.


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