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The Fireship was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward and Charles Vane set their plan in motion and prepared to escape Nassau.


  • Edward: The Commodore's dead. Are we ready?
  • Vane: We're close. We got a problem with the galleon as a couple of dozen- Bloody hell. You'd raise a cloud here, ya lout? You're sitting on enough gunpowder to blow New Providence off its rocks!
  • Rackham: Lay off me, mate! I'm well chafed!
  • Vane: As I was telling, a squad of lobsters has commandeered our galleon. We're going to have to clear it out before we use them cannons to break the blockade.

Edward escorted the fireship with the Jackdaw.

  • Adéwalé: Stay near the fire ship, Captain. Keep it afloat! Don't let them sink our fire ship. That's our ace. The Brits are on to us! Look there!

Edward protected the ship.

  • Adéwalé: The fire ship's about to blow! Steer clear, captain!

The blockade was blown apart.

  • Adéwalé: We broke through! Get clear of the fleet now, and we're home free. No preshah, eh Kenway? The Obeah (black magic) comes natural to us.
  • Edward We ain't out of this yet.

Edward escaped the remaining ships.

  • Adéwalé: A mighty mess there.
  • Vane: Ha ha ha! Burn you bastards! The pardon up your ARSE, Governor!
  • Adéwalé: Prancing about like they took a prize... hmph.


Edward and Vane escaped from Nassau.



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