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The Foam and the Flames was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor and Haytham Kenway entered Benjamin Church's compound to retrieve the Continental Army's stolen supplies and punish Church.


Haytham and Connor reached a locked door.

  • Haytham: It's locked. Give me a moment.
  • Connor: Must be strange for you, discovering my existence as you have.
  • Haytham: I'm actually curious to know what your mother might have said about me. I always wondered what life might have been like had she and I stayed together. How is she, by the way?
  • Connor: Dead. Murdered.
  • Haytham: What? I am sorry to hear that.
  • Connor: Oh, you're sorry? I found my mother burning alive. I'll never forget her face as she sent me away. Charles Lee is responsible for her death by your order. And you're sorry?
  • Haytham: That's impossible. I gave no such order. I spoke the opposite, in fact – I told them to give up the search for the Precursor Site. We were to focus on more practical pursuits...
  • Connor: It is done and I am all out of forgiveness.

They then entered the main room. A man was facing his back towards them.

ACIII-Foamandflames 3

Haytham confronting the impostor

  • Haytham: Benjamin Church. You stand accused of betraying the Templar Order and abandoning our principles in pursuit of personal gain. In consideration of your crime, I hereby sentence you to DEATH.

The man turned around, revealing himself not to be Church.

  • Impostor: Now!

A group of militiamen revealed themselves, signaling an ambush.

  • Impostor: You're too late. Church and the cargo are long gone. And I'm afraid you won't be in any condition to follow...

A fight broke out between the thugs and Connor and Haytham.

  • Impostor: We've chosen to stand with the victor. It's Britain who'll win this war! You always did prefer principle to profit. Perhaps that's why your little kingdom's started to crumble! It was a nice dream you had – but a dream is all it ever was... More of them! Look at the half-breed fight! Like some feral dog... Best we put him down, boys!

Haytham and Connor took down the assailants.

  • Connor: Where is Church?
  • Impostor: I'll tell you. Anything you want. Only promise that you'll let me live.
ACIII-Foamandflames 7

Haytham killing the impostor after Connor had interrogated him

  • Connor: You have my word.
  • Impostor: He left yesterday for Martinique. Took passage on a trading sloop called the Welcome. Loaded half its hold with the supplies he stole from the Patriots. That's all I know. I swear.

Haytham stabbed the impostor in the back.

  • Impostor: You promised...
  • Haytham: And HE kept his word. Let's go.

Several men fired their weapons, causing the building to catch fire.

  • Connor: We need to get out of here.
  • Haytham: You don't say... Now is not the time for sight-seeing!

Connor ran through the burning building.

  • Haytham: So close, yet so far... You'll need to find a way around the flames.

Haytham began to goad his enemies.

  • Haytham: Get back here, traitors! Oh, how I'll enjoy making you pay for your betrayal! Did Church pay you well? Were you rewarded handsomely? And what good does your gold do you now? Is it magic gold, you think? Like the one they spun the fleece from? Do you think it will shield you from the flames?

Connor and Haytham found themselves in a locked room.

ACIII-Foamandflames 16

Connor informing Haytham to meet him at the pier

  • Haytham: Stuck! See if you can find something to pry it open. Connor? What are you up to?

Connor prepared to charge through the door.

  • Haytham: Oh. No. Don't do that. There's no way of knowing what's on the other siiiii–

Connor grabbed Haytham, barged into the door, and the pair landed in the water outside.

  • Haytham: –iiiiide!
  • Connor: We do now.
  • Haytham: Church has at least a day on us... We must move quickly if we're to catch him.
  • Connor: I have a ship we can use. Meet me on the pier when you're ready.


Haytham and Connor finally discovered where Benjamin Church was hiding and prepared to continue their journey.



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